Affiliate Marketing For Beginners | You Will Make 50 Per Day (Super Easy)

today I’m going to cover an affiliate
marketing today I’m going to cover an affiliate marketing method that you
could put in place and start making 50 to $100 a day in a very short amount of
time and the more time that you dedicate to this the more those numbers will
compound and scale up hey everybody I’m mark with adventures and EECOM and
before we go any further I want to tell you what you can expect from this video
this is a method that doesn’t require any money to get started although if you
want to drip in some money for marketing that will only accelerate the process
secondly this is a method that doesn’t require a website or an email list to
get started and if you have those or so technically inclined to use them
it will only accelerate the method this is a system that will work on any
platform it doesn’t matter what the operating system is or if it’s mobile or
desktop it’s very very newbie friendly and I’m going to cover exactly how it
works and what you need to do to start and we’re gonna do all that right now
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such now I get a lot of questions about
various things and I’d like to ask you to drop a comment down below and let me
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beginning skills just let me know by telling me down below in the comments so
the very first thing that I wanted to cover in this video is what I’ll call
phase 1 phase 1 out of essentially three phases is a 3 phase system and I’m going
to try to cover this pretty quickly for you so I got a bunch of tabs already
open I’ve done some looking around so I’m just gonna click my way right
through them and if you need to rewind the video a little bit to see you
exactly what I was talking about just rewind the video but the first step in
this process is ultimately as an affiliate marketer is to find and offer
that you’re going to promote and really create a category or a niche of content
around so let’s jump over here to Clickbank it’s always my go-to
instructional type of affiliate marketing network to show people it’s
very newbie friendly and new people get it if you’re an advanced person I’m
going to show you something a little bit here but we can use Clickbank to find an
offer for us to promote there is another website called offer vault and
essentially it’s kind of like you can think of it like a search engine for
affiliate marketing networks and a Clickbank is an affiliate Nega
an affiliate marketing network right so you could come over to offer vault and
if you are more advanced than Clickbank or don’t find anything good there or
just looking for new ideas you can come over to offer vault and you can search
by network and you can start to see all these different networks that are
available to you you can click through them peruse them sign up for different
networks etc and essentially sign up for their offers so just wanted to kind of
show that a lot of people don’t know about this and struggle finding
additional networks out there than clickbank but let’s run through
Clickbank and let’s find and offer real quick
so that we can have something to focus on and promote I’m going to look at
green products today I’m going to click into here and see what I can see I’ve
already clicked around on a few of these earlier and one of the things that I
like about green products are that essentially you you get a very similar
type of audience base that would be interested in seeing multiple of these
types of offers hence the green product niche right so if we come through here
and look at a few I’m gonna click on a couple here’s one and I’m going to show
you a couple of things you want to see here that that they have an affiliate
page so that’s great I’m gonna go to their front end offer this is the page
that people would see potential buyers would see
and today I want to let you in on amazing oh and I don’t like this a child
showed you this because I don’t like it a it loads the video loads way too
slowly so that’s a big turn-off for me the first time I clicked on it almost
clicked away so I think that’s bad and it is just too plain of a page for me I
know that this kind of thing this type of landing page works it’s been proven
to work I’ve made money off a landing page is very similar to this except I
don’t like the pace at which this guy goes through his sales pitch so it’s a
little too slow for me so I’m gonna get out of it and for for that very reason
sound like got one of the Sharks on Shark Tank and for that reason I’m out
so if we come over here to the power efficiency guide let’s click on this one
similar type of deal similar similar type of deal it actually has a click
here to read the text I think that’s a lot better because a lot of people would
prefer that then watch an unknown length of time video especially some of these
things go 20 30 minutes or longer and people usually click off so I’d imagine
that this has a pretty low conversion rate on it so I just wanted to show you
a couple of ones that I didn’t like at the top here but if we come down here to
the next one you can see there are a lot of things
it’s got a high gravity that means that in the past 8 or 10 weeks that
affiliates have been making quite a few sales on this $50 average sale that’s
good it’s a good amount of money so I’m going to click into here and let’s take
a quick look one of the things one of the things that I like about this is it
loads quick it’s got an interesting type of video setup he comes into the frame
nice and quick in the sales page doesn’t look outdated to me it’s one of the
things you want to keep in mind is some of these offers on Clickbank they are a
little dated clickbank’s been around for a while and a lot of these offers have
been up for quite some time they’ve been revamped etc but some of them look dated
and that’s one thing that I’m going to show you here in a minute
is really ultimately how you can still use a an offer that looks dated but
let’s let’s look at this one for a second so I think everything looks good
here the front it looks new it looks modern
and I like that I’m gonna get out of there front end and go back to the back
end I’m gonna go to their affiliate page and I’m gonna look at this and it has a
75% Commission I love that most offers are about $0.50 50 percents not 50 cents
50% etc and this has a nice high seventy five percent commission it’s got some
good stats on it here and it says right here if you enter your email address
they will send you all of the affiliate resources straight away so that’s a
really good thing you want to look for an affiliate offer that where they offer
you email swipes or just looking down here affiliate resources they got
broadcast email ads and images if you want to run ads pay for ads video ads
which is great all kinds of really good stuff here PPC and SEO keywords they
will suggest Facebook advertising strategy so these guys are really
looking to give you as much resources as they can to help you succeed because
then they succeed so these are some of the things you want to look for in an
affiliate program is ultimately a program that pays well has a high
gravity has plenty of resources and looks relatively modern so what we’ll do
is we can come over here and the battery we can click on promote battery and then
generate my hop link now hop link this hop link I know a lot of you know this
but to those of you that don’t this hop link this is the link that i will use
out there on the internet that’s going to drive traffic back to that sales page
that we saw and get attributed to or credited to my affiliate account with
clickbank so that I can get paid now that’s good at all but this is super
ugly looking link so I use this service called rebrand Lee and it allows me to
shorten that ugly link into something that’s short and pretty I can even use
my own custom domain and I use a lot of it just for free because they have a
very robust free offering where I can still get a custom domain shortener so
you want to use the link shortener like this now this is what this is kind of
this takes us through just a recap real quick so we find an offer in a niche
this one is in the green product niche and we generate a hot link everything
looks good I shortened my url to send traffic to their landing page their
sales page but what if that sales page is ugly right what if that sales page is
horrible and I need to pretty it up well one of the things that I can do is if I
come back in here and I come to let’s come back to their sales page let’s say
this was a super ugly page we can come to any one of these different services
sales funnel I’m sorry to click click funnels I was reading your sales funnel
click funnels we can use we can come over of you I’m using Sam cart for a lot
of things that’s a really good interface both click funnels and Sam cart are
pricey they’re about a hundred dollars a month starting out we can use leadpages
which is probably the lowest price fully featured landing page creator on the
market or I did a video on how to create websites hosted on Amazon AWS so that
they are lightning fast speed is the number one thing most people are looking
at these pages on mobile devices nowadays and they have to be delivered
at speed because most people are still on a 3G network a lot around a 4G and
very few are on a 5g but most currently today or on a 3G see have to deliver the
website to them fast so I did a whole video workup on how to set up a
wordpress blog a wordpress page on Amazon using Divi buy elegant themes
using Divi as a theme it is a super simple drag-and-drop interface and it is
that simple once you pay for this I think it’s like $69 a year and this is
free and Amazon AWS is three dollars and 50 cents a month you can’t really go
wrong with having your own system in place so this is a killer option and
then one of the things that I suggest that you do that a lot of people don’t
like on this page is if you have your own landing page because this is ugly
you want to have an email collection right in here you want to have an email
collection right here on the above the fold so that people so you can start
gathering people’s email addresses and adding it to your list because down the
road have that email list in a niche is something
that’s going to pay off in spades for you you’re not gonna have any marketing
cost you can send these people recurring offers from Clickbank and various
affiliate offers and ultimately increase your revenue tenfold by having an email
list in a niche so we do that by offering them something in trade so
we’ll have a simple image what I would have if I have my own landing page would
be very simple kind of like the other video Lander that you saw a second ago
but I would have just a still image here I’d have a still image of just just
something that remotely relates that’s still kind of odd you want to create
curiosity with your landing page while still kind of directing people down a
path and you want to create what’s called an open loop kind of image or add
concept where people feel the need to click through in order to close the loop
or answer the question what does that mean so maybe a just a picture like this
or you know something baking soda and water is kind of a mysterious thing you
think God what you know was this guy talking about and then ultimately what I
would have below that is I would collect somebody’s email address and I would
offer them a free download a PDF on something that is relative in the green
industry so right here if we come to this all I did was search for PLR it
stands for private label rights and basically that means that I’m buying the
rights to somebody else’s publication to use commercially so if I come up here
and try to just click on this website buy quality PLR I’m going to type in
battery and let’s see what comes up we’ll see if I can click here and this
site will load for me all right so here’s top-quality new eco-friendly
technologies to consider for your home report that kind of sounds good
cellphone reverse aging so I could get something like this for 399 it’s a PDF
and I could get that and offer that as a free giveaway if they give me their
email address and then ultimately what I would do is I would take them after they
click the enter the email button I would send them then
on to the landing page the sales page I would send them on to this page for them
to go through the process but I would have collected their email address okay
so all that ultimately was phase 2 which is potentially building a your own
landing page in order to collect email addresses to start to build your list
and now on to phase 3 and that is the one component that is going to be true
in any business that you run any brick and mortar business any online business
any business and that is to drive traffic to your offer to your store you
got to store at the mall your traffic is foot traffic right out in front of you
you got a offer just like this guy right here then you have to drive internet
traffic and qualified audience to your offer so what I’m going to talk about
real quick to kind of wrap this up is ultimately creating an Instagram profile
in a niche and you can do that if you come over to we’ve come over to
Instagram I know that I’m on a desktop here and it doesn’t show nearly as much
as it does on a mobile device but it is so much easier shooting these videos and
showing you on the computer than my phone so if you come up here I just did
a search I’ll do another search in camping hashtag and what you want to do
is if you have if it’s camping niche or green product niche or you know golfing
niche or whatever your niche happens to be you can come over here and there
26,000 I’m sorry 26 million posts with the hashtag camping and that is kind of
a top-level single word hashtag so I’ll probably come in here and get something
more like camping life I’d like to drill down a little bit to get a little bit
deeper inside the niche and then ultimately I’ll create my I’ll create my
Instagram profile based around this niche and then what you can do is you
can come in here and find people that are posting viral content and you can
copy it and you can copy it or download their video as long as and post it on
your own Instagram account as long as you attribute their original content
then you can do it and that is as of today copacetic with the Instagram rules
terms and conditions so you come through here and we can look at
this one this has 9300 abuse 47 comments that’s pretty good one to start out with
and I would come up to their profile and you can see here they only have 453
followers so that was a good video for them but you could just go through here
and start to find these various videos this guy has all videos which is awesome
I would dominate Lee look for videos nowadays so it’s just video is the king
hence you’re sitting here watching a video so here’s a lot of good
information if there were any that were you’re really looking for viral videos
things that are in the you know a hundred thousand fifty thousand hundred
thousand hundred thousand plus mark are the types of things that are gonna
really get picked up and get seen but what you’re trying to do is you’re
trying to build a Instagram post and ultimately down here in the last line of
your bio is where everybody looks and you want to find a link you want to put
your link in the bio so that people will click over to it and ultimately that
will go to your landing page or your offer your Clickbank offer so let’s jump
back real quick we’ll find another one and see here’s one and if I come up to
follow him he has at least he has a link in his bio that’s what I’m talking about
but you know you need to kind of go through this
here’s 1257 but that is just a still image so it might not be the best to
copy but you want to kind of go through this and it does take a little bit of
time but you can go through this and find content and flesh out your
Instagram profile for this niche for your niche and drive traffic free
traffic back to your offer in in a fair amount of time 3045 days you should be
able to start driving traffic to make fifty dollars a day you saw that offer
that we picked was fifty dollars um you just need one offer you just need one
deal to close on Clickbank to make fifty dollars a day and spend virtually no
money to do that you’ve spent a little bit of time but you virtually have to
spend no money now here’s something does cost a little money and this is by post
planner if you wanted to use a service like this they help you go out and find
top trending viral content so that it will cut down on some
of the amount of time that you spend and I’m going to click over to the features
discover irresistible content never run out of ideas
bla bla bla this is all good stuff and I will click on pricing and show you how
much this is and it is a whopping three dollars a month and that is a drop in
the bucket for the tool that it is so let me jump back over here one last tab
and when you do find a video that you want to download you can there’s a
chrome plug-in called video downloader for Instagram when you add it to Chrome
I have it loaded in another profile on my computer that I do all that work on
but when I add it to Chrome it’ll just they’ll just be a little
button down in the video that you can just click on and it’ll download to your
desktop so that you can repurpose it you can edit it you can send it back up to
your profile but make sure you give attribution to the original person that
you downloaded it from so all in all guys this is the type of thing that if
you put in the time then you will get the reward down the line and Instagram
is just one method by which you can drive traffic quality traffic in your
niche to your offer and make 50 or $100 a day so if you like this video then
give me a thumbs up again so that other people will get an opportunity to see
this and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel so that you’ll be notified
every time I put out new videos just like videos on other methods of driving
traffic to your offer so again I hope that you got good value out of this and
I will see you on the next one

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