Affiliate marketing for beginners tips: Finding your ideal market #2

the hello friend and welcome to another
episode of my 100 day journey to prosperity challenge I am so glad you’re
hanging out with me today my name is Timesha
I am your local affiliate marketer and I am going to give you the ins and outs of
affiliate marketing and how to be successful in the field okay so I am
basically starting my journey but I’m learning a lot and what I learned I’m
passing it on to you okay so make sure you stay tuned so in the past we have
been talking about how to find your niche how to research our niche and
basically we started talking about your ideal client your target market your
customer avatar whatever you want to call it and I know that there’s been a
lot of gurus out there who tell you that you need to speak to your target market
but the problem is if you don’t know your target market you have trouble with
that okay so this is a tool to help you research your target market so last
video we talked about the target market and how you brainstorm that now I’m
going to give you the tools or a tool to help you figure that out and see if you
were close to what you saw okay so the first one I got from miles Beckler very
brilliant affiliate marketer making major money in the game so I found this
out for him and I just want to tell you so that you can so we can help you be
successful okay so the first one is called magazines calm and basically what
you do with magazines calm is you’re going to look at the magazines that will
feed into that niche no you are not going to advertise in the magazines but
basically if a magazine is just a book of advertisements that they put article
skin but the magazine is
for you to buy stuff from the magazine so all magazines that especially the
ones that are printed have to have an advertising budget or else they cannot
be successful okay so if they’re advertising and the things that they’re
advertising get you know people pay for then that means that the magazine is
going to be successful and obviously the companies that are associated with that
magazine are going to be successful so what does all that mean well what it
means is look at the magazine okay and the magazine is going to lead you or
leave you clues as to what your audience is in that particular niche so if you
don’t understand what I’m talking about let’s go to my share screen and we’ll
talk about it okay all right so here I am we’re on
magazines calm and we were talking about Jordans okay so since we were talking
about Jordans we are going to put in the word
basketball and see what magazines come up and you can do this for any niche so
basketball came up with five magazines now will your target market actually
read the magazines they may they may not but that’s not what we’re looking for
here we’re looking to fourth what the exact audience is who actually would get
a magazine that has basketball on it if they’re gonna buy a magazine more than
likely they’re gonna buy the stuff in the magazine and more than likely
they’re gonna buy your Jordans okay so that’s the thinking process behind all
of this all right so Becket basketball didn’t
really have a good media kits so what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna go to
google and you’re going to type it I know slam as far as Illustrated do so
you’re gonna type in slam magazine media kicks
okay and what pops up is going to be the first one which is the media kit for
slim basically it’s what the media kit is what you give the advertisers are the
people who want to put ads on the magazine to show them okay this is the
people who buy my magazine and these are the prices in which you need to pay me
in order put to put your ads in my magazine and why you should you know put
your ads in my magazine you know what I offer you so that’s what a media kit
does it will also sometimes say advertise so advertise would slam him so
if it doesn’t say media kit if it says advertise is the same thing just click
on it alright and so when it comes up it’s 11 pages but we’re not gonna look
at all 11 pages we don’t care about all of engages missions on another stuff
this is what we’re looking for right here slam readership and online demos
highlights see all of this wealth of knowledge you just gained right here
this is what you want okay so basically slam readers either the print version
was an online version these are the numbers for them so 89 % of them are
male which you know we kind of figured it was going to be high so Jordans more
than likely you need to target males alright average age is 19.8 so like we
said before they’re you know teenagers young okay you want somebody you want to
target someone that’s around 20 so think about your picture and the name would
you don’t have to worry about the name of the person you gave him but you think
about the picture of the one that you have on your actual organizer and all
the information that you put into that organizer okay 67% are between the ages
of 13 and 20 which we talked about earlier average household income $54,000
okay close to $55,000 great information to have 50,000 and over household income
is 47% that’s not bad Caucasian readers is about 50%
african-american reader 16 which does not surprise me employed 50% 90% play
basketball all right and 66% are on a vest varsity school team you see all of
these information information that is flooding into you and you can use that
to help zero in or who your target market is okay so you know 62 percent on
three or more basketballs okay so if you want to incorporate something else with
the Jordan he’s like a basketball hmm you see where I’m going with this okay
83% play video games what about basketball video games okay you see how
you can you know make all of this information and compile it and it comes
up as a number one you see what your audience is and you can see the products
that you can market to them and because you have this information you can speak
specifically to them to get them to purchase from you it’s awesome stuff
this stuff here okay so that’s basically slam so the other
magazine we’re going to talk about is Sports Illustrated which I have up here
Sports Illustrated media kit you can google it whatever but you want to make
sure that you goes to the one that says media kit for Sports Illustrated this
one says advertising and Sports Illustrated magazine so remember I said
it can either say media kit or can say advertising so this is the one we want
to go to alright so this is the information you’re getting from Sports
Illustrated we don’t care about their pricing because we’re not advertising
and Sports Illustrated okay but we do want the data alright we do want the
data and you know this is some general data it has here but as we scroll down
damn facts and figures of Sports Illustrated magazine and it gives you
all of this wonderful of information here
now this age is between 18 and 25 which is a little too old for our Jordans I
think the slam magazine probably narrowed it down the best but you can
take the things here I mean 93 percent male readership which is basically the
same thing as slam and you can take all this information here and this
information you can take and get into the mindset of the people they’re
socially active meaning that they’re good they’re they’re probably on
Facebook they’re probably on Instagram okay let me get over this okay there’s
probably on snapchat all right all of these other different ways that you can
go ahead and target to them they might be on Twitter okay
they’re health-conscious so maybe the ones that are about 20
might care about their health a little bit they’re active community members as
part of the older ones they’re engaged and informed they want to know stuff
they’re interested in finding more information they’re well-groomed okay
there might be some other products that you want to get into their traveller
their fourth family man corporate that might not fall too much into your niche
or for your basketball Jordans or whatever but it’s still good to know
it’s still good information to know and it still might give you another market
to lean to when or something to add to the information us another product to
add that because you got a target the parents anyway because the parents are
the ones that are actually buying the stuff so if you know this about the
parents you might be able to you know not only sneak the Jordans in with some
other stuff in as well to help you you know build up your business and that’s
what we’re all here for okay so I hope that was helpful for you I hope that you
gain massive knowledge and that you understood the techniques that I talked
about today and like I said you can do that with any niche make sure that you
find one that has a media kit or advertising some of them that are just
online may not have an advertising or media kit so make sure that you just
weed through the ones that may not give you the information that you need so it
is going to take a little time it’s not going to be as easy as I showed you I
didn’t want you sitting here waiting while I’m strolling through trying to
find the right ones so you know our pre-planned all some of the stuff but I
want you to also take action on it and see if what’s your brainstormed customer
avatar is the same as what you actually can is what actually is the audience and
that way you can just narrow down hone down and start building up what it is
who it is that you’re actually targeting okay so with all that being said if I
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be successful so until next time my friend make sure that you think big
dream big take action alright so that you may own the life of your dreams bye


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