Affiliate Marketing For Beginners The Biggest Affiliate Marketing Mistake

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before I’m gonna be talking about the biggest affiliate marketers mistake this
is the main reason why affiliate marketers are not making money online if
you’re really serious about making money online with a favorite marketing you
need to avoid this at all costs traditionally when we talk or when we
talk have a course about affiliate marketing people are telling you that
you need to drive traffic directly to the offer what does that means that you
go to JV zoo where your products Clickbank
you open an account you’re all excited you choose a product and then you decide
like okay I’m gonna be doing free traffic or pay traffic it doesn’t matter
I’m gonna put my link everywhere I mean the link of the offer
everywhere so you are there you know waiting and saying like okay I’m gonna
put $100 on the budget these are the margins that means that are gonna be
making $15 per you know per transaction I need to make about a transactions I’m
gonna be breaking even okay this is something that it’s called the hit and
miss a strategy why because you are sending traffic right away and this is
cold traffic this is people who maybe they are not prepared you know to do the
purchase if you come if you get a purchase if you get someone to buy the
product to be honest that’s gonna be a miracle
because people buy from people they know they like and they trust and this is
called traffic I mean people that might not be interested in your product they
are not prepared to purchase for whatever reason maybe they don’t have
the money right away maybe they got distracted you know there
are different scenarios and if you’re not doing follow-ups you’re not gonna
get any kind of sale so you need to understand this the other thing is that
if you get a sale you need to understand that you did not own the customer okay
with the hit and miss the strategy yes you can get some sales maybe but you do
not own the customer you do not create any kind of relationship with it and to
be honest you’re losing tons of money why because it’s easier to you know to
get another sale what I’m talking about is an upsell or a back and offer right
if you already have a relationship with them if you already know or identify
that this person is a buyer okay this person already trusts you they already
have a relationship with you but if you’re sending this offer directly you
know to the order page and they decide to go ahead and buy another product in
the future you’re not gonna get any kind of commission okay so let me put this in
as an example let’s say that you’re promoting Amazon’s products okay you are
great the Amazon I feel like programming is really popular nowadays so you have a
YouTube channel you have a Facebook account you even have your own Facebook
ads or Google that’s running right so if the person buy the product you don’t
know who that person is an Amazon it’s really powerful doing retargeting and
it’s also really powerful you know keep selling people all the related products
you’re not gonna get any Commission of that
but if you create a system and by assisting every I suggest you to go with
a simple funnel and which are gonna be capturing people’s emails and then
guiding them right to the offer you’re gonna have a lead right you don’t have a
person that you already know that he or she is interesting on a certain niche if
that person do not buy the product right away you can keep sending them emails
all or if they buy the product you can keep you know sending them emails with
other offers so the lifetime value of the customer is gonna increase and
you’re gonna make more money online if you want to create a simple system there
are two suggestions that I’m gonna tell you well two tools that I’m gonna
suggest you the first one it’s go with Bill drill and the other one it’s go
with Carter if you decide to go ahead and try Bill drill and then I’ll leave a
link below so you’re gonna have a seven day free trial if you want to try Carter
it’s gonna be a dollar and you’re gonna have 14 days trial okay
my recommendation or why I’m suggesting these products is it’s because both of
them are all in marketing mark all in marketing so all in one marketing
solution what do I mean by that that you can create your funnels you can do the
email marketing you can do chat but you can do webinars okay you’re gonna have
everything they are both great tools okay and that’s why I’m suggesting you
Deana one of the other they are both trades I’m currently using both of them
right now that’s what I’m suggesting so my suggestion is hey you know one is at
seven day free trial no credit card required and then the other one the
other one it’s just one dollar and you’re gonna have 14 days to try it out
test them both okay keep the one that you feel comfortable using okay the link
is gonna be below but remember that at the end of the day your main concern
it’s to build system okay a lot of people are concerning about traffic
traffic traffic traffic and yes is important but you can you know spend
a lot of money on traffic and burn the money
if you are not if you don’t know what you’re doing if you’re not building your
email list okay so that’s why you need to create a basic funnel in which you’re
gonna be capturing people neon emails all the people suggest you just to
capture the email address my recommendation is to capture both the
name and the email why because when you’re gonna do your email marketing I
prefer to use people’s name you know to make it more personal
but that’s just my style if you decide to go ahead and just capture people’s
email that’s okay as well but remember you need to have a capture page then you
can use or you can do send them directly to the offer that’s gonna be the tank
your page or if you want to be a little bit more advanced which I suggest you to
create a preach page the bridge space is gonna be something simple what I usually
do is that I put a video of me telling people like hey you know this is the
product and suggestion why I’m recommending the product and the call to
action that is gonna be the link that is gonna guide these people to the product
and I’m suggesting again if they don’t buy the product it’s not the end of the
world you know because you are gonna capture people’s emails you know that
they are interesting about this niche maybe the product that you were
recommending at the beginning wasn’t the right fit for them that’s okay you’re
gonna have other offers on the back end on your email sequence okay if they do
buy the product you already identify a buyer and you know that that person it’s
gonna be ready to make more investment if the person do not buy right away
don’t worry you can start building a relationship with them remember at the
end of the day people buy from people they know they like and trust
okay so again if you want to create your own system you can use build roll it’s a
seven day free trial or you can try cartridge it’s a $1 and you’re gonna
have 14 days to trial remember the link is going to be below
in the description if you have some comments if you
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