Affiliate Marketing For Beginners | Top 7 Traps That Will Waste Your Time and Money

– While affiliate marketing
is a huge opportunity, there are some major pitfalls that you need to avoid if
you’re looking to create sustainable and significant income. Hey, it’s LeahRae from and today I’m gonna teach you the top seven traps
that affiliate marketers fall into and how to avoid them. Number seven, choosing the wrong products. The products that you put your name behind that you recommend to people, number one they gotta be good, right? They have to truly serve your audience, they have to be something
that you’re willing to put your reputation on the line for. Number two, they have to
fit with your audience! I don’t know how many times I’ve seen it where people are doing a little of this and a little of that and
it’s very different audiences that would be interested
in both of those products. Guess what? That means in order to
be successful with both, you’re going to have to
do twice as much work. Don’t do it guys. Focus on one audience and then build out a suite of products
that you’re working with that serves that one audience. And make sure it’s worth every penny that your audience is gonna pay for it. One of the best ways to do this is to simply refer people to
products that you already use. If you already use these products, you know that they’re good, you know that they’re really gonna help people and that you can really, truthfully put your reputation on the line and suggest it to your audience. Number six, not creating content. Content is a must in
affiliate marketing guys. I don’t know how many
people we’ve run into who are trying to avoid creating content. Either they’re scared to get on camera and they don’t think they
have the right personality. Here’s the clue guys, no one’s good when they first start doing video. (laughs) It takes a lot of videos
to get decent at it. So you gotta start somewhere. But you have to create content, whether it’s blogging, videos,
podcasts, whatever it is! You need to start
putting content out there that serves an audience,
that builds an audience, that engages with an audience, so that you can make referrals so that they’re ready to purchase. Number five, relying too
much on paid advertising and this actually goes
with number six pretty well because it’s kind of a trap
that a lot of people fall into. Maybe they started off creating content and then things started working and they got better at their copyrighting and they got better at
their marketing skills, and they fell into the
trap of relying too much on paid marketing, paid advertising
and they kind of forgot, they stopped doing their content creation. Well, you’re really
putting yourself at risk when you do that. If you rely too much on paid advertising, you’re putting your business
in someone else’s hands. Say Facebook or Google
Adwords or whatever. So if that platform, say
Facebook sees skyrocketing advertising prices because
it’s becoming flooded, because it’s a political elections season, and politicians can spend any
kind amount of money they want they don’t care how much
they’re gonna pay for it, it’s a bidding platform. Whenever you’re advertising online, you have to bid to get
yourself in front of people. And when you have to compete with people that don’t care about how much they spend, that can get really pricey. But things like Facebook Ads,
they’re going way up in price. People have seen it across the board and if your entire source of income is based off of say, just Facebook Ads, and all of a sudden they’ll
stop working for you, you’re in trouble! Especially if your sole
income for your entire family is based off of your
affiliate marketing business. So that’s why creating
content is so important. Not to be solely reliant
on paid advertising. You should layer paid advertising on top of an organic content strategy. Number four, only having
one thing to promote! This is just goofy! Just goofy! I don’t know how many
people we’ve run into, especially if they’re in
the home business world, maybe network marketing or something, and they just promote that one thing. Okay, so if like, maybe one person out
of 20 that you talk to is interested in purchasing that or joining us as a
distributor or whatever, what are you gonna do with
those other 19 people? Just say good-bye? Maybe keep bugging them
and hope they join? That ain’t gonna work guys! (laughs) Why don’t you instead try to serve them? Have other things you can offer them so that if your main offer
doesn’t fit them, no problem. Here, I can help you be successful with whatever you want with this. Or you wanna learn about YouTube, here’s a video training on YouTube. Wanna learn about Instagram,
here’s an Instagram training. Create a suite of offers that makes sense for your target audience so that no matter what they’re looking to do,
you can help them do it. Number three, spamming. (laughs) Going for the quick
win instead of creating a lasting, sustainable business! Spamming is really super,
duper, uper, obnoxious. It’s really annoying! Beyond just being annoying,
it’s not gonna help you be successful either guys. What is spamming? That’s just throwing stuff
at people unsolicited. It’s not targeted to them, to their needs and you’re just blasting them with it. You see this on private messages
in Facebook or Instagram where people have a copy/paste message and they just spam it at ya! And it’s all about
joining their opportunity, or buying their product or whatever. It’s not gonna serve you long term. You might every once in a while get a win but you’re wasting your time
and the moment that someone feels you spamming them,
you’ve broken that trust and it’s gonna take a long time to build up that trust again. They’re gonna see you as someone who’s just trying to sell them something, that you’re looking at them as commission, not as a person that you could help. So when you spam someone, you’re
really breaking that trust right off the bat and
it’s not gonna serve you. You also see this if you
make a post in a group or someone makes a post in a group or even running ads and doing
different things on Facebook, and other people will
come comment on your post, or on Instagram wherever, and they’ll just spam their offer on your post. Really tacky and doesn’t work. You also see it with people tagging folks or putting it on their timelines. Your offer should all
be able serving people. Finding out what their needs are and providing them a
solution, a way to help them. People only buy from, or join those they know, like, and trust. And do you think you’re
gonna build any know, like, and trust if you’re just
throwing spaghetti at a wall and hoping something sticks, right? Just spamming people
your stuff, you aren’t. You’re going to break any trust and even if they are
interested in your product, you’ve built no trust with them. That you have no rapport,
they don’t know who you are. So instead of buying from you, even if they’re interested,
they’re gonna head over to Amazon and see if
they can find it there. Why? Because they know, like, and
trust Amazon so don’t spam. On top of that all social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, and wherever they are invested in a
good user experience. What does that mean? They want have people
enjoy being on Facebook or enjoy being on Instagram
and spamming is annoying. People don’t enjoy that. So what could happen is that
Facebook, Instagram, wherever if they feel that you’re
ticking their users off, if you’re making their users unhappy, they can just shut you down! They own your account. Don’t think for a second
they’re gonna hesitate to shut your account down for
whatever reason they want to. We’ve seen it done time and time again. So don’t spam. Number two, shiny object
syndrome about your offer. Thinking that you just need a better offer to start making money. So you’ve been taking action,
you’ve been doing something, you’ve been promoting one specific offer or another and it’s just not working. You’re not making sales and so you think well if I just get a better
offer in front of these people I’ll start making money and
so you just change gears, change companies, change whatever and you start promoting something else. Here’s the problem folks. If your marketing is bad,
if your content is bad, it doesn’t matter what the offer is. And 90 some percent of the issue is gonna come from your
marketing, not what your offer is. If those companies that
provide the product or service that you’re
recommending are thriving, then they’re doing good. That means their offer is good. The problem has to do with your marketing, not with the offer. So instead, focus on
just getting really good at your marketing and then no matter what offer you put in front of people, as long as it fits with the
audience that you’ve built and it truly serves them,
then you’re gonna make sales! So don’t jump around thinking you gotta find something better if the
sales aren’t yet coming in. Now before I get to
the number one mistake, I just wanna let you know
that if you really want to create success in affiliate marketing, I highly recommend that you check out our 15 day free training
to jumpstart your business and to start bringing in the sales. Just click the link at
the top of the description or up here in this info
card to check it out. Now number one, shiny object syndrome when it comes to your
marketing strategies. Time and time again, people
get started on a strategy. Say it’s YouTube, blogging, podcasting, even Facebook, Instagram,
Twitter, whatever, they get started somewhere,
they saw some training, they got excited and
they start taking action! But the sales don’t start
coming in right away. And then someone else starts talking about this other strategy over here and instead of working
on getting really good at the one thing they’re already doing, they just shift gears
and start going this way. So if they started on Twitter, and Twitter hasn’t really
started working for them yet, but then someone starts
talking about Facebook Ads, then they just switch gears
and head over to Facebook Ads or they started blogging and
they haven’t figured it out yet but someone talked about YouTube and they jumped over to YouTube. If you don’t focus on
mastering a marketing strategy, your business really isn’t
gonna amount to much. The people that we know, that have created very successful online businesses
have mastered one thing. One thing! When you master one thing,
you could add additional strategies to it but you
have to master it first. We have a good friend of
ours who just last year finally decided to master one strategy. He’d fallen into the trap
of shiny object syndrome and jumping from marketing
strategy to marketing strategy. A little bit of YouTube,
a little bit of Instagram, a little bit of Facebook Ads, whatever and never committed to a single
one of them to master it. Well this time last year, he
decided to master YouTube. He crushed it guys. Totally crushed it! He decided to create a video a day and he took off running. He had like 10,000 followers on YouTube after years of kinda dabbling in it. A year later guys, he has over 200,000 subscribers on YouTube! 200,000 because he didn’t
have shiny object syndrome, he focused only on YouTube. He ignored everything
else and he committed. If you avoid these seven traps, you can do amazing things
in your online business. Create substantial income
and it is a huge opportunity that I truly hope that you
commit to and take action on. Again, this is LeahRae
from Know that we are here rooting for you. We are here to help you
create the time freedom that you and your family deserve. If you’re new to our
channel, make sure to say hi in the comments that we can
welcome you to our community. I’ll see you soon.


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