Affiliate marketing for beginners tips: Finding your target market

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because i’m giving you daily videos every day so as a recap what is
affiliate marketing we’ve been talking about affiliate marketing for a week now
and if you don’t know affiliate marketing is basically a business model
where you will bring the customer to a company and if they buy you get money
you get commission Ching awesome right and so basically you do stuff like that
every day when you basically say you need to go see this movie or you need to
get these pair of shoes or you know this purse is awesome you got to go here to
get it every time that you do that you are basically doing affiliate marketing
but instead of you doing it for free now you’re gonna get paid for it so it’s a
win-win situation for you okay so let’s get into it today we’re going to be
talking about researching your target market target market I know you heard
that where before from your gurus your mentors the youtubers other people that
are in you know the affiliate marketing business space
or network marketing space anything like that your target market your ideal
market your ideal client your customer avatar all of these different names for
it and you’re sitting there looking at them like yeah okay and who is that and
how can I find that out okay so if you are confused and you don’t know what it
is that you need to do to find that that’s what I’m here for today I got you
we go work it out today okay so first let’s talk about what is your ideal
market what is your target market it they are basically the people that you
are targeting that like your niche that you can market that you can market to
basically it’s like people that you know will buy Jordans okay that is your
target market those are the people who you need to target okay
you’re not going to target a 65 year old person who can barely get out of bed and
may not have any legs because they are not gonna wear Jordans okay so you need
to think about who is going to buy the products in your niche and that is what
you have found out from the previous videos you found out your niche you have
some semblance of ideas of what it is that you’re going to offer the
marketplace as far as what products you’re going to sell and what what’s
going to win for you and what’s going to make money because there are people out
there buying it now you need to find out what type of people are gonna buy it
okay and there’s a few different ways that you can go about doing this so the
first way is just brainstorming off the top of the dome okay
and generally brainstorming is basically about the people that you know that
would buy that stuff so there are seven questions seven questions you need to
ask yourself when you are trying to find your target market or your niche market
or your ideal client or your customer avatar or whatever it is you want to
call it okay question number one who are they alright
you know what are their age what do they want what is their physical
characteristics you know if you’re in the weight loss niche you probably want
to target people who have a little bit more weight on them debate want to okay
so you know in the terms of Jordans people who either want to look cool like
wearing drawers cuz they cool and maybe who like playing basketball a little
wear Jordans while they’re pairing basketball okay so who are they what do
they look like okay what are their ages you know what is their Democratic do
they have a lot of money do they have a little bit of money do they stay in the
hood and do they stay in the suburbs do they say in a city who are these people
that you want to market to alright number two what do they do for fun you
know what is their hangout spot you know if you see a whole bunch of people I
know for Jordans it’s probably gonna be like teenagers to me you know high
school was you know generally black high school bus that loved Jordans but
there’s someone what soup you know but generally it’s teenagers or um you know
young people young adults 20s maybe 30s maybe early 30s okay those are the
people that you want to target with these shoes or their parents okay
because they’re the ones that are gonna buy the shoes all right
so that’s what you want to think about question number three and it’s basically
a piggyback on question number one but what is their demographic what is their
financial status we talked about that before do they have kids are they male
or female are they married or single do they go to school are they you know out
of high school or they’re in college are they out of college do they have a
master’s degree what is your ideal clients what is it that they live for
what how are they interact with the world and how do they see the world okay
question number four what do they like to read and if they don’t read what do
they like to watch and that’s not just watching on TV it’s like YouTube
watching ok what do they like to do like over social media
okay do they get on social media okay those are questions you need to ask
yourself as far as your ideal or target market okay question number five what is
important to them what are they what are their dreams what are their goals what
is it that they want to accomplish in life and you know for jordans it could
just be you know I want to look cool you know that that could just be the number
one goal it could be anything all right so what is it that they have as far as
goals in their life what are they striving for what is their you know what
makes them want to get up in the morning what what is their ambition their
passion okay those are the questions you need to ask yourself and number six what
keeps them up at night that you may can solve you know do they have a problem
that you have that your niche can solve and those are the things you need to ask
yourself especially because when you start doing ads or marketing or doing
YouTube videos you want to speak to those things so you need to write those
things out think about it what keeps them up at night what keeps
them up at night that you can solve that’s a big thing big big big number
seven what are they doing right now that is just not working okay what is it that
they are doing that just is not working I guess as far as the Jordans go maybe
their wear shoes that just aren’t cool me and you know they’re being bullied or
they you know are being talked about him they have a low self-esteem because of
it so that’s not working for them and maybe that’s a spot that you can touch
on if it’s personal like weight loss or something like that somebody who wants
to lose weight maybe they tried a bunch of different ways of
losing weight and maybe they’ve seen some success but it’s not long-term it’s
not lasting and it’s just not working for them and so you want to address all
of these issues who they are basically who they are on the inside what type of
person they are you know that’s number one number two
what do they do for fun number three is what are their demographics what are
they like on the outside okay so number one is what do they like on the inside
number three is whether they like on the outside
number four what do they like to read or watch and those are important because
when we get into the tools to help research these things then you can see
if your depth does the person that you have in your mind actually comes to play
in the different aspects in which we’re going to research this number five
what’s important to them with their goals number six what keeps them up at
night what gives them trouble that you can actually personally solve with your
niche and number seven what are they doing that just is not working okay so
I’m gonna flip over to the screen and this is an organizer that I use that I
um this helps me with my target market research and I’m going to be putting
this in my ebook so if you stay tuned for it when it comes out I’ll let you
know and you can get yourself a copy okay so this is my let me share my
screen first alright so this is my target marketing profiling because I am
an affiliate marketer I am targeting teachers because I am a teacher okay so
I basically know the pains the points the challenges all the things that deal
with being a teacher because I am one so I know how to market to one because I am
one so I have my background block here I gave her a name this is Janelle class a
a Janelle okay what are they challenges what is it
that they that keeps them up at night okay common objections what is it that
will make them say no to your product okay so you need to get inside their
head and think like them okay this is like psychoanalysts type
stuff but it’s not hard you just think if you were in that
position what would make you say no all right and I told you about the
demographics her goals what is it that she wants to do we talked about that
before her hobbies and interests which is basically what does she like to read
and watch and her biggest fears what scares her about not doing what you are
having her do okay and so that is my organizer and again I’m gonna put this
in my e-book so you will have this tool as well okay so I hope this was helpful
for you let me stop the share okay I hope this was helpful for you I hope
you got mad vibes and you understand what you’re doing now you have some idea
where to go and from this I’m gonna help you do a little research with it
Mal’s bechler and the program that I’m using basically helped me drill down and
figure out who my target market is and I’m gonna help you do the same thing
okay so I’ve shown you basically the outline the work of how to find your
target market now I’m gonna give you some tools to help you do that
on the next two videos okay so make sure you stay tuned and you look out for that
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