Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: Where To Find Affiliate Offers

and that really truly is the secret to
affiliate marketing that’s how you make that money online so hey as always
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channel so that you will be notified every time I put out new videos hey everybody this is Mark with
adventures in econ and this is the third video certainly the second step what’s
the third video in my affiliate marketing for beginners kind of series
my step by step series that I’m putting together and in this video we’re going
to talk specifically about how to find the affiliate offers the affiliate
offers that you want to promote essentially here I just got this simple
notepad how am I going to make the money what am I going to sell right that’s
kind of what we’re covering in this video ooh look at that slug alright so
in the previous video we talked about how to find money markets and if you
haven’t seen that video click the link above and watch the first one first I’m
trying to roll these out in in sequence for you but finding money markets is
really all about finding an audience an audience with a need or desires or a
want or problem something that you can come in and satisfy that for them and
ultimately for you the affiliate it’s by way of promoting an offer so this first
one we looked at how to find the need how to find all that information again
check that out and in this one we’re going to find out now where to go to get
those offers to promote to promote to these groups so before we continue I
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we know what that’s all about let’s get into talking about where to find my
offer what is it that I’m going to try to sell well there are a lot of
affiliate market places that you can go to and this is where I will suggest that
you go to at least initially when you’re trying to get your feet wet with
affiliate marketing they make it easy so we can come in to Clickbank and just
like I did on the last video we can do a search for I’ve already typed in Camping
from the last video and we can come through here here’s that tactical
flashlight that we found the offer is selling at your your commission is $50
per sale so that’s awesome there are some other things here’s an RV checklist
although that’s not available right now you can go through this there’s a bunch
of different pages and go through this this is again just for my camping
example but you’re going to have a different niche you’re going to have to
have done your research form the first video of finding your audience and that
problem the things that maybe you know about or you’re interested or passionate
about and now you’re gonna come over to say Clickbank and find an offer to
promote from it another place that’s big is offer vault offer vault has tons of
offers camping let’s see what this shows field and stream guide us is twelve
dollar payout that’s not the best but you know there might be some better
payouts for whatever niche it is that you’re trying to promote another one
would be warrior plus a good marketplace that has some decent categories for
their marketplace here I click into it real quick and you can see marketing
education platforms industry software and services so definitely this
marketplace has its own set of categories but what I want to really
show you is and I get this all the time I really do get this all the time people
will email me or ask me questions and various support roles and training
things that I’ve been a part of in the past and they will email me the simplest
simplest of questions it would have been ten times easier for them to have
done a google search and a hundred times faster to get an answer than it would be
to go through all of the rigmarole of emailing me and crafting a question and
doing the whole thing and happening and go back and forth just use Google just
use Google and I did a quick affiliate marketplaces search and one of the ones
that I liked here just on the first page was this looks like jamie has written a
post about affiliate networks and here’s some great ones in here here’s Affiliate
window which is a win tells you all about them in here ShareASale here’s max
bounty they’re a good one trade doubler I’m not sure I know what
trade doubler is but here’s good Old Faithful CJ Affiliate which would use to
be Commission Junction so there are a whole lot that are just at your
fingertips that you can choose from you know another one that I said for in my
camping niche is let me show you camping world affiliate program so if you know
of some big places some big companies some big resources that are in the niche
that you are selecting continuous site some big companies in the niche that
you’re selecting just follow up the Search Search them and follow up with
affiliate program and so many times so many times they’ll have an affiliate
program that you can also attach or sign up for and then attach to your offer and
and put it in your wheelhouse when you get all of these I would suggest
creating a spreadsheet like at Google I use Google Docs so a Google sheet that
has all of my affiliate links and information and the people that have
signed up with and you know etc etc so that it’s easy for me to just go back
and grab those if I’m doing especially if I’m doing very specific types of
campaigns like direct linking and that’s something that I’m gonna kind of talk
about here next is direct linking so in this quest in this series of teaching
you the basics of affiliate marketing what you really want to do what we’re
trying to do at this stage is we will inevitably have a small or a mini site
that is niche-specific etc etc that is
riddled with affiliate links and offers in valuable information etc however at
this point we’re trying to still validate that our market or our audience
is hungry for these types of offers it’s one thing to find a market place that
has a definitely a need but it’s another thing altogether that that market that
audience is going to buy your product maybe it won’t appeal to them maybe
there’s a lot of different reasons so what we’re going to do is we’re going to
let me pull in my notepad here one more time so we’re gonna find offer and then
we’re going to test it we’re going to test that offer with a direct link we’re
going to test that offer with a direct link in some sort of forum that we can
answer somebody’s question provide super valuable feedback and answer their
question and then provide a direct link over to an offer directly to an offer
not to a landing page not to a mini site not to anything we’re just gonna do it
directly to a an affiliate offer and when we do that you don’t want to use
the certainly the super long affiliate URL because that’ll look spammy in a
forum you don’t want to use bitly looks a little shady and things like that too
so if you have a domain name that you’re going to use for your niche if you have
an identifying a niche then you probably have a domain name yet but once you
define your niche per the first video or the last video that I shot what you want
to do is get a domain name that is relative to that niche you’re going to
be buying a lot of domain names if you’re in the affiliate marketing
business so get used to it I use Namecheap they are cheap easy and cheap
and easy to use so I’ll have my affiliate link to Namecheap down in the
description below but it’s going to be super easy if you want to test something
out this is a completely test URL that I have funky chicken club
reminds me of a sandwich but basically all I would do is I would come down here
in the domain manage the domain and go to the redirect section and here’s funky
chicken club and then I would redirect that over to the affiliate link so that
it would be a direct link but all the while the URL is gonna be relative to
that niche it’s gonna seem like it makes a little more sense and it’s certainly
not going to look spammy just from reading a forum post so go to Namecheap
get a domain this one consequently was like a dollar twenty-five or something
like that so you can get if you get off off queue top-level domain names you can
get them super cheap so we’ll go into all that probably on the next video and
I’ll show you a few things about building Landers and doing things and
testing out some other stuff so anyways just wanted to show you this name cheap
deal so we’re going to go into a forum let me go to Cora and I showed you this last time I did a
search for camping theme of my deal here so we can come into camping and actually
sorry I’m just gonna search camping what is essential camping gear
here’s 61 answers we can literally come in here here’s what happened in a tent
while you were camping he will never forget it would be good idea to to come
in to some of these and join in the conversation right with some fun
antidotes this is not something that you would necessarily put your affiliate
link in or try to sell you’re not trying to sell a hundred percent of the time
even though you’re supposed to always be selling or always be closing uh anyways
the that’s a reference that’s the Alec Baldwin in crack Glengarry Glen Ross
awesome movie but you can come into these posts and you can come through
here and you can write a nice value packed value based answer and then
include your your link and say you know you can find out I use this and it was
great and you can find out more information by clicking here etc you
don’t want to come off spammy you don’t want to just copy and paste copy and
paste copy and paste copy and paste because that will get you kicked off of
korah so always try to provide value in your answer and then it’s a nonchalant
oh and by the way you know here’s you know here’s a resource that I use or
something along those lines now to kind of wrap up this video one of the things
I will say is you want to try to subtly in your sales it’s always a sale right
now I know is that not always the only but it’s always a sale you want to be
sure that you’re using some kind of crafty sizzle words you want to be using
trigger words or buying words in your content in your writing and not a lot it
doesn’t take many of these but again I’ll show you this because I was going
to put together a list of these buying words or trigger words
for you and give it to you but I think instead of feeding you fish I’d rather
teach you how to fish and this is about the easiest fishing hole there is is
Google so type this in how to find trigger words or buying words and then
come through here the very first one I think I clicked on let me go back here
the first one I clicked on here was kajabi so this post from kajabi go the
top what are trigger words and fifties
examples to increase conversions in 2008 this is a great article go through here
and read this and it will help you with your writing style you don’t need 50 you
need one you’d really just need one and here are some examples the number one
the trigger board is free everybody seems to knee-jerk to the free word but
no proven easy secret like this this is great
11 easy oh no secret here 11 photography pros share their secrets to success wow
I wanted this is a secret to success so I want to see that try to incorporate
these words into your writing and you’ll have a lot better response I incorporate
some of these words I try to with all of my youtube video titles so you want to
use them there’s 50 in here that are great also I clicked on a couple other
ones here’s 50 more keywords and they have examples here is 40 and he’s got
some good examples so go through here you’re gonna have to kind of teach
yourself you got to re-educate yourself you got to change the way that you think
especially if you have a regular day job and you go punch the clock and you can
go and do all that you may not get to be as creative as you need to be in your
regular job so you’re really trying to hone and learn a new skill here so so
learn these keywords learn these trigger words another thing I want to talk about
is when I said the direct linking and changing the the destination URL once we
get into a little further couple more steps down the road I’m going to be
talking about building a WordPress site for your mini site for your Lander and I
got some really exciting stuff about putting it on
Amazon AWS to make sure that it is lightning fast because Google is
announcing in July in maybe 12 to 15 days that their newest SEO update I
don’t know what it’s gonna be called yet but the newest SEO update is going to
take site speed as a ranking factor that is just as important to the words and
the content that you have on your website so imagine how important that is
that’s going to be a huge step so I’ve been messing around I’m not a not a big
you know software engineer or anything like that but I know enough to be
dangerous I know enough I really know how to break stuff but I’m gonna show
you on Amazon AWS how to build it’s super cheap VPS and super fast VPS
hosting very cheap WordPress is obviously free
the theme that I’ll show you cost a little bit of money but it’s it’s a
one-time investment and then off to the races we go we can use pretty links to
then create a whole bunch of different links if we want to do direct linking or
later on and some of our other techniques and then we’ll also be able
to track how many clicks those links get to kind of determine you know the
viability of things so anyways that’s today’s video it’s really all about how
to find an offer let me pull this back over how to find an offer then we’re
gonna test that offer with a direct link in either say a Korra or a forum a
direct you know Camping forum here I’m sorry I should have showed you this but
look I’m just gonna type in Camping forum I showed you this in the first
video but here’s camping forum tent camping forum RV & camping forum camper
community forums there’s a ton of them and you can go through and these people
are having conversations and asking questions and all kinds of stuff you
could be a valuable resource in this but when we come back in the next video
we’re going to talk about we’re going to go back and kind of see keep an eye on
our impressions are our posts getting viewed are the topics that we’re talking
about the problems we’re trying to solve etc etc are they
viable candidates for our affiliate marketing program so anyways if you got
some good value out of this video I’d appreciate you liking it that way more
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