Affiliate marketing for beginners tips: The Top 4 funnel builders – Which one is the best?

well hello and welcome to another
episode of my 100 day to prosperity challenge journey thank you so much for
joining me today my name is Timesha and I am the one-stop shop to helping you
become a effective successful affiliate digital internet marketer okay and so
today we’re going to talk about is the one-page miracle website we already
talked about why that’s important now we’re going to talk about some of the
tools that will help you get there okay so I have four tools and because
this extensive and there’s a lot of things to talk about I’m just gonna jump
right into it so let me share my screen alright so the first one we’re going to
talk about is the awesome click funnels okay everybody knows about click funnels
okay click Russell Brunson has done a wonderful job getting this name out
there so if you’re an affiliate marketer and you don’t know click funnels you’ve
been hiding under a rock somewhere okay so click funnels has well three but it
has two main memberships that you can get into the first one is its regular
membership and each one of these has a 14 day trial and after 14 days the first
one is $97 a month and the second one is 297 a month so the first one that’s the
X and sweet so the first one you’re able to build your own websites you can build
funnels pages and smart funnels you can create opt-in pages where you where
people have to put in their email address so you can collect email email
lists you also could create sales funnels webinar funnels membership
websites like the works okay also you can integrate with other
products that you already have so like Facebook or Shopify or
any email autoresponders that you have okay or even shopping carts are like
payment gateways like stripe or PayPal so you can set all of this up through
clickfunnels it’s fairly easy I would say
and in this actual plan you get twenty funnels a hundred pages and twenty
thousand visitors per month and there’s other stuff that comes with it as well
but if you get the excellent suite you get all of this plus you get unlimited
traffic and domains and pages and funnels and also you get the backpack
program so if you have a product that you want to sell you can set up an
affiliate program in that in that product for their products so you can
run your affiliate business for your product in click models and lastly you
get action etics which is basically their email texting system where you can
send out emails just like your own autoresponder and click funnels you’ll
have to get another autoresponder you can do custom follow-up sequences or
tech for email or text and you can see your art they say the true lifetime
value of each customer okay and there’s a whole lot more that comes with it
I like click funnels it’s awesome it’s a little difficult being a newbie to
actually figure out what you need what you don’t need it takes time to build
not the actual click funnels sales funnel per se but it takes time to
actually figure out the actual click funnel system which there’s a downer
because when you are ready to go and ready to build you kind of get
sidetracked let’s trying to figure everything out
and that takes a lot of time so they also have a $19 plan and with the $19
plan somebody has to share a funnel with you but you only get three funnels with
it so it kind of limits your business so
whichever one works for you those that’s clickfunnels though the second one is
leadpages and leadpages has several features the first one is it has
mobile-friendly templates and i’m sure all of these do but it can go across all
different devices and still look good which is important because you want
people not only to buy from you on a laptop or desktop you want them to buy
from you from their phones as well or their tablets or iPads or whatever they
have okay so being mobile friendly is a very good thing also you can customize
it easily it’s likely photos the drag-and-drop system and it’s very easy
to use alright and they also talked about their alert bar so if you have
important information that you want to say that can’t fit on the actual mobile
page they’ll show up in an alert bar that spans the width or the length of
the actual phone so it doesn’t get caught up in the middle so people can
still see your message without it being covered up by an alert bar okay you also
get pop-up boxes and this works for your opt-in page like if you want them to
give you their email address or if you just want to give them some special
information like you had a 20% sale on shoelaces or whatever and you want them
to know that or if you know this is a one-time offer that’s coming up or
whatever it is that you want them to know they have pop-up boxes that will
pop up from the website to give your customers that information and last but
not least they talked about the built in payments and so one your sales funnels
you can just pop this in there you don’t actually actually have to type this in
or build this is already pre-built you just pop it in there or pop it in a
pop-up box and that will help you with upsells and down cells or you know order
books or whatever so this is a great tool
to actually get your order form out there in a really quick and easy manner
okay so the prices for leadpages and I’m one monthly since I did monthly for
clickfunnels as well monthly for the you’ve got thirty seven dollars for
their um beginner or standard plan for professional is seventy five seventy
nine dollars a month and then you have three hundred and twenty nine twenty one
dollars a month per year and Venice what’s going on with me today all right
so this is for new businesses and basically it’s not bad the only
difference between these three in the first few categories is that you can
only connect one domain with this one you can connect three and domains for
the pro and 50 domains for the advanced okay but everything else is the same
everything is unlimited you get unlimited pages traffic leads unlimited
pop-ups which is great eliminate alert bars like when we talked with leadpages
and free hosting so you do not have to pay for hosting is all included in the
price alright so what’s different is you get one line sales and payments you can
do online sales and payments with this method here you can do alpha beta
testing you can test different creatives different sales pages different funnels
different pictures on the funnels see which would convert better email trigger
link so if you want to take a person from an actual email list and put them
in a webinar you can do that with the click of your button or if you want to
put them on a separate email list just one click will do that for you you also
get text messages included with the Middl plan and also you get special
discounts and the same thing with the last one you get sixty text messages as
opposed to ten you can get free sub accounts basically meaning that somebody
can actually work on this with you you have
idea of a team of people they can also work in leadpages and you get a one on
one call in free virtual workshops okay so that is lead pages the next one is
builder all and builder all has a lot of great features so some of the features
that they have is that they have you can build websites own builder all awesome
websites you can also have animated websites things that animate or
countdown or timers or special effects of pop-ups or different forms you can
put on your website you also can get 20 bucks funnel templates sales funnel
templates and they have easy-to-use already pre-built and you can lightly
edit them all right you also can get faster websites not things by as you
faster tools for your website things that you pop-up quicker which is better
when you are selling stuff because you don’t want people waiting for their
products to pop up because they wait too long they move on also they do data you
can also do the split testing and figure out which one comes which sales funnel
converts better which as looks better on your website which button where the
buttons need to be for your clients or your customers to click so you can test
all of that data and see which works best for you in your clientele also you
can’t integrate Facebook pixel and Google Analytics so you can get all the
traffic details for your actual clients or customers or visitors that are coming
to your website or your sales funnel you’ll know what they go click on if
they don’t click on you can retarget them that’s great information for you
and also you can automate your email and also have not only automate your email but
automate they what is it called you got drag and drop on your automation
and create data based off of the automation that you have to create more
cells you can increase your webinar when I appreciate it webinar but you can
create webinars with this system as well and you can also automate your
conversations with Facebook Messenger so if somebody wants to talk to you through
Facebook they can and you can automate what you say to them and that’s pretty
cool as well and last but not least if you have a course that you want to sell
you can do that through this system builder oh ok so then you can also
integrate many different platforms so there’s three different things that you
can actually four packages that you can buy the $10 package which is 990 a month
that’s the the lowest price then 2990 a month or 4990 a month and you get access
to everything that has been listed unlimited pages and subdomains you get
ecommerce meaning you can buy stuff up not buy stuff but it have your own
little store like Shopify or and there you can connect to one domain here where
you can connect 15 on this one you have a bandwidth an unlimited number of
visitors where I remember on click photos you can only have 20,000 visitors
and you get free hosting well it’s not free because you’re paying for it but
it’s it’s free with the package ok and try to see what’s the difference between
these two SSCP is included local hosting you get support which is good unlimited
pages and sub date don’t subdomains on this which is the same as this one
I’ve connect up to 15 domains you can integrate third-party
integrations on both of these all three of them so what’s different you get the
facebook chat box on here so you can automate Facebook on here and autopost managers you get the affiliate
marketplace you can have affiliates by not buying but promoting your stuff on
this one so if that’s what you’re into that’s great I heard some issues with
builder all doing our research for that some people found it slow and clunky but
it is one of the cheaper plans so for 4990 that’s the top-level plan
and that’s cheaper than basically everything that I’ve talked about today
so if you’re brand new this might not be a horrible option and as long as it’s
and I like the fact that they give you tutorials within the actual sales funnel
builder which is not something that they do with click funnels you have to kind
of find and search and hope that you get what you’re looking for and it makes it
a little easier with here on here so if that’s what you’re interested in then go
for it and the last one we’re going to talk about is contra and contra has a
ton ton of things I mean basically it’s kind of like a
one-stop shop for everything that you could possibly need to have a business
online okay so basically they have done for you campaigns like everything is
already done you just push the button and change the words and maybe if you
want change the colors or everything like that or the in the pictures it’s
pretty much already done and frank kearney if you have not heard a free
card he’s an awesome internet marketer he has made millions if not billions of
dollars on the internet he is a great coach that teaches you know how to
copyright and how to be a coach and he is awesome and I love a lot of his
products and services that he has given so if you haven’t heard of him google
him he’s awesome so he created this the contras system and basically do all of
his testing basically he says he’s done all of the dirty work for
you don’t have to test you have to do any of that if you want to you can but
pretty much he’s done it all and so he has afford a cash machine system
basically it’s a plan that you follow and in four days you’re supposed to get
cash I don’t know but hey I’m down if it
works I’m down for it all right so you also get something a list builder that
helps you not only build your list but manages your list and it also gives you
a quick launch so it helps you build your funnel quickly so you’re not
sitting there wasting days and weeks like I did so I think that’s pretty cool
and you also can get started for just the dollar all right and so what you get
is you get stunning high converting pages I mean that’s beautiful I mean I’m
sure the other pages are beautiful too but you can build landing pages squeeze
pages sales pages portfolios pricing check out videos thank you all of this
other stuff even have custom domain domains that can link to it you can
instantly customize the backgrounds the colors alas the images so many things
it’s drag-and-drop like all the other ones so that’s cool too
it has great sales funnels and campaigns it shows you how to put all of these
things in sequence you can drag and drop your sequence what you want your
customers once they opt in to your email list with the first email that they
should get and the sequence of emails and they should get the subsequent lis
okay and you can set that up they say in just minutes which you know is very very
cool and so the next thing is mail it also will take care of your mail coming
your email so you can send email straight out from here and you can split
test that which email works better which email gets the higher click rate which
email gets the higher conversion pyaare people reading them are people
you know doing the next step on them and so it gives you all of this data that
you can get also you can host your videos one contra like so instead of
just being on YouTube or Vimeo or Wistia or any of those platforms you can host
your videos here and in these sales videos or any webinars or anything like
that you could host it more contra which is awesome I mean I know I said that a
lot but I mean it I really do like contra ok it also has great helpdesk
support so you can get stuff you can ask somebody and just sit there you can also
build membership membership sites which some of the other ones offer too and so
you can drag and drop the membership sites you can have different tiers for
money for the membership sites upload files and videos all sorts of different
things that works it has analytics so you can also view
your traffic what’s going on with the traffic what converts what doesn’t it
gives you you can split that stuff what you know what works better for your
customers which which page is better which color is better you can test
everything also it has an affiliate management program so if you have
products or services that you want other people to promote you can manage all of
that here and it also has its own store so kind of like Shopify you can sell
products from this actual platform and you can great prices and all this other
good jazz and it’s cloud powered which is awesome because it’s on the internet
it’s safe its secure it’s automatically uploaded so that is contra okay so what
after you pay the dollar you can either pay let’s go to the monthly since
everybody’s month everybody was on monthly you pay $99 a month which is
basically the same thing for their starter for clickfunnels
um you can pay a hundred and ninety nine per month or $4.99 per month
and you can get up to 220 500 leads with this system fifteen thousand emails a
hundred pages you can create only hundred pages you can only promote
twenty products to help desk portals I guess they give you a helpdesk portal
you can use only one custom domain fallible sequences you can only have
twenty and you can have unlimited page visits 100 automations and two
membership sites where most of the other ones are unlimited the only difference
with the other ones is the bandwidth is 125 500 on the bigger plan you get 3
custom domains and 10 custom domains or the bigger plan and you get 125 thousand
emails per month as opposed to 500 thousand on the bigger plan and you get
2500 contacts or leads as opposed to 50 thousand okay and that is culture okay
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organized form okay so until next time my friend make sure that you think big
dream big take action so that you two may own the life of your dreams
bye now


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