Affiliate Marketing For Beginners | Step-by-Step Guide to Start Creating Content

– So you’ve heard that
you need to create content to be successful in your online business, especially for affiliate marketing, but you don’t know how to start or really what to do. Hey, it’s LeahRae from and in this video I’m
gonna help you get started, to give you the exact step-by-step of what you need to do, so stick around. As we dive into this step-by-step guide, I just wanna let you know that our channel is all about teaching you
effective marketing strategies, helping you build your online business so that you can create the time freedom that you and your family deserve. So make sure to subscribe
and turn on notifications, so that we can help you do that. Now before you even think
about creating content, you really need to know
exactly who your audience is, who you’re speaking to. That is really a precursor to creating any meaningful content. You need to know what these people are looking to accomplish,
what is their goal, what is holding them back,
what are their fears, and how you can help them? So maybe they’re busy mom’s
looking to lose the extra weight that they’ve packed on
focusing just on their kiddos instead of themselves? Are they people wanting to learn how to create an online
income so that they can have more time freedom with their families? Are they tryna cut out processed
foods from their diets? Or cook more meals at home? Or maybe wanting to start
homeschooling their children? The possibilities are endless. Now in order for your to be successful, we also need to debunk a common myth. One thing that often holds people back is thinking that they
need to be successful before they start creating content. I totally get it. Frankly, this is what held
Todd and I back as well. We were interested in what
people were doing online, how they were building businesses online, but we thought that we first
had to be successful offline, so we wasted an entire year before someone shook us straight, and debunked that idea for us, and trust me we are very
grateful that they did. So please, don’t waste
any more precious time falling into that same trap. You don’t need to be super successful or to even be an expert at something. You simply have to be one step ahead of the people you are looking to help. Simply share what’s working for you. As you learning stuff, turn around and share
it with your audience. Did you lose your first five pounds? Teach ’em how you did it. Did you cook at home
for one week straight? What did you learn in that process? Did you create your very
first piece of content or even generate your first bit lead for your business online? Oftentimes, your advice and experience is way more beneficial
than a guru’s, right? The guru isn’t relatable. They want to know how real people, real people like them are
doing it; are having success. Now in sitting down to
create some content, obviously the first step is to decide what type of content
do you want to create? So what interests you more? Writing articles, creating
videos, or creating podcasts? Personally, we love video because it’s really the
fastest way to build the know, like, and trust
factor with your audience. But podcasting is also
really hot right now if you prefer audio to video. So, decide on the type of content that you’re going to create. Then step number two,
start with the end in mind. How are you gonna help people? What is your actual offer? What is the purpose for
that piece of content? Virtually every piece
of content should have what’s called a CTA or call to action. A call to action is just what
you want your audience to do, when they’re done consuming your content. So do you have a free giveaway
that you’re gonna offer them, a lead magnet so that you can start building your email list? Or do you have a webinar that
they should register for? Or really it could be as simple as just telling them to
subscribe to your channel. So know what you’re going
to tell them, and then, you’re able to figure out
what you’re gonna talk about. To make sure that your
content is congruent with whatever that CTA is. So if you are going to offer them free access to an Instagram webinar, then your content should
be about Instagram, not Twitter or Facebook. So to begin, write down what
your CTA is going to be. Then create a list of
possible content ideas that would help your audience that could naturally lead to your CTA. So, your favorite detoxing smoothie. How to get in the habit of
getting exercise every day. How to create an Instagram account. A review of homeschooling curriculum. Once you have a list of options, simply decide which ones to do
and keep the rest for later. You should always have a list
of content ideas ready to go. Keep it handy, on your phone or somewhere you can easily access it, so that whenever an idea strikes you, you can quickly put it down. Now start creating. If you’re just getting started, don’t get held up on the nice
haves, like a video intro, expensive editing software,
or even fancy cameras. Starting out, you can
simply grab your cell phone, hold it up, and start recording. You can even use a cell
phone app like InShot to edit your video a little if you want. Now understand that where
you start creating content, it’s not where you’re gonna end up. So don’t judge yourself against people who’ve been doing this for a while. When you first get started,
it’s most important that you’re actually just taking action and getting content out. You don’t have to understand how to SEO optimize your content, just create it, upload it,
and come up with a title that makes people wanna watch it. You can work towards learning
more of that technical stuff and structure of your videos ongoing. Right now it’s just important
to start taking action. Now you may be a little more help coming up with specific
ideas for creating content. Just click the video in
the upper right corner to check out our eight
simple content ideas, so that you can start
cranking out content. Now if this is your
first time here, welcome, I’d love to have you subscribe because we are here to teach
you the most effect strategies to build a successful online business to create the time freedom that
you and your family deserve. We’ll talk soon.


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