Affiliate Marketing | Getting Started And What It Is.

alright guys before this video starts
I’d like to give a quick disclaimer this will be basically my first video with
the camera right there in front of me so it feels kind of weird so if I just trip
over my words I do apologize and the next thing is affiliate marketing is not
a get-rich-quick scheme right so if that’s what you think it is just take
another head and throw it away because it’s not only if you a quick brief
explanation as to what affiliate marketing actually is right and then I’m
gonna do the enemy of your way to get into it but we’ll get to that later
so the first thing that you’ll want to know is what actually is it so saying
this hand you have a company and then they want to give you a product and then
you have to promote that product all right so that’s basically what it is so
a company asks you to empower to promote their product right or you go to a
company and ask if you can promote their product right and once you promote the
product you know and you actually get people in buying from that company that
you have like sourced you’ve gone out and got for them then once they start
buying from this company you will get money from it basically and obviously
the amount of money can vary depending on company and lots of lots of other
things but basically what I want to do is give you an opportunity to actually
get into affiliate marketing if that’s what you want to do and if that’s what
you want to learn or pursue right so there’s going to be a link in the
description below of a site called or a company business called legendary
marketer okay and now this is how I got into it
it’s how many many many other people go into it
and it’s an awesome awesome business company ever like just wicked okay so
you’ll go into the link you’ll be taken to a site which you have to put in your
email and like you’re your first name and I wouldn’t worry because that’s
nothing right you just plain you email first name you click okay and it will
take you to a video where this guy called Dave Sharpe or David Sharpe will
speak in the video and you know he’s just gonna give you what is affiliate
marketing you know why should get into it and all this and obviously you can
make your own decision on if you want to actually get into it or not but I highly
highly recommend at least learning from it okay cuz the knowledge that you gain
from doing this course the office is insane and it’s really really really not
expensive at all I think it’s like seven quid okay and it’s honestly brilliant
but yeah so that’s all I want to give you link down in the description
legendary marketer put your name email in watch the video if you don’t like it
close it you don’t have to have anything to do with it ever again but if you want
to keep going the legendary marketer is the way to go
okay it’s so good and the staff are amazing they’ll help you ever set for
the way if you have a problem anyway I hope you enjoyed the video hope this
helped you out and peace out see you next time

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