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– So you’ve heard some people
mention affiliate marketing and you’re curious to learn more about it and how it works. Good! I’m LeahRae from and affiliate marketing
is what has allowed my husband and myself to both be stay-at-home parents
with their two young kids, move across the country to our dream home down on the water in the sunshine state, creating a seven-figure
business from our laptops. So in this video, I’m
going to reveal to you what affiliate marketing is, how it works and exactly what you need to do to create a massively successful business that’s incredibly lucrative and leveraged, providing both the time freedom and financial freedom that you seek. Just super quick, we’ve
got some great training for you to help you really dive deeper into everything I’m gonna
be teaching in this video, just click the link at
the top of the description so you get access to it. So first up, what is affiliate marketing? It’s simply where you’re referring people to purchase someone
else’s product or service. Because it’s not your product,
it’s not your service, it’s really, really hands off
and allows for time freedom, you don’t have to deal
with customer service, chargebacks, any billing issues, credit cards stuff, anything like that, fulfilling the order,
all of that is handled by the actual company that you’re referring people to, not you. So if you really want time freedom, it’s a really, really good business model because it can allow you that. All you do as an affiliate marketer is build an audience of
people in a specific niche or industry and refer
them to different products or services that fit their needs, that solve their problems,
that help them out. It’s really super simple. All kinds of companies
have affiliate programs. Amazon always comes to mind
for people probably first, they have a big affiliate program, Walmart has a program, Home Depot, many physical product stores that have an online presence
offer affiliate programs. So if you wrote a blog post
about the best lawn mowers, then you can actually have a link in there to purchase it from Home Depot. That’s affiliate marketing. Now that’s affiliate marketing
with physical product and then there’s affiliate, affiliate, and then there’s affiliate
marketing with digital products. Physical products are
like this mouse, right? It’s a physical product, so
there’s cost to manufacture it, to store it, to ship
it, all kinds of things. So when it comes to referring people, doing affiliate marketing
for physical products, the commissions are pretty small, you’re looking at generally five to 7% of the purchase price. So on a $100 product, you’d
only make five to $7 typically. Now a digital product could be anything like an email autoresponder, website hosting, training, software, all kinds of things can be
considered digital products, it just means that they receive it online, there’s nothing physically that they get, they get access to it,
download it, view it, whatever it is solely online. Because it’s a digital product,
there’s a lot less cost to the company that’s
providing the service, training, or product. So they can offer a lot
higher affiliate commissions. Typically with affiliate
marketing of digital products, you’re looking anywhere from 30% to 50% so take that same scenario
with $100 product, if it’s a digital product, you’re typically looking
at making $30 to $50 on just one sale, that’s a lot
more money than five to $7. So that’s why we really
like digital products, it’s been the focus on our business and has really worked well
for us and our students. Now some people get confused
about affiliate marketing and wonder if it’s the same
thing as network marketing, multilevel marketing, or
sometimes called pyramid schemes. No, it’s totally different and for all of my network
marketing fans out there, yes, legitimate ones
aren’t pyramid schemes but it is a term that people
generally associate with it. Those things focus on recruiting, this is a completely
different model from that. And it’s 100% legit. Now how do you actually
do affiliate marketing? Well one of the biggest ways
to do affiliate marketing is through what’s called
content marketing. Content marketing is simply
providing content online that promotes your offer. Often you’ll see that
in blogging, in videos, in podcasts, these are
content that people create like this video right here
where it’s creating content, giving value to a very specific audience. So if you’re an affiliate
for a horse training product, then your YouTube channel
would be all about horses and you’d refer your audience to check out the training
course that you recommend. Same concept would be
done with a blog post, or on a podcast. When it comes to your content, you can basically go two different routes, you can just provide content
that your target audience, the people who are likely to
be interested in your offer would be interested in. It doesn’t have to necessarily
point directly to the offer so you could do a video
all about how to properly groom your horse after
riding and in the video, you’d point people to click the link to learn about a training that’s for first time horse owners. You’re not reviewing the
training or anything like that, but it makes sense. The people who’d be interested
in that type of video might be interested in your offer and taking a look at
that training program. So it serves the audience
and makes them an offer that they might be interested in. A very common way to do it with content is actually to do direct
reviews of products or services. You could do a video
sharing what’s covered in the horse training and
what you like about it, how well it worked for
you, all this kind of stuff and then simply provide a link for them to click to purchase. That’s a very direct way to market but with affiliate marketing,
it works really well especially on YouTube because
YouTube is a search engine, people come to YouTube and
they type in search terms, things they wanna learn about and when you can come up with a video that answers someone’s question that they’re out there
searching for, that’s awesome. That is a great way to
make affiliate sales. Now beyond content marketing,
you can also use social media. Instagram definitely comes to mind, we’ve leveraged Instagram extensively for affiliate marketing, but you could also use
Facebook, Facebook Ads, Twitter, basically anywhere that you can build an audience online, build up some know,
like, and trust factor, give them some sort of value even if that’s just pictures
or tips on Instagram. But give them some value and
then you wanna direct them onto how to take the next step with you. Always talking about the
benefit of the offer, not necessarily what the
offer is specifically. When you’re looking at choosing
the right affiliate offer, if you wanna make big money, you really kinda wanna look
at two different things. One is working launches,
there are influencers, people who are more experienced
already in the field that will launch digital products. Say that horse training, maybe
there’s someone out there that’s got a really great
horse training course that’s about to come out, you can actually sign up
with them as an affiliate and promote their product for them. Some of these digital products
can be quite high ticket and the high ticket ones are
going to pay you very well. It’s not unheard of for
people to sell $5,000 courses in the right niche and industry. And on something like that, you
can have a pretty big payday when someone makes a purchase. So working with, launching
other people’s products where you’re promoting
another digital course that’s coming out,
something that’s happening is a great way to get big paydays online especially when they’re
higher priced courses. We really see that as sort
of like icing on the cake, a nice thing that we throw
in every once in a while into our business model but not
a main income stream for us. Instead, with affiliate marketing, we focus on great programs that have what’s called a value ladder. A value ladder is basically
where there’s a low ticket front-end offer so as an affiliate, maybe it’s 10 bucks, 20 bucks, 30 bucks, and all you do as an affiliate is promote that low-end offer, great. If they’re happy with their purchase, the system, the program
that you referred them to is going to invite them to
make a purchase for more money, maybe $200 and you still
get the commissions for it because you referred them to the program. And then if they’re happy
with that $200 product, they’ll be introduced to
maybe a $2,500 product, and then a $15,000 product, who knows? But a great value ladder where people can just simply promote
the low ticket offer and the system works to
offer happy customers, provide more value at a higher price. And as an affiliate, you get commissions for each one of those sales
as they climb up the ladder. That is how you can
easily make $1,000 a day when you’re working with
that higher ticket stuff, when it has a great value ladder to it. Now if you’re out there on social media or on YouTube, blogging,
and you’re creating content that promotes an affiliate
offer, that is fabulous but you do have to understand that when you’re first getting started, you’re probably not gonna
have much for results until you’ve built up your
audience, and that takes time. And how do you build up an audience? It’s all about creating
content consistently over an extended period of time. You’re not gonna do your first video, make your first affiliate offer and magically make money that day, that’s not how this typically works. You usually have to work hard for a while to get some momentum, grow your audience, an audience of people who are likely to be interested in your offer. Then it starts to take off for you. So if you really wanna
pursue affiliate marketing, one thing that you really
have to get used to is delayed gratification. You’ve gotta understand that
when you first get started, you’re not gonna be making money, it’s going to take a little bit of work and often more work than you anticipate to get it off the ground, to really build up an engaged audience that’s viewing your content
and then going ahead and making purchases. But once you hit that momentum, your income can really skyrocket, it can grow much faster at
that point than you anticipate. So you have to be consistent,
it is very much worth it. I mean Todd and I are
stay-at-home parents, our kids never have to be
shipped off to daycare. We understood delayed gratification that we had to do the work upfront, and we knew what was coming
long term and guess what? It did. So you have to understand
that because that’s really where most people fail. People who’ve tried affiliate marketing and never really go anywhere with it, it’s because they give up,
they’re not consistent, they give up on improving
their skills and getting better and they give up on
consistently creating content whether that’s YouTube,
blogging, social media, whatever. So you have to be incredibly consistent, keep your eye in the
ball and you can create a six, seven, eight-figure business using this type of business model. So be consistent with it, this
is how you get time freedom, this is how you get financial freedom. There’s gonna be grind at the beginning but you can create a
beautiful lifestyle long term. Now another thing that
you have to understand about affiliate marketing is that you need to promote
things that you love. If you are totally not
interested in horses but you found this training program and you think you’re gonna promote it, it’s gonna be a pain in the butt, you’re really not gonna
have much success with it because you’re not
genuinely interested in it and everyday it’s really gonna be hard to create content on it,
hard to be consistent and hard to show passion to your audience which you’re gonna need
in order to make sales. So you really wanna promote products that you can stand behind,
that you believe in. So it’s always best if
you’re actually a customer of the product yourself so you can speak firsthand
to how great it is and what problems it solved
for you and how well it worked. When you’re promoting
something that you love, it’s really easy to sell ’cause
you’re not really selling, it’s like telling your best friend that you just tried this new
nail polish and guess what? It’s the first stuff
that you’ve ever tried that hasn’t chipped
off like the first day. As a girlfriend, you’re
like hey, look at this, I love this stuff, check it out. That’s how you’re able to
present your information and your content on social media if you really believe it in,
it just comes out naturally and people are really genuinely
interested in your offer. Now something that is key to building an actually successful
affiliate marketing business is that you have to build an email list. Email is critical. How would you like to write up an email, hit the Send button and make money? Now just a couple 100 bucks, thousands of dollars from one email. It’s called push button money
and it’s completely possible. Obviously that’s not gonna
happen at the beginning, guys, but once you get momentum and
you’ve built up an email list, and you put an offer in front of them, that’s how you make money overnight. Personally, Todd and I have
done this several times, we’ve had friends that
have launched products, we send out one, maybe two emails, and made over $10,000 from
it, it’s really simple. That’s what you can do long term when you’ve put in all that work upfront, but you have to build an email list. If say, on your YouTube
videos, on your blog posts, you send people directly to the sales page where they get to purchase,
not a link that you created, but the link that you got as an affiliate. What that means is they just go there, they look at the sales
page, maybe they purchase, maybe they don’t and that’s it. You’ll only see that person again if they end up finding
your content again online. Instead, start building an email list so when they click on that link, make them put in their
information into a capture page, lead page, landing page, capture page, you’ll hear these terms thrown around and they’re all the same thing. But you’re getting people’s information and then taking them to the next page which will give them to the sales page but you collect their information upfront so you can build an email list. Now our favorite way
to build an email list is by giving away something free that actually speaks
to our target audience. Here’s one of our lead
magnets that we give away, it speaks directly to our target audience, they put in their information on it, when they go to the next page, they actually get directed to an offer or something else that we provide. And we’re building an email
list that we can market to day after day and there’s massive value to your email list beyond just
the direct monetary benefits of sending an email, making money. You are essentially creating an insurance policy if you
will for your business. The reality of the world
is that social media, YouTube, things like this
can disappear overnight, they can change their policies, they can decide that you
broke some rules, whatever and puff, your account can disappear. Now I don’t say that to scare you off, I say that because guess what? If you created an email
list along the way, that’s not a big deal,
you simply go ahead, create a new channel, set some stuff up and then you email your
list, say hey guys, change of plans, we got
a new YouTube channel, make sure that you hit the
subscribe button, simple. So by building an email list, you’re actually creating a
long-term stable business and that email list is
something that you own and can’t be taken away from you. I sincerely hope that
you take this information and you get started
with affiliate marketing ’cause it is a massive opportunity for those who are willing
to putting the work and make it happen. When you decide, when you
commit to make it happen after you put in lots of hard work, you can create a six-figure business, a seven-figure business
or more from your laptop anywhere in the world, it is worth it. Now make sure if you
haven’t grabbed it already, get your access to our
training to help you build a massively successful business. Just click the link in the description and now please know that
we are rooting for you, we are here to help you
create the time freedom that you and your family deserve so if you’re new to the channel, well, that means you gotta subscribe so that we can help you with that. Say hi so we can welcome
you to the community. Again this is LeahRae
from, head over to this video
floating up above my head here and I’ll see you soon.


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