Affiliate marketing for beginners – Offer products from companies 🛍️

well hello and welcome to another
episode of my 100 day to prosperity challenge journey it’s me your girl
Timesha and I am here and I am glad that you’re here with me today we’re going to
be talking about affiliate marketing and we’ve been talking about for a while now
and we’ve been talking about the steps that you need to take in order for you
to be successful in the affiliate marketing business we have started off
talking about your niche and how to find and research our niche and then we
started talking about your ideal market and how to research and find them as
well and so now we’re going to combine those two and create your offer what is
it that you are offering to the marketplace so in the previous episode
we were talking about the big affiliate networks that you can get in and find
products with that has to do with your niche that you feel that your target
market will need the solution for so like if you are a health and wellness
person and you know that you are targeting 30 year olds 24 late 20s 35
year old women who just had a baby and it’s hard to get the last 10 pounds off
then you need to find an actual product that meets that niche or it meets that
target market that would actually solve that problem so that is how you are
going into this thinking you also want to find a product well a few different
products some products that are in the low category or your low ticket offer
which is a under $100 you also want to find a mid ticket offer which is between
a hundred and two thousand and you want to find a high ticket offer that’s over
2,500 and it is good if the company has a
ready so let me back up a second cuz you might not know what affiliate marketing
is and so let me tell you affiliate marketing is when you are promoting
someone else’s product and getting a commission off of it meaning you getting
paid to promote somebody else’s product which is an awesome fantastic wonderful
business model because you don’t have to worry about products you don’t have to
worry about pleasing customers you don’t have to worry about talking to anybody
really unless you want to which is you know always a good thing but you don’t
really have to worry about that all you have to do is drive traffic to that
particular solution that you are offering their target market and then
you get paid so there’s nothing better than that is it so anyway that is what
we’ve been talking about we started off talking about up with offer vault and
Clickbank and how you can go about doing that remember all of this you have to
research to make sure that what you’re what product you’re offering the company
is well established it’s gonna do what they say they’re going to do it is gonna
pay you how they say they’re going to pay you so you always need to do your
research in that line and so now we’re going to talk about basically affiliates
dealing with major companies or stores and the affiliates source that we’re
going to talk about four major companies that we’re going to talk about is
Walmart and Amazon and Amazon is a big huge corporation they have a wonderful
affiliates program however when you are dealing with stores you have to realize
that they’re not going to pay you a whole lot of money to be their affiliate
for the simple fact that they have their own stores and they have their own
advertising and they have their own people already on the ground marketing
their stuff so they don’t really need you but they like having you around
because you get them a few extra dollars in their pocket so they throw you
few bones Amazon I think the highest commission that you can get with Amazon
is 10% but it’s on very limited items it’s usually about three to four and
Walmart is the same though that they’re kind of working with reddit reddit
Rakuten there it is now so we’re gonna dive into it talk about both of them and
you can you know hook up with one or both or whatever because they basically
are a major conglomerate of a store so they sell just about anything so because
I don’t know what your niche is that is a great way to get your foot in the door
get some products up and basically be able to bundle because you can find out
what is working what’s a great seller and basically sell that item so let’s go
to my screen and see what we got to offer okay so now we’re at Walmart and
you can go to affiliate at and sign up to be a part of the Walmart
affiliate link it used to be when I first started affiliate marketing was
Walmart it was all done through Walmart but now they are under Rakuten marketing
so you fill out all of your information and then you have to put in a website
you have to have some type of website to you know get this going if you don’t you
know start one of the ones that we’re going to talk about later either a niche
website or a brand new website or whatever just start one because you need
a online presence anyway so go ahead and get one set up and then go ahead and
fill out the information for Walmart and you gotta have you’re gonna have to
actually read when I read at least scroll down to the bottom of this it but
it’s probably better if you read it and then click when this highlight comes up
go ahead and click it and then click their terms to accept their terms for
their affiliate Network and yes you have to be 18 years or older and then after
you click this click sign me up okay and so once you get through all of that then
you get into this screen here and basically it tell you can find stuff to
do two categories no matter what your niche is whether it’s Auto business
clothing computers anything I know in the previous video we talked about
fashion and how fashion was not a good Clickbank product but fashion probably
is a good on this market so they have all of these different advertisers that
are on Rakuten and marketing and you can just click through here and find which
one would be best for you so I’m trying to see an actual clothing something here
let’s see hmm Beauty luxury okay this is apparel so let’s look at McGee let’s see
what they got even though this is a British company so basically they give
6% of commission so basically they will pay you 6% on the last click of
commission meaning that if the person clicks to buy it and you are the last
affiliate that they went through then you get the money okay and you can look
at their links and they have text emails that have
product links they have 2,000 of them and so you can look at their clothing
different closings that they have outerwear shirts tops suits skirts belts
you can read it I don’t have to read it all but in home and garden stuff decor
decor my dog just ate up my outdoor furniture so I’m gonna need some new
decor on the outdoor some patio stuff because it’s all gone my dog ate it all
up so I so I’m in the market from some outdoor stuff so they have all of these
different things and I’m sure that if you click on it they will take you to
the different products that they have okay and again this is a British company
so you got to think about that too but there are some cute stuff on here it’s
the same jacket so you can go through find out what’s interesting they have
pictures which is great and all of these other things to go along with your
website so you can actually market it effectively and Rakuten is it’s a great
thing that it’s a it’s kind of like offer vaults in in a way that they kind
of promote a whole lot of different companies and clickbank they promote a
whole bunch of different companies so you don’t only have to get your stuff
from like Walmart you can get it from any company that under the Rakuten
banner so that works out right well for you so if you go back to category so
this is basically all the categories games which is good for children but
even have adult stuff and online dating and all any niche that you could ever
possibly want is great you know you have to do a sign-up you’d have a website and
you’re good to go my people
okay so that is Walmart which is now recruiting marketing I hope I’m saying
that right but um I’m pretty sure y’all will tell me different look Rakuten mark
marketing and you can just go in find your niche and find your product
whatever that is let me look at this real quick and then we’ll move on just
call this one more time why not um and so if I want to do so they tell you here
also I just want to make sure that you know in this column they tell you what
sure commission is whether it’s a percentage or whether it’s a dollar
amount and the click I guess this is like the cookie so return days or this
is how long they have to return the order I’m not sure I need to do a little bit
of research on that that’s not saying so you have the option
of having returned they have retired days on here let me actually click on it
and maybe it’ll tell me Rocket Lawyer okay so if I look at the policy I’ve heard of Rocket Lawyer they’re
pretty cool so each one of them each company has their own policy of things
and so you actually have to go through a process of getting approved by the
company as well they have a 7 day free trial and they have a 24 hour return
window so that means that the person the customer can return it so those return
days are how soon the customer can return their stuff meaning that you can
get a charge back and in some of those cases you can get a cart charge back
like 30 days later which is a little scary but you know that that’s that’s
the part of business ok so you can do your homework they show you the offers
they show you the links lets you get they go through your policies and they
also track you and how um and track where the the links are are set up so
you’re not just spamming links you know you want to be a good responsible
affiliate digital online marketer okay and just putting your links out there
and arbitrary places will get you shut down quickly so make sure that you do
the right thing and set up a relationship with the people okay all
right so the next one is Amazon all right
and Amazon is a major company that has just about everything and has a whole
lot of different companies that are also under the Amazon umbrella that are
selling with Amazon and you can get like homemade stuff all sorts of different
things that you can sell on your site just depending on which or niches so I
was under I was playing with it a little bit so under if they have feature
promotions or promotions that they’re actually I gotta sign back in hold on so they have feature promotions
things that will give you extra money like I said it’s you know no more than
10% and that’s only on very few items and most items is about 3 to 4 percent
commission but they do have feature things that will give you extra money if
you promote them so they have that also they have something that’s called
bounties and basically if you get a customer or subscriber or anybody
traffic that’s from going from your site to their site if you get them to
actually complete a particular action like sign up for a subscription or sign
up for a free trial or mainly those things if they do that then you can get
money on top of if they buy something so those are the bounties you get extra
money for a customer doing a particular action so thus that’s Amazon and you can
also get promo codes so if you want to offer discounts kind of like a bait to
get customers in the door you can get promo codes for Amazon or for their
companies that they’re promoting you can get promo codes from them and sell those
products at a discount and you can get money that way as well so those are
great great great things and if you want to see how to do it let me go back to
Amazon real quick how to find and we can do that with Walmart as well so let’s
say I want to go to Electronics and that’s not what I wanted to do huh
ah what it goes here well there’s clothing again so let’s go
to electronics and I want to get let’s say a new laptop alright so I can
promote so let’s say I want to promote this laptop on my actual website so I
know now you have to either type in the name of it or the products code I’m
trying to see where that is on here just let’s see I can’t see it so what I
what you can do is you can click this I think this is the product code here like
I pass right by it so you go and I just copied so I um
right-click copy and then I just go to Amazon which I just got out of so I can
go to my Amazon affiliates and I can go to product links and I can just paste
this in and click go and then it pops up and other stuff pops
up so if I want to promote this I can promote promote this and if I want to
promote other things I can and if I go to bestsellers if I just type in the
sellers cuz I’m wasting time alright so they give us bestsellers for books okay
so all of them come up so tools and home improvements well not all of them it’s
mostly books that’s okay I’ll play around with it some more and
find it but there’s a way that you can actually get into their bestsellers and
you can actually click on their bestsellers and once you click on their
bestsellers it will tell you basically all of the things that all right so all L tell you all of the
bestsellers in that particular category and then what you can do is that you can
look at the bottom and you can find the actual this is interesting so you can
find you can bundle you can find different products that go with other
words like and that happens with all of them as well
so at the bottom of it it can tell you oh well here’s a best-seller not the way
I wanted to do it but there’s a best-seller and at the bottom it tells
you sponsor products related to these items so these are products that are
related to the item and customers who bought that item also bought these
things as well so you can use those as bundles and you can bundle all of your
products together and then once you bundled them together you can offer them
as a package in your funnel and bam you have upsell of your own that you can do
and it is a great great way to get customers to buy more items from you
okay so I hope this was of help it’s weird
that I can’t find it but anyway I’m not going to I’m on it I’m going to look for
it again and I’ll do another video okay so I hope this video was of value to you
I hope that you see all of the different avenues that you can take with Amazon
and Walmart which is Rakuten now and all of the different things that you can
look up and you can bundle and Rakuten you have to actually apply for and get
approved and some of their companies as well but if you have an online presence
then generally you will probably get approved so make sure that you are not
just out there spamming stuff that you actually have some type of online
presence and are providing content and to your market place and once you do
that and when she not only would you be open to promote a whole lot of products
you’ll also have a raving fan base you’ll have people who want to hear from
you because you’re not just trying to sell them stuff you actually are trying
to build a relationship which is so important in affiliate marketing
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next time my friend makes sure that you think big dream big take action so that
you may own the life of your dreams by now


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