Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Affiliate marketing for beginners is
what we’re going to be looking at in this video so without hesitation let’s
get straight to it Hello my name is Andy and this is Penbram Marketing. Welcome to this video on affiliate marketing for beginners today
I’m going to try and explain to you what affiliate marketing is how to choose a
market how to choose a product where to find affiliate programs to join how to
set up a basic sales funnel and the best ways to promote your affiliate offers
online I’ll also be answering the questions how
much will it cost and how long will it take and if you’re still around at the
end I’ll show you how you can get into my in-depth affiliate marketing training
course for free so let’s get started what is affiliate marketing well
affiliate marketing is basically when you promote somebody else’s product or
service and they pay your commission each time a sale is made simple this is
a very popular and reputable way of doing business on the Internet today and
many large companies use this method companies such as Apple Nike Walmart
Amazon and many many more all have successful affiliate programs in place
so how do we do this let’s break it down first the market now the first thing you
need to do when setting up your business as an affiliate marketer is to find a
niche or a market to work in it’s a much better strategy to concentrate on one
market than to pick products or services from different markets as when it comes
to promoting these offers often you’ll be able to use the same content to
promote to all of your offers at once so use the same YouTube channel the same
Facebook groups and pages etc it’s important to find a market that’s
not too competitive but that does get enough monthly searches to warrant
getting enough traffic to sell a decent amount of products or services you
should start by installing a plug-in into your Chrome browser called keywords
everywhere this plug-in will show you how many monthly searches are made for a
particular search term when you type it into Google for example soon you’ll be
able to see if there are other marketers advertising and promoting products in
this niche if you come across a market or a niche where nobody’s advertising
you might think that this is good due to the fact that there’s little or
no competition but in fact this does raise red flags if we’re the marketers
are not using this market then the chances are that it’s a difficult market
to sell to a little bit of competition is always a good thing but if it’s
saturated then maybe look for something a little bit more specific within that
market for example if you’re looking at the dog training niche then instead of
looking for how to train the dog let’s say you could be looking for how to
train a Labrador or you could even go more specific and say how to train young
Labradors or even how to train old Labradors to fetch
it’s called drilling down now the product once you’ve decided on a market
then you can choose a product to promote there are many places you can go to find
products or services to promote the first stop could be if you
become an Amazon affiliate you can promote virtually anything that’s in the
Amazon directory there are also several affiliate networks out there which have
a collection of companies and products to promote where the network handles all
the payments to the affiliates so you just have to register with the one
company instead of each individual business that you work with
click Junction is one of these companies this can be found at CJ comm here you
can search a catalogue of thousands of products and hundreds of companies you
can promote anything from credit cards and student loans through to wedding
favors and dietary supplements is another affiliate
network where the main emphasis is on digital information products once you’re
registered with a network or a company first you choose the product that you
want to promote and then the company will give you a personalized affiliate
link you can post this link on your website or anywhere on the Internet and
when it’s clicked on it’ll take your customer or lead to the company that
you’re promoting if that person then makes a purchase as a result of having
clicked on your link you’ll receive a commission or a percentage of the sale
paid directly into your account how to promote your affiliate link
people think that the more places you post your affiliate link the better it
is and they virtually plaster their links all over the internet in blog
comments on forums comments on other people’s YouTube channels comments on
Facebook pages and posts etc this is actually a very sure way to get
banned from the places that you’re posting to and it’s not a very effective
way to do affiliate marketing firstly you won’t get many clicks to your link
and secondly it doesn’t give any critic credibility to your links to spam the
internet blindly with the offers the best way to promote your affiliate
products is by creating content that will be of use to people searching for
things relative to your markets then in a very subtle and non intrusive way you
insert your link however you can as a recommendation and not as a sales pitch
the content you create doesn’t have to be expertly written and if you know
anything at all about your niche you could probably write it yourself
if not there are plenty of places that you can get new content created or by
PLR content that you can repurpose and post
another very good practice is to never post your direct affiliate link but
instead post a link to a sort of a bridge page or a landing page where you
offer something for free related to your niche are you a free report or a free
book or a free course or something similar in return for the email address
of the person this way you’re collecting email addresses and you can continue to
market to the interested parties time after time instead of just sending them
blindly to your affiliate link and never hearing from them again a well-tended
email list where you offer useful information on a regular basis
interspersed with the occasional link to one of your affiliate offers is a much
more effective way of marketing and will result in more sales in the long run
without a doubt the process of getting traffic sending prospects to a landing
page collecting the emails and then slowly selling to them over time is
what’s known as a sales funnel or a marketing funnel
so how much will this cost well most affiliate programs are completely free
to sign up all you have to do is to choose a niche and the product and
they’ll give you your special affiliate link which you can then post wherever
you see fit commissions will normally be paid on a
regular basis by cheque or directly to your bank account or in some cases
PayPal account if you’re starting from scratch and
decide that the marketing funnel is the best for you then you can expect to pay
around the $10 a month mark for the web hosting $15 a year for your domain name
and maybe starting out at $15 a month for your autoresponder to slowly drip
out the emails alternatively you can invest in the click funnels program
where you pay $97 a month and you can build multiple landing pages
you can easily hook this all up to your autoresponder which you’ll also have to
pay for on top but there’ll be no website to set up no domain name no
email etc this is by far the easiest solution in this fast becoming the most
common method of doing affiliate marketing for a free click funnels trial
you can click on the click funnels link in the description
how long will it take you to start earning money
well in theory if you have a source of traffic already set website or a blog or
a successful YouTube channel then simply promoting your affiliate link to your
audience will be enough and you could in theory see sales being made within
minutes if you’re starting from scratch then
you’ll need to generate traffic first which if you do it organically for free
might take anything from a few days to a few months you could also invest a small
amount in paid ads to drive traffic through your funnel so once again in
theory you could for a small payment of say under $50 be seeing a return on your
investment this has been a very basic introduction
to affiliate marketing for beginners now if you think you might be interested in
trying this then I’ve created an online course which goes through all the steps
necessary for setting up your first affiliate business from scratch it’s a
collection of seven in-depth video lessons which teach you everything you
need to know from buying a domain name to setting up your sales funnels
choosing your affiliate program getting traffic and there’s even a
troubleshooting video on what to do if you don’t get any sales
not only do you get the course but you also get access to the private members
support group on Facebook yeah you can post any questions or comments you have
on the course or affiliate marketing in general and you can also read about the
successes that others are having I’ve just released the course and I’m
currently in the testing phase so they’re for a very limited time I’m
waiving the membership fee and giving you free access to the course
indefinitely all I ask in return is that you post in the members group and give
me your genuine testimonials and share any success stories as you get them
sound fair click on the link in the description to
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