Affiliate Marketing for Beginners | Video Marketing Beginners Guide

– Video is a great way to
build an engaged audience and to make sales with
affiliate marketing. But frankly, it’s a
bit daunting for people who are just beginning, who’ve
never shot a video before. So I’m gonna give you seven simple steps, so that you can start shooting video. Okay, it’s LeahRae from and I’m gonna help you get
started with video marketing, so that you can start making sales. Yes, you need to create
content to make sales for your online business. And video builds the required
know, like and trust factor the fastest with your audience, so they are primed to make a purchase when you put an offer in front of them. That is one of the reasons we love video. So let’s give you the
confidence and the steps to start creating your videos today. Step number one, you simply need to know exactly what you want your audience to do after they watch their video. This is called a CTA or a call to action. What next step do you want them to take after watching the video? Is it to watch another video? Is it to opt in to your free giveaway, whatever that is? Is it to check out an opportunity? Is it to go to a sales page? Whatever it is, you have to start out knowing exactly what it will be, before you do anything
else related to the video. Number two is to list out
a bunch of different ideas, brainstorm for a while on
different content ideas that could serve your audience, whoever your audience is, and get them to take the next step. So if you wanna promote a software, maybe one of your ideas is
to do a software tutorial and then at the end of it, you’re inviting them
to go to the sales page to learn more about that
software and perhaps purchase. Now step number three is simple. Based on the brainstorming that you did on the different types of
content you could create that would lead to your
call to action, your CTA, simply decide which video
you’re gonna do right now. Keep the other ones for
later, file that away, and have it handy so you can take notes as ideas pop up throughout your day. Now, there are some really easy ways to actually start shooting video, things that can kinda
ease you into the process. One way to do it, guys,
when you first get started is just to do a PowerPoint. Most of us can figure out how to put a PowerPoint slide together. If you can’t, I’m sure
you can Google that. But it’s simple. You can put your ideas,
what you wanna talk about, unto a PowerPoint and then
just do a video of your screen, so you’re not even in the picture. This is a really great way
to ease into doing video. You could even just do a screen share, so if you’re talking about
a specific software program or you’re teaching some tricks within Microsoft Excel or whatever, you can just share your screen. You can do a video that
just shares your screen and shows them what’s going on, and you don’t have to put
your face behind the camera when you first begin. Now, when you’re doing this, you can actually have a
little notepad next to you with an outline, your script, whatever, just sitting there at your desk, and no one can see you
looking down at the script or going back and forth
because you’re not on camera. It also makes it much easier
to edit out any pauses or things you need to edit, because your face isn’t in it. It makes it nice and easy. Now the next phase, you can start without any video of your face, the next phase then would
be to start adding video with your picture in it. Now there’s some great software, we love Camtasia where it can
actually show your camera, your webcam, while you’re
sharing your screen. So you could do that
with PowerPoints again or with just sharing your screen and doing different software programs, but showing your face is awesome. Now you’re like taking a baby step towards shooting a video like this where it’s just you and the camera. But those baby steps are important. When people can see your face, you’re starting to build more
know, like and trust factor with your audience, which is important. Now when you’re doing this sort of video, you’re gonna be on your webcam and you’re going to be
sharing part of your screen or all of your screen. Well, if you wanna use
an outline or a script, just take your screen and
don’t show your entire screen, only show one program or only
share a part of your screen and then have your script
up on the other side. Now once you are ready, you can do videos of just you talking. So those are kinda your baby
steps, your training wheels to get up to it, and then
it’s just like this, talking. And you don’t have to have fancy setup or a backdrop or lights
or kinds of crazy stuff, just make sure the lighting’s decent, they can see your face, they can hear you, and you can really start with just taking videos on your phones. The new cell phones have great cameras, so if you got a newer cell phone, don’t worry about buying something fancy, just start with that. Now step number four, you
upload your video to Youtube, but keep it private until
you’re ready to publish. And if you don’t yet
have a Youtube channel, there’s lots of videos
and things you can search, Google, Youtube, that’ll
teach you how to set it up, it’s really quite simple,
won’t take you much time. Now step number five is
to give your video a title that makes people want to watch it. Don’t necessarily focus on what it is, focus more on the benefit of
what they’re gonna get from it. Having a great title is important to getting people to actually
want to watch your videos. Now step number six is just as important. It’s creating a thumbnail
that makes people want to watch your videos. Something that’s
enticing, that stands out, and is giving them a reason to watch. Not necessarily what it
is, more of what it does. And if you’re going to use
words on your thumbnail, they don’t have to match
your title specifically. They don’t have to be
the exact same words, they should compliment it. So don’t get stuck thinking that it has to be exactly the same, it should have similar meaning
but use different words. Because one might be more
catchy to some people, the other one might be more
catchy to other people. Here’s some quick examples of some recent thumbnails that I created. I use Canva,
to create our thumbnails, it works really well. We did a video on Canva. You can go in there and actually
look at how to use Canva, but it’s a great tool for
making thumbnails that pop. Number seven, now you’re finally ready to publish your video, so go ahead, switch it over to publish, and then you can distribute
it out on social media. So wherever you have an audience, whether that’s Facebook,
Instagram, Twitter, whatever, let them know about your video, provide a link whenever possible. If you have an email list, which you should all be building, then you should let your email list know that you got new content
out and share it with them. Now yeah, so there’s a
bunch of additional things that you can do within
Youtube to get more people to see your videos. But when you’re first starting out, when you’re right at the beginning, it’s more important just to take action and to get your videos up. And work towards have a
consistent publishing schedule. And as you progress, you
get better at videos. You can learn more about Youtube SEO and how to get your videos
suggested by Youtube. Now you do want to create
content consistently, that’s really important
in getting your stuff in front of people and telling
Youtube you’re serious, and that they should let
people know about your content. So, next step, click the video on the upper right corner of your screen as this video comes to an
end to learn how to create a schedule for creating
and publishing your videos. Now if you really want to
excel at affiliate marketing, make sure to check out our recommended affiliate marketing training. It’s gonna be the top link in
the description of this video, if you’re on mobile you gotta
drop the little dropdown to see the description first. If you’re on desktop it
should be right there, but just click the link
in that description and you can check out our
recommended affiliate training. Again, this is LeahRae
from, and know that we are rooting for you, we are here to help you
create the time freedom that you and your family deserve. If you’re new to our
channel, make sure to say hi in the comments so that we can welcome you to the community, I’ll see you soon.


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