Affiliate Marketing Getting Traffic How to Promote Clickbank Products for Free Online Beginners 2019

alright hey there my friend welcome back
to video numero dos in our training series on total domination engineering
my name is vixx tri co-founder of high traffic Academy as you probably already
know at least I hope so right if you watched video number one in the training
series very excited to be back with you very happy to be back with you here
again and you know hope you’re excited hope you got something to write with
this video is gonna be all about traffic in fact this video is gonna be about
advanced mega traffic we’re gonna talk about how to engineer a never-ending
stream of traffic that converts ok at the end of the day that’s really what we
want is we want a lot of traffic that’s going to convert for whatever it is that
we’re promoting so that at the end of the day you can make those sales right
you can build your business you can make money and what I’m gonna do in this
video is I’m actually gonna walk you through again we’re just gonna be
there’s gonna be very very light back right it’s just like you’re standing
next to me here in my studio and we’re just gonna be talking right now I want
to teach you some things my friend that will be very very ninja very stealthy
I’m gonna say very advanced but I’m gonna break it down for you down to the
ridiculous at least that’s what I’m that’s that’s my intention right so that
you can get it because here’s why when you get this stuff you’ll be able to run
your business at the level that 99.9% of marketers are not running ok you can
literally go out and crush it ok I’m going to walk you through some
strategies that I’m personally implementing in my business that I have
been implementing stuff that has been tested and proven to work for me very
very well I will never teach you theory right that was my promise in video
number one so we’re gonna have a lot of fun hopefully have something to write
with we have a lot of information I want to go over with you I don’t want this to
be like a little teaser thing for whatever right like a lot of the gurus
out there you’ve seen them do that I literally want this to be an education
that you can literally go through it you can apply it in your business you can go
out there get results send in your testimonial all right that’s really what
I got that’s the level that’s how we’re gonna cover it so we’re gonna keep it
works workshop style we’re gonna use the whiteboard computer I’m gonna show you
behind the scenes here you know put you behind my shoulders you know you’re
gonna like look what I’m doing a month on the
computer they show me in traffic here is let me show you this here is the power
of this stuff we’re gonna be talking about today
okay so I’ve just logged into one of my autoresponders here this is a get
response and if I click on this little lock sign over here it says Safari is
using an encrypted connection to get response comm basically what that means
is we’re live right now connected to the internet this is not a screen shot you
know like a lot of people try to show your screen this is actually a real
connection live right look at this number here four hundred ninety nine
thousand two hundred ninety one this is how many leads how many subscribers I
was able to generate on complete auto-pilot watch the Hugh mail because
this might go over a lot of people’s heads a lot of people’s ears because
this is not typical okay if you want to get results that are not typical you’ve
got to do things that are not typical and that’s one of the strategies that I
was implementing in my business personally okay it’s not something I
heard about or read about I was implementing and playing with it myself
and I was able to get nearly 500 half-a-million leads leads leads
subscribers right to my autoresponder account without spending a single red
cent on marketing okay I’m going to walk you through this framework I’m gonna
walk you through the strategy and to be quite frank with you there is about
three people to my knowledge in our industry who understand this and who
actually are using something like this and they’re teaching this at like the
twenty five thousand and above level you know private masterminds right so I am
literally going to give you an education possibly of a lifetime over here because
I don’t know how many people can actually invest $25,000 or more
something I’ve seen people charge fifty thousand dollars to share you know stuff
like this I want you to go out there and be equipped right to become an
extraordinary marketer because my friends you can’t do this guy if you if
you haven’t watched video number one you want to make sure you watch video number
one because this is a continuation this is part two okay of four so there’s four
parts in this training series and if you haven’t watched video number one make
sure to click the link at Bob listen don’t do it for me do it for you okay
it’s for you I don’t you know I don’t want to just talk and you know and it
just wastes my time over here I want you to get results if that’s what you want
you know you’re here because I think you want to get better results and my job
and my intent my desires to teach you right what I
know what worked really well for me what works for our students right and that’s
how we’re gonna structure this all right so you know before we get started I just
want to say this you know from video one I was looking at some of the responses
you know I asked you to you know let me know how you know how if everything
might sense what you thought about video number one I’ve gotta just I just wanna
say thank you for your feedback guys listen we’ve been getting just so
many phenomenal just so much so many phenomenal phenomenal absolutely awesome
comments here so much blessings my way listen that right there was worth it for
me to you know give you this kind of information right I don’t hold stuff bad
because I know where my success comes from and there is there is an abundance
right I’m not worried about giving you you know the information that I’m using
because hey it’s not gonna take away from what I’m doing anyways right there
is abundance I don’t believe in scarcity I believe in a bunch and then so many
blessings meant through these comments I just appreciate you know if you
commented I appreciate you if you haven’t yet you know let me know what
you think about this stuff because you know I like that two-way communication
right I like that two-way street so I know what you’re thinking about this if
this makes sense you know I’ll get in talking about some complex you know
strategies but you know my intention is to break it down for you so we’ll get
right into it okay so let me go ahead and fire up my
little good old presentation you know what I forgot about this too you know I
was um I was going through some of these comments and I see this guy Jeremy
Jeremy rush I think his name is and and he posted a comment and I read his
comment and when I read his comment immediately I had this flashback to 2012
this was when we first opened you know the doors to high traffic academy at
that time as well 1.0 and you know that’s when I started to teach this
traffic generation stuff publicly was back in 2012 and when I saw his this
person commenting on the last video I immediately you know remembered that he
was a student of hydrograph Academy 1.0 and I went back and I dug you know the
comment that he’d sent to us or his testimonial that he sent he was in our
private Facebook group for high traffic Academy 1.0 again going back to 2012
take a look at this here’s what he said this was back in 2012 right he said hey
I I now have a list of more than 30,000 most of these are from London area and
these lists are broken down but with us so basically just wants to say Vic thank
you so much right I could kiss you but I think is best to kiss my woman instead
you know what Jeremy you’re a hundred percent right man but here is his
comment that I just saw a couple days ago right now today this you know again
that was 2012 and now here’s what he says now check it out he says Vic thank
you for all your mentoring over the years it’s taken my business to a new
level and I am now in my and I’m now in the my own product space with over
16,000 members and growing all thanks to you right and so when I see this kind of
stuff you know this kind of stuff fires me up that’s why I get up from bed in
the morning and do what I do and I absolutely love it is because this is
the kind of stuff that inspires me you see what I’m saying so my friend my
challenge to you is apply this stuff go put it to work okay
go at it right go create your own breakthrough because you can right you
can’t I want to you know since we’re talking about testimonials you I mean I
put it like this high traffic Academy 1.0 when we first started teaching this
stuff right we were teaching stuff that was relevant at that time what happened
well before I tell you what happened all right take a look at some of these now
back to Jeremy’s coming here you know he says he is now in his own product space
right if you watched video 1 right video 1 if you haven’t going to watch it in
video 1 a because we covered the 7 steps we covered a lot of really really
important psychological you know strategic stuff when it comes to
building a business creating powerful campaigns you’ve got to watch it if you
haven’t watched it ok watch but in that video I told you that the easiest way to
get started making money is to sell somebody else’s product first ok that’s
what I do a lot then ultimately what you want you know if you want that is you
want to move into being your own product vendor that’s where you are teaching
whatever you passionate about if you think that’s what you really want
because you can have other people promoting your stuff you now become a
product now you have your own category and now
you are able to make your own difference whatever that is alright so Jeremy he
did exactly what we were teaching him right he started out promoting somebody
else’s product made a bunch of money there and now he’s got his own product
with 16,000 members Jeremy if you’re watching this brother I just want to say
congratulations to you great job man that’s all I’m gonna say
great job we want to see more stories like that right and we have tons and
tons and tons of them obviously in fact I want to feature some of these here
take a look at this Lima Keanu this was going back from 2012 from high traffic
academy 1.0 I’ll make I’m showing you this for a reason okay I’m gonna make a
point here in just a moment you want to hang on because some of this stuff I’m
gonna tell you is gonna be subtle okay some of this stuff might go over your
ears you may want to watch this video maybe two times maybe three times if you
have to to get some of these strategies because my friend what we did in 2012 is
we taught principals and traffic generation techniques that were relevant
at that time but it was nowhere near at the level like we’re teaching them right
now okay and what I’m going to be teaching you in this video is stuff
coming directly from high traffic academy 2.0 right now with the latest
current most up-to-date strategies that we are playing our business okay
any just gonna blow everything out of the water now here’s what Lee McKenna
said in 2012 this is what old you know previous versions right over a thousand
leads today you know from using HD a traffic tactics and then he’s saying I’m
making around $10,000 a week Thank You Vic okay congratulations Lee that’s
awesome to hear another one here quash Ani look at this this person says he
went from four sensing his bank account to over $20,000 in one month
saved his life HDA rocks okay again this is our previous testimonials from high
traffic academy 1.0 but going back to you know a few years ago kevin williams
over here made thirty five thousand dollars last month from one traffic
source from high traffic academy okay my friend here’s what I’m gonna tell you
you can do this I want you in face a matter of fact I want you to say this
with me do you believe you can do this these people did it if I did it you know
I showed you my story right I showed you what I started from in the last video I
did it they did it you can do it say it with me say I can do this
say it like you mean it say like immune come on say I can do this I can do this
it’s my time what’s in it your time to succeed okay the difference
between people who are doing it who are not doing it is knowledge guide
perspective and action okay I’m gonna show you a lot of ideas today
what specifically when it comes to traffic but I do want to talk to you
about this thing called discouragement just a little bit okay you know
sometimes when we talk when we start a business sometimes when we run a
campaign it doesn’t go the way we want it to be we might get discouraged okay I
want you to be aware of that okay it’s a dream stealer that discouragement thing
can be people it can be events it could be situations right it could be yourself
that you can get discouraged I’m gonna talk to you a little bit about that in
just a moment here but before I go on listen there was one person who sent us
a video his name is Lena and he’s from Italy and this person you know what I’m
I’m so passionate about this is because it doesn’t matter where you’re coming
from it doesn’t matter what you know what
your experience is it doesn’t matter if you speak English who you don’t speak
English it doesn’t matter where you live how many times you failed in the past my
friend you can do this I’m a thousand percent confident you can do this if
that’s what you want all right look the personal belt I want to roll a very
short clip video that he sent to us I want you to watch it because this person
he was ridiculed by his family right he did not speak a word of English but
against all odds he was able to succeed and she completely changed his life I
wanted to take a look at this I’ll be right back hi from Lena Korres she I family this is Lena kuchi from Italy and
this is my true testimonial for Ike traffic Academy program well when I met
vixx’s out three years ago in another program he launched at I I don’t spoke
English I didn’t know anything I didn’t knew anything in English nothing
but I was attracted from this guy from his videos and from this program when he
told guys I have another idea about program traffic program I follow
it him I believed him 100% and I become a VIP founder member in high traffic
Academy this is the true story and I I studied everything in this program I
studied everything a following what week said about the 30 30 30 law I studied
everything about a safe list blogs and articles everything traffic exchange
free traffic everything to study and to follow the launch of Agra traffic
Academy well I had the focus about four six months before the egg traffic
Academy one launched and I never can forgot my my day in the industry about
the 7 August 20 and 12 when was the egg traffic Academy launched my wife and my
family they told you are crazy what you are doing what is this internet
marketing earning online you are crazy you need a cycle yes you need a doctor
but I don’t follow it them I continued to have focus to study and I learned
English every day in my car while I was driving
I heard lessons lessons from Bob Proctor les Browns lessons from everything was
in English and and growing growing growing every day my
my English and my studied about AG traffic Academy so I’m here to make this
video testimonial for high traffic Academy – and I never forget my first
day when I met in Clickbank with the 7 August 2012 I I come into my terrorism
and was the 7m and I opened my PC and my Clickbank account that I found a big big
line with 1032 dollars and I was crazy jumping in my Terrace and cried like a
baby and my wife go on Terra say I told me what happened and I show it what I’m
doing and I was a winner I was a winner because in the next month iron and also
about $6,000 so I continued to study and I promoted
the many programs and Harnett anon a warrior for whom our net with the jutsu
and the many many top marketers sent me they offer for the john vento program’s
launch and today i have many hundred contacts with with the top marketers and
I’m learning every day this is the way and learning every day and growing every
day my English my mindset because we said 85% depend from your mindset and
everything you need is to study this every day and I did and I and I’m making
every day DS and today I’m here to make in English in English you can listen me
I’m making in English my video testimonial for mixed results and for
high traffic Academy – for this is a wonderful so beaker from my heart and
for from my family thanks for changing my life in this way
thank you very much charlie no coochie and from Italy Joe that’s amazing isn’t
it you know that stuff again fires me up now listen my friend here’s what I want
to tell you about this courage man you will all get discouraged at times right
we all get discouraged I get discouraged right not as much as I used to but
sometimes we do get discouraged and you know what keeps me straight what keeps
me going I’m gonna share it with you hopefully it’s gonna make a difference
for you you know I guess I can be your family it can be event it can be
somebody listen it can be you know if you’re just getting started you’re not
seeing the results that you want to see yet right here you might get discouraged
I’m gonna challenge you just hang in there my friend you know what as soon as
you start seeing some success you’re gonna have people who will try to pull
you down you’re gonna have some people who will be jealousy or success and
they’ll be trying to throw you know they’ll throw rocks at you
right metaphorically speaking and that might get discouraged bringing
discouragement right I want you to know that right so that you prepared and when
it comes to discouraged here’s gonna take a look at this here’s
a quote I would like to leave with you okay it really helped me get my mind
straight when it comes to this discouragement stuff right he says this
you did not determine a man’s greatness by his talent his wealth education or
possessions you determine a man’s greatness by what it takes to discourage
him ouch what does it take to discourage you
do you know average person you know when they hit a roadblock one or two times
they get discouraged and they jump to something else right if you have a dream
I challenge you to hang on to it my friend you can do this okay you can do
this now what is the reason why so many people are not successful okay what are
we talking about our industry as marketers right if you’re promoting a
product service somebody else if you’re building a company for building a team
whatever the thing is right we’re just called internet marketing community
Direct Marketing space why are they so why are there so many
people who are not successful right well I think it’s because a lot of people are
miss defined a lot of the Guru’s a lot of the teachers deliberately or not
deliberately right intentionally or not intentionally you know they’re trying to
make things so complicated that for an average person it’s hard to understand
and follow okay I’ve been there myself I know what it’s like so what we’re gonna
do is we’re gonna demystify this great mystery okay that’s called money-making
mister you’re gonna demystified you’re ready here’s what you need to understand
okay I’m just gonna break it down to you the simplest form possible okay if you
want to make money okay here’s what you need to focus on here’s what you need to
know okay you need to master two things you need to master traffic okay plus
strategy equals conversion convergence now everybody wants to get
conversions if you’re promoting something if you’re building a team if
you’re having you know if you’re driving traffic right what most markers the
reason so many marketers are failing is because they get traffic and they are
focusing on getting conversion so over here they have their product they’re
selling and they’re sending traffic directly to their product yeah we
touched upon this a little bit in video number one right I watch you through
that what almost everybody lacking in our industry on I’ve been in this place
for ten years right so I’ve seen a thing or two right what we need to focus on is
we need to focus on traffic that’s a given
okay we’re going to talk to this video is all about traffic ok that’s entirely
about traffic but instead of getting traffic and focusing on conversions we
need to master this thing called strategy ok and strategy consists of
multiple things ok it consists of the seven steps we talked about in the first
video which is another reason for you to watch the first video if you haven’t I’m
telling you if you have otherwise that video make sure you watch it ok it
consists of something I call invisible invisible influence okay it also
consists of something I call advanced well actually I’m just gonna I’m just
gonna simplify it for you how about that you get one set I don’t want to I don’t
want to confuse you you know I don’t want to use the the words there will be
bottom line is we’ll get the seven steps and the seven steps is gonna include a
lot of things right it’s gonna be picking your product for conversions is
gonna be about traffic generation strategic positioning and everything
invisible level invincible influence gives me invisible influence we’re gonna
talk a great deal about in the next video
I’ve seen some comments a lot of people are asking Vic can you talk about the
hook can you talk about you know when I get my you know how to get more
conversions how do i position my lead mag and all that stuff I’m gonna be
covering all that in the next video so I want to make sure you stay tuned for
that right watch my email but thing number three in the strategy is
something I call offer positioning okay after positioning I’m gonna give you a
little bit of a advanced kind of hint to what we’re gonna talk about the next
video here after positioning when I’m what conversion is a byproduct okay this
will happen by default if you do certain things in a certain way in this part of
the formula of the equation okay when you have this down this happens
automatically you’re not gonna have to force people to buy your stuff I never
here’s a tip for you right we’re gonna talk about that next video too but I
never ever ever forced people to buy any of the stuff that I’m selling I simply
get traffic okay I’m gonna walk you through how I do that today very very
awesome stuff I I focus a lot on this and then I simply for convergence here’s
what I do I simply allow prospects to become
customers okay the key word here is a lot we’re gonna talk about that next
video and you’re gonna have a biggest breakthrough at least that’s my
intention is for you to have the biggest breakthrough of your career and you’re
gonna be like wow I got it now and I can implement this and I can get great
results okay that stuff is coming so let’s talk
about traffic okay let’s go ahead and dive into you into this traffic now for
me personally again I’m just going to teach you the stuff that I implement and
what I focus on when it comes to traffic you know I’ve been a traffic student for
the last probably at least eight years now and one thing
that I really one area that I really wanted to master is traffic generation
you know when I when you master traffic if you have a business you need traffic
right bottom line so I literally I did not want to be casual about it I wanted
to be the best expert in traffic in the industry okay and I studied and I you
know traffic is my thing right that’s my that’s what I’m really really good at
and so when it comes to traffic I there is three pillars that I focus on and I
want to make sure that any traffic strategy that I’m investigating you’re
possibly thinking about implementing I want to make sure that it’s gonna be
fast okay I want to ensure the traffic is gonna be scalable and I want to
assure that traffic is gonna be consistent so make sense so if I’m
looking at the traffic source or a traffic you know Avenue or traffic
generation method if it doesn’t meet these three three criterias all it the
same you know these three must be together right in other words if the
traffic is fast and not scalable I’m not going to bother with it okay I want to
make sure that is scalable consistent fast scalable and consistent okay if you
know a lot of gurus in their industry you know they’re going after for example
like a JV traffic right and so a lot of the you know a lot of these guys will
gather up right and they will just promote an offer and order let’s say
they have a launch or something like that right and they just email one each
other one other’s lists right and that’s that’s you know it’s called joint
venture which is fine right works but it’s limited
you see I’m saying it’s not scalable there’s so many JV partners in the world
you can get to is that make sense so when you’re talking about like SEO for
example a lot of people are just solely into SEO what’s fine right it’s good
work but it’s not fast it can take you it can take you a while right for that
stuff to get momentum going and if it’s not consistent because you’re in the
mercy of Google right or whatever search engine that your SEO in with if they
change their algorithm tomorrow there goes your site and you have to work at
it again so I wanna make sure it’s scalable fast scalable and consistence I
mean sense I mean you also give you my six rules of traffic okay this is you
know just a friendly advice to you that’s something that I follow and it
really helped me become good at this business game right so my six rules of
traffic are these never follow the herd right so if you especially if you’re
building a team or if you are in a network marketing company right there’s
a lot of people promoting what you’re promoting what a lot of people tend to
do is they tend to look at what everybody else is doing in that you know
in that community and they just follow the herd blindly okay what you may not
realize is what there is something called I call blind leading the blind
syndrome okay if somebody’s gonna teach you how to get 20,000 a month in income
and they’re not earning $500 a month it’s not gonna work all right blind
leading the blind when it comes to traffic a lot of people will try to sell
you traffic they have no clue how the traffic works right so never follow the
herd you want to rise above the the noise okay never depend on anybody for
traffic not your sponsor if you’re in network marketing not any one particular
vendor not in your one particular broker you never want to depend on anybody for
traffic they just keep that in mind never depend on any one particular
traffic source and you know what early in my career I actually learned this the
hard way I was playing with Google AdWords a lot right and back in like
2006 2007 it was so easy to get traffic from Google I mean you can run a Google
AdWords campaign you know like right now and you can be ranking on first page of
Google for that Edward you know add like 15 minutes from now right it was very
very easy very fast I was getting a bunch of traffic from them right and so
that was my that was my only traffic source at that time and one morning I
wake up and I look at my you know analytics my statistics and I see my bid
is like $10 and I used to pay like you know 13 cents
something’s going on over here 10 bucks 13 cents to 10 bucks per click
something’s got to be wrong here right well what happens is Google slapped me
right just like they did to hundreds of thousands of other marketers just just
like that just overnight and because I was dependent on that one particular
traffic source right I learned a lesson because my business was gone just like
that you never want to depend on any one particular traffic source at any one
time okay right now a lot of people are going to Facebook great it works but if
that’s your only traffic source listen there will come a time to what Facebook
is going to change their algorithm or something’s going to
happen right and if you if that’s the only traffic source you know you’re
gonna be out of the game you don’t want to be in that position okay that’s more
one dig your own well it’s rule number four I want to have my own well of fresh
water to drink out of my friend when it comes to traffic you don’t want to again
it gold goes ties together with not depending on anybody okay you want to
have your own well of traffic and that’s what I’m gonna teach you how to do today
okay now master traffic my friend I told you about this right if there is
anything you’re gonna master as a marketer master traffic okay because
traffic is as important as you know the oxygen for the body is traffic to your
business okay simple as that people who are not masters of traffic they’re just
doublers right they’re not successful you cannot be casual about this kind of
stuff you have to master it deliberately make a decision you know what I’m gonna
be the master at this stuff because I want to if you want to control your
paycheck if you want to control how much money you’re making you have got to
master traffic okay of course strategies but that’s second
video we’re gonna talk about that okay so the last rule number six is be
strategic and rise above the noise okay so there’s a lot of you know when I say
no is there is a lot of you know people most marketers are doing about the same
thing when it comes to traffic okay what I want to do and I’m gonna walk you
through this in just a minute here what I want to do is I want to be very
strategic in my marketing okay very strategic and I want to raise myself as
a marketer above the noise it’s gonna do a few really really cool things for you
if you do that and we’re gonna talk about that okay so what I want to do
right now is I want to talk to you about VIX traffic comm boy I think I’ve seen
him somewhere he looks so familiar have you seen that guy anywhere all right so
I want to show you I want to show you my traffic combo my friend and if you have
never heard that word or that phrase is because Vick made it up all right I just
made it up literally but that’s something I was something I’m
implementing a man in my business and this combo gives me lots of really cool
things okay here I’m going to show you as soon as my board dries over here you
know what we’re not gonna edit this because this
is a workshop right if you were standing here next to me I couldn’t say you know
pause that let’s add it there’s a it’s a real thing that’s how they crawls I hope
you don’t mind alright my board is dry so vixx combo
there’s three things I’m focusing on when it comes to traffic this is gonna
be a big eye-opener for a lot of you even if you’re a veteran here in this
industry all right I I’m pretty sure you’re gonna have some light bulbs going
off right in your mind and this strategy you can probably add I don’t want to put
any income claim here but listen this made me millions and millions of dollars
I’m literally sharing with you exactly what I do okay so number one here’s my
combo I want to get instant traffic okay we’ll talk about that in more in a
moment number two this is where most people stop okay
is there trying to get instant traffic and even with that they’re going and
they’re trying to fight one another right and trying to win this competition
game I don’t play the game alright number two what I want is I want you
layer on top of instant this is where I start I’ll lay or something I call
invisible leverage okay another way to put it would be talking and writing on
the board it doesn’t go well especially being on camera and you watching me
alright hey so here another one other way I’m gonna call this is supercharged organic okay the reason I’m using these words is
because it means exactly that okay a lot of people go into like SEO and they want
to have you know the idea here is you want to have immediate boost of traffic
immediate flow of traffic and then you want to have a very you know sustainable
you know you want to have a consistent flow of traffic that would be a
long-term kind of traffic that makes sense right and a lot of people rely on
SEO well I was able to figure out a really cool strategy and I was testing
in my business right and that’s exactly how I got nearly five hundred
half-a-million leads without spending a single dime on marketing right and
that’s supercharged organic I’m gonna walk you through that when you combine
these two together you have an explosion in your business like you have never
seen before but I do something else right I’m not gonna stop there I do
something I call now that I got this working and I’m gonna walk you through
this today I do something I call traffic Maximizer all right we’re gonna worry
about spelling here because that’s not about spelling it’s not a spelling class
it’s it’s a business traffic getting class right so these are this is my my
trio okay that’s my combo that’s my traffic combo if I want you if I want to
step into an industry if I want to step into a company if I wanna step into you
and do a promotion or set up a campaign and I literally want to go out and just
crush it right I don’t want to be average I want to do something that’s
pretty phenomenal which I was able to do over and over and over and over again
you know if you’ve been following for any period of time right I implement
this that’s exactly what I implement and it allows me to have huge massive
exposure very very quickly and that’s how you go from like zero literally to
scale in your campaign up to four hundred five hundred thousand dollars a
month or a year however much you know you want to make you can literally
control your destiny with this okay and so let me talk to you about instant
traffic first here okay so here are different ways to get instant traffic
okay some of them you probably heard about you know we’re just gonna fly
through them and I want to walk you through and actually talk to you about a
few that I would recommend you start with okay so instant traffic
some some ideas for you know there’s email media it worked you know seven
eight years ago and it works today is just as well as it worked seven years
ago okay email media is awesome if you’re doing that great if you’re not
you should be looking into that okay van or display media there is pay-per-click
there is pay-per-view there solo ads there is a you know private traffic
resellers there is traffic agencies there is affiliate networks cpa traffic
let me talk to you something about CPA traffic once you once you get this
instant traffic down right I’m gonna walk you through how to actually get
this going and that’s what you like click how do I actually start man I want
to walk you through okay I got you coke but once you’ve once you’ve started that
campaign right and it proven to be effective okay it’s bringing you
positive return on your investment what you can do is you go into a CPA network
and you leverage CPA network my friend it can work unbelievably you can
literally get you know what you want a hundred thousand visitors you know a day
easy you want four hundred thousand visitors a day easy okay and I’ll walk
you through you will be able to apply you know apply it in your business
gotta get of course we teach all this stuff inside of high traffic Academy I
don’t have the time luxury here to go into it you know everything a single one
here but I’ll give you an idea here so social media there’s mobile traffic
that’s putting hard there’s content syndication there’s retargeting there’s
video content there is video PPC video PPC now by the way it’s very hot right
video PPC is it’s a virgin territory not very mark many marketers are tapping
into that but video PPC is something you might want to look into alright we’re
getting we’re getting traffic for as low as eight cents per click through video
PPC right now and we’re getting leads ok literally opt-ins for as low as thirty
cents you know poor opt-in it’s incredible okay and we actually have a
whole division inside of high traffic Academy lead focusing specific round
video PPC because it’s so hot right now okay really really amazing thing you
might want to look into it if you are you know if you haven’t yet because this
is but right now video PPC is just like Google AdWords back in 2007
okay just phenomenal offline media right still works today there was JV traffic
there’s podcasting there’s traffic exchanges
there a social PPC and there is much more right so these are different ideas
and different ways for you to get instant traffic at least some of them
right but what I want to do is I want to keep it simple I want to I want to I
want to make this training relevant for you okay I realize we have some people
who are just getting started right maybe you haven’t made any money yet we also
have some veterans watching this so I’m gonna cover both of those groups okay I
get you covered legs got you covered right so if I were you I’d say if I if I
knowing what I now know why would I start if I was promoting let’s say a
company or an opportunity a product right where would I start you know what
here’s what I what I would start I would dedicate a hundred dollars couple
hundred dollars however much you can fifty bucks
right to get some of this instant traffic going and then immediately what
I would do is I would implement invisible leverage and you can explode
your business very easily here is how you can do this okay so what I can do is
I actually gonna take you online here in just a minute okay
you know you first of all you’ve seen probably you know there’s traffic
resellers you know people selling solo ads right people selling clicks okay you
can start there if you want okay if there is also a community i’ma I’m a big
fan of just getting started do something to where you can tap into other people’s
lists okay it’s very easy you just send them your link you say hey I want you
know I want I want my ad to go out to your to your list okay and when though
when they’re people clicking on your link they’re taken to your landing page
you’re collecting those leads right and you’re building your list pretty cool
there’s a whole community of marketers okay who swap ads between one another
it’s called safe swaps okay you can literally go to X a – swaps com okay
this site right here and I’m going to log in here in a minute and actually
show you what it looks like on the inside now I’m gonna give you a I’ll
give you a couple words of of advice and a warning okay yeah I belong to this
community but I don’t play with this community
okay let me explain to you what I mean what these guys are doing they have over
a hundred and ten thousand marketers and what they do is they’re sending they’re
swapping ads with one another right exchanging the traffic really really
super fast way for you to build your list to get this instant traffic going
very very quickly you can literally submit your ad you can swap with
somebody right and you can literally have traffic hitting your site in the
next ten minutes okay you can do that okay it’s there it’s available and so
when you go here you will see right I just logged in click on find partner and
all these different markers there’s tons of them over here this person has 13,000
you know people on their list there is a rankings over here their reviews as you
can see right thirty-five hundred twenty-six thousand forty thousand so
forth right there is people with over you know hundreds of thousands of of
people on their list now here is my strategy when I go here I don’t want to
send you know somebody’s add to my list I want to keep my list very protected
okay if you want to have high open rates you want to protect your list if you’re
on my list I will never send you anything that I personally don’t think
that it’s relevant and that would help you okay I don’t I never will promote
anything if you’re on my list you know this right I will never promote anything
for to you just to make a buck I never do that right that’s why my list my list
is my biggest asset in my business we’re gonna talk a lot about that in the next
video when we’re talking about strategies right but when I go to this
community here what I would like to do is if I want to tap into somebody’s list
I’m gonna contact them you can call it early click on them right here and you
know on any one of these guys and you can say you know what can I buy a solo
ad from you a solo ad is a standalone advertisement an email with your link in
it okay that goes to their list so somebody else already built a list of
68,000 people or 300 thousand people right there are a hundred thousand
people you know you can see there’s tons of them guys here and I want to send my
my advertisement with my link okay that would be relevant for his audience
whatever they offer he is right and he sends it out to his list I’m gonna pay
money to do that usually it’s not that pensive and so he takes my blink with my
head right with my email sends it to his list and let’s say it goes out to a
hundred thousand people or 50,000 people I can immediately get you know a
thousand opt-ins right 2,000 opt-ins to my list so I’m getting some of this
instant traffic very very quickly okay so my goal is not to play with this in
this realm for too long cuz I want to get this as little like a jumpstart for
me right that’s I do a little bit of a push in the beginning and I want to go
in here as quickly as possible because that’s where really you know where the
big boys are playing like really really big boys are playing right so that’s why
way one way of you getting started right another site you can go to lists and
there is warrior forum right you can go to warrior forum very very simply there
is a section called joint ventures over here right and just poke around I’m sure
you’re gonna find people who are selling solar lights in other words my friend
getting instant traffic is easy heck you can go to Facebook and just run Facebook
PPC the other day I just you know I started you know I wanted to get some
you know I just wanted literally just four out of the blue I just said you
know what I’m just gonna run a Facebook PPC created my landing page very quickly
with the system we’re using inside of high traffic Academy which by the way
I’m going to talk to you about in next video I know some of you guys asked
about how do you create landing page what you know what tools and what
resources I use cover all that in the next video super super easy okay anyway
so I created this this quick landing page put it up on Facebook you know a
few hours later I was getting traffic for like 48 cents a click okay super hot
targeted traffic people are opening my emails you know opt-in rates through the
roof I’m gonna walk you through that strategy you know tomorrow but bottom
line is you can get this instant traffic my friend you can get it super quick
okay and there is lots of different ways again we teach all this stuff inside of
high traffic Academy but I want to get your thinking going I went to get your
mind going right on what you can do literally right now does that make sense
you’re with me okay I don’t want this this training to be
about exactly the how to because we’re gonna go on for like eight hours over
here right I want to respect your time I want to give you the strategies strategy
is the most important thing one idea I can make you a millionaire one I’m gonna
give you lots okay but one idea implemented can make you a millionaire
alright so let’s talk about something else okay so
this is the like the fastest way the super easy way anybody even a complete
newbie can just get into that and start getting traffic right away right now
right now let me show you a little bit of a more advanced way of getting
traffic let me ask you this let’s say if you’re promoting something that’s of a
mass appeal okay how to make money how to lose weight how to look younger
something that a lot of people would want right maybe promoting an
opportunity right so if it’s a mass appeal product right how would you like
to go let’s say you go you know somebody goes to Huffington Post right here right
this site gets millions and millions of visitors every single day how would you
like your ad to be displayed over here you think it can get some traction of
course here’s the problem it’s gonna cost you a small fortune to get your ed
over here if you go directly to Huffington Post right how about look at
this let’s say somebody you know somebody goes to Huffington Post they go
to business section right and you happen to have a product related to business
right how would you like your ad to be showing over here all right in this
space right that’s not an advertisement over here right how can you do that well
again if you don’t know how to do this properly yeah you’re gonna spend a bunch
of money undone right let’s say somebody goes to Fox News right it looks like at
the time he’ll be filming this for you here right now there is you know there’s
a Don naked and afraid’ whatever this thing is right so how would you like
your ad to show on again if it’s something of a mass appeal and this
strategy I’m gonna implement once I’ve tested some of those smaller strategies
and I get the traction and I see my conversion rate and I see that I’m
getting positive return on my investment this is another step that I want to
layer on top of it it’s still in this instant traffic arena does it make sense
okay so what we do is we scale it right and how the way I’m gonna scale this is
again if I go directly to Fox over here it’s gonna cost me a small
fortune to do this right but there is another way I can do this I’m gonna go
to a little old good ol site called advertising calm okay and when I get to
advertising calm over here I’m gonna click on sponsored listings you can
actually get started for as little as $100 over here
anybody can do this I’m gonna click on this thing
now check this out some of you guys may know this because I’ve you know if you
guys in high traffic Academy probably know this but when I get this right when
I get here to sponsored listing over here this is a network and
they have contracts and you know specific you know deals with some of the
biggest sites on the internet in virtually every industry every niche ok
and I can go to and I can advertise through their platform now
check this out let’s see what’s available right now ok
Huffington Post 34 available placements I’m gonna click on this and take a look
at this if I want to advertise on the run of site okay the top bidder is gonna
cost me 3 dollars and 89 cents and this page right it I can get in front of 5 to
10 million views per day per day unlimited traffic okay you say 389 top
bidder that’s pretty crazy and it is now here’s a strategy now take a look at
this column minimum bid is 30 cents so I can pay anywhere from 30 cents up to 3
dollars and 89 cents okay here’s a big tip for you I never want to be a top
bidder okay I want to be about in a position between four and seven okay as
far as from the top now we fight if I’m in that position between four and seven
I’m going to be pain roughly about $1 per you know about a dollar okay
per click when I’m there and it’s way way way better okay than three dollars
and besides I don’t need to be the first bidder okay so that’s a big tip for you
now let’s say if I wanted to run on let’s say on business section over here
right it’s gonna cost five five bucks but minimum is seventy five cents right
I want to be somewhere in between and if you have a winning out for my
friend you can literally get in front of just in business section over here a
hundred to five hundred thousand views per day that make sense I mean this
thing is unlimited virtually there is a nother side I’m gonna show you before we
do that let’s have some fun here right we can go to like CNN Money okay 19
positions here okay you can see different price points so I can again
this is a this is a strategy right for you to explore I can also go to all
publishers right and you can see her they’re
categorized by by you know by their by the name right in alphabetical order so you know you can literally be in any niche any industry can you begin to
be promoting anything as long as it’s legal obviously as long as it’s
something you believe in right but we’re talking health wellness you know
education you can be promoting virtually any product that’s legal right and you
can go to this network here and you can scale your campaign through them pain
pennies on the dollar if you were to go to record to let’s say if you were to go
directly to AOL right we’re having tonight in one of these sites alright
and again there’s its alphabetical order weather calm right if you go
directly those sites gonna cost you tons of money you go through advertising that
calm pennies on the dollar alright really cool another site I’m
going to show you that you might want to explore is this right here is called Rev
content ok Rev content is a very similar platform like advertising calm these
guys are serving 17 plus billion impressions per month insane okay and so
they are you can get Yahoo just some of the biggest sites in the world
through a Rev content and it’s gonna cost you pennies on the dollar and with
Rev content you can actually get started for as low as $25 okay just a little
nugget here for you get my friend again my intention is for you to start playing
with these ideas okay I want to I don’t want to go into too much details that’s
something we teach in great detail in high traffic area but this is just you
know scratching the surface but it’s gonna be enough for you to get yourself
going so I’m sense literally what I’m sharing
with you right now it can be enough for you to go out there and make a million
bucks if that’s what you want okay I kid you not I’m not gonna guarantee that
obviously right I can’t guarantee you’re gonna wake up tomorrow where I’m gonna
wake up tomorrow but it’s possible so make sense okay does it make sense
let me know in the comments if it does make sense I want to make sure that you
understand this okay now once I get this traffic going the
next thing I want to do is I want to implement this layer I want to just I
want to layer this invisible leveraged supercharged organic on top of it okay
and explain to you what that means I’m getting this you raced over here okay now this is where we hit you know
turn things into into a different gear okay as a marker a very advanced
material I’m gonna keep it very simple okay the strategy and psychology is what
you need to understand here the blueprint right the framework is really
what you need to understand here don’t let this intimidate you it may
sound like complex thing and it is right if you’re gonna look at it from a an
implementation programming perspective but I promise you I don’t have a clue on
how to build a website okay and I was able to implement this you’ll be able to
implement it because you can actually get somebody else to do it for you as
long as you understand the principle in psychology and strategy behind it okay
so this is a very very very stealthy way for you to get traffic scale your
business like crazy and at the same time make a whole bunch of money and build
your image up as a marker you’re ready for it okay supercharged organic here it
consists of this framework okay so you are sending traffic to your landing page
yes that’s what you should be doing at least we talked about it in the last
video the traffic goes most people are going to send this traffic from landing
page directly to an offer you’re gonna be smarter than that right
we talked about it in the last video so you’re gonna be sending that to
something called a lead magnet or pre frame all right
pre frame lead magnet again you know how do you create this page how do you
create this page in a psychology on how to get people to opt-in how to get those
insane conversion rates on your landing pages and your sales we’re gonna cover
that in the next video okay right now since we’re talking about traffic I’m
gonna focus on that so once they go through a lead magnet and a lead magnet
takes them to the actual offer okay this is where you actually make money alright
now your landing page is centered around whatever this leads
is this preframe page there once again we’re gonna talk about that you just
need the strategy for now obviously when you make a sale here great now what we
need to understand and we’re gonna have this these arrows be represented for
traffic okay so this is your traffic this entire strategy is built on a
single most on the biggest buying emotion okay single biggest buying
emotion which is positive expectancy okay let me explain to you what positive
expectancy is very very different way of looking at things okay when it comes to
from a marketing perspective so think about it when somebody is going to when
when you advertise this is your ad okay let’s say this is your ad right here
when they click on your ad they get taken to your you to your landing page
right and then you’re promoting whatever they offer you’re promoting over here or
let’s say you’re promoting a business opportunity right how in our company how
to make money on the internet why would people want to be you know why would
people want to become part of what you’re doing
why would what people want to buy what you’re selling them right why would they
be interested in this well they’re interested in this because this is your
prospect and he is not very happy okay and he wants to be over here where he is
very happy okay and if we’re talking about making money he is not making
money over here and he wants to make money over here this product is gonna be
a means to an end right this is how he’s gonna go from here to here well where
most marketers mess things up is they’re trying to hammer this guy we’re saying
hey you’re gonna be happy you’re gonna be happy you’re gonna be happy you gonna
be happy and he goes you know what forget you man I’ve been discouraged so
many times it’s it’s not it’s not even funny
alright I haven’t no I don’t even know what’s working now I don’t even know you
know if you’re legit or not and besides I see that kind of a pro I see
everybody’s pitching me like that right that’s what’s going on that’s the noise
that we’re dealing with okay you’ve been a smart marketer what we do is we say
okay he wants his here he’s not happy he wants to be happy he was to make money
in order for him to go from beginning to making money what are the three or
four things you need to focus on okay that’s making forth what are the three
or four things he needs to focus on to start making money okay again if you
watch the video number one I walked you through some of these strategies right
and if you pick them up it should be applying them in your marketing so step
number one would be all right it would be finding a product all right that’s
step number one now why would we want to do this like
this right we want to create positive expectancy remember that positive
expectancy positive expectancy positive expectancy is what you’re after okay
stay with me here you’re gonna have a breakthrough
we could have an aha moment okay so that’s step number one is in order for
him to even make money he needs to promote something
all right so step number one is find a product step number two what does he
need well if he thinks he’s got a product he’s not gonna send a product
directly you know you know traffic directly to the product we talked about
it in last video he needs to have he needs to position strategically right so
strategy okay again last video can’t you know content we talked about it so once
he’s positioned strategically then he needs to get some traffic right and then
he can scale all right now pay attention here’s what word gets fun when I have
this praat this guy okay coming into my landing page he opted in here’s what’s
gonna happen okay he sent me you know he left his email automatically all right
the system is going to this first email he’s going to get he’s gonna say hey you
just opted in to get this so this email needs to be relevant to whatever this
lead magnet is make sense okay you gotta be congruent okay again you don’t
promote this in your email you promote this because that’s what he opted in for
in the first place you gotta keep things congruent make sense all right perfect
now a lot of people are actually gonna go through this funnel and if you do a
great job on the lead magnet which we’re going to talk about in next video you’re
gonna have a lot of people actually bind this right from the get-go right when I
implement this strategy in my business with this approach I usually see
anywhere from about 10 to 20 percent inversion rate on a product that would
normally convert at about 1 to 2 percent okay without this nonsense so you’re
gonna have about you know 10 to 20 percent of people buying this as they
going through this funnel so there’s gonna be some cash flow coming in for
you anyways but there needs that there is like 80 or 90 percent of people who
do not who did not buy and what I want to do is I want to monetize them
I want to engage them right and I want to get closer to them and here’s what
I’m gonna do understanding the psychology and understanding what goes
on behind you know in this person’s head what he’s thinking about whatever this
offer was which is you know let’s say this example is to make more money you
know have a better lifestyle right that’s exactly the approach I’m gonna
take and here’s what I’m gonna do I’m going to set up another email sequence
to him okay and I’m gonna send him an email can you see this you can see this
yes all right cool boom scuse me I want to send him another email maybe a few
three days four days later okay I just let him go through this funnel first and
then couple you know a few days later I’m gonna send him an email knowing
where ultimately he wants to be because that’s what this is talking about that
leads to this hope I’m making sense to you here right stay with me it can get
complicated and can go over your ears but I’m sure you different a few pay
attention it’s gonna make sense alright now here’s what this email is gonna say
this email is gonna say hey I just recorded this free video for you okay
click here to watch this video is going to talk to you about the first critical
the most critical step in making in how to start making money on the internet I
want to walk you through step number one it’s free of charge in fact I just want
to thank you for being my subscriber I appreciate you I want to bring you some
value here’s the first video I’m gonna walk you through the first step what you
need to focus on what you need to understand to start making money that
virtually nobody else is gonna teach you okay he’s gonna click on that link right
and he’s gonna see this first this video on this page it’s a simple page with a
video on it not pitching anything you’re not selling anything okay what you do
is knowing this you know what the first step is finding a product so you’re
gonna you’re gonna talk to him in the first person
here’s not the tip when you’re gonna shoot your video right or when you’re
gonna do your contact remember even though you’re having a list you’re
building a list you want to talk to one person like what I’m talking to you
right now even though we have thousands of people watching this tens of
thousands of people watching this right now I’m talking to you you right I’m
talking to you and we have this connection so make sense okay that’s
that’s something we’re gonna talk about in the next video as well okay so you
know again just giving you some some tips here as I’m going but the goal here
is to give him value okay to bond with him and get closer to him that make
sense okay so in this first video I’m gonna say you know what a lot of people
want to make money and a lot of people are pitching products but what you
really need to understand is how to cut through the noise how to cut through the
clutter right and how to really identify a product that would be a winner right
and you walk him through the video can be ten fifteen minutes long and you’re
walking through how to select a product I taught you the strategy in the last
video right I want the product to be competitive or one business this
whatever the thing is right and if this product is competitive if ultimately you
want to sell this obviously want to pull out all the features or all the
potential downfalls of that product maybe this thing is competitive well
you’re gonna say you know what I want my product to be competitive here’s why
boom boom boom boom and you teach him right and it’s actually legit real stuff
right I touched some of that stuff in last video so you you walk him through
this first step first first milestone you don’t sell him anything okay he goes
wow that was awesome thank you very much and his next on his mind his next thing
is okay what do I do next right give me more tell me more right below
this video here’s what you can’t do again I’m just giving you a strategy
here my friend here’s what you can do okay you can have you can say hey would
you like to know more would you like me to walk you through there is actually
three more steps that you can go through I would I would love to give it to you
right I’m actually selling it’s a mini course that I’m selling right now and
you can actually sell this and I would encourage you to sell so I would never
encourage you to lie to anybody right you can actually set this up as a mini
course right and you can say there is two or
three more you know modules coming up you can buy it if you want for 47 or 97
dollars you put the price point on it whatever you think is fair right or you
can get it for free and I actually would actually recommend you get it for free
if you would like totally up to you again you being totally laid back ok
detach from the outcome okay you say here’s a link all you need to do is you
need to share this link and get and share it and refer five people to this
link okay once you refer five people by the way this number is going to be
totally up to you 3 5 10 15 20 whatever right I can stay with me if I’m starting
to confuse you here everything’s gonna make sense in just a few minutes okay
stay with me they’re gonna say share this link and his link is gonna be
visible on this page share this link with five people and you can you
actually get the second video or the next step totally free or you can buy it
right now for 97 bucks most people 95 percent of people were actually opted in
to share the link okay now when they click on share the link guess where this
link what this link is okay it’s an affiliate link from this prospect
pointing directly to this landing page and who is the owner of the landing page
you right are you getting this so what you’re doing is you’re creating
this this leverage okay organic leverage now here is we’re just getting started
here okay what he has and you can actually set this to be a double opt-in
for his fill that stuff right you can set it to be a double opt-in so that you
know he doesn’t share it with five people and it’s the same person just opt
in and you can actually have it to be you know four people to confirm it’s all
programmed in the system okay behind the scenes it’s so PHP code right don’t
worry about that it’s technical complicated stuff you don’t need to know
about that stuff right you need to know the strategy but you tell them you know
you want five your share with five people or three people you know I found
five is kind of the magical number and as soon as he kid he hits at five okay
you know five opt-ins for you he automatically gets another email from
your system saying hey congratulations all right congratulations you rock you
ass you just made it right you you have step
number two or video number two just unlocked for you a couple of things
happen in that prospects mind number one he feels a sense of
accomplishment okay because he’s you know he actually did something and and
no he moved along right he actually he feels better about himself the second
thing that happens is he became more connected and he just bonded more with
you that make sense all right so he has in that same email saying hey here’s
your link to second video boom okay he sees the second video and in the
second video we teach him this you teaching the strategy how to be
different how to run their how to run his business before even getting traffic
how to position you know whatever he is whatever this is going to be without
selling this you didn’t get to that yet right but you’re talking about strategy
you’re giving them value and in his mind he’s gonna be like you know what I want
to buy from this person whatever this person is selling he’s gonna be very
very easy by the time he gets to the end he’s gonna be like what did you
recommend i buy and you simply allow him to buy whatever you’re selling over here
if it makes sense to him that makes sense okay you see where I’m going with
this now in the process what happens here is as he’s gaining in guess what
under the second video again a link right refer you know you can buy the
rest of the series for ninety seven bucks or you can again here’s your link
send five more people boom you get yourself unlock for the video number
three okay so now again he just he’s gonna send you another five here’s
what’s gonna happen some people in fact most most people when they let’s say
they post this link on their social media maybe they they share this link
with their contacts or whatever right you know what what’s gonna happen many
times they’ll actually send you five ten fifteen twenty sometimes a hundred okay
just because the link is out there and zero is just for the the sheer of and
the amount of people that will be seeing that link alright it people are just
gonna be clicking and it goes to your list and you’re building your list in
the process right and at the same time you’re bonding with your prospect that
makes sense alright this is good you like this right
guess what as soon as he hits that five again he has another email congrat
relations you rock you are awesome okay here is your third okay and you and now
you talk about traffic and you give him one strategy alright one or two
strategies and that’s where you become student of the game that’s where you
need to be student of the game that’s what you need to understand this stuff
and you know the stuff I’m teaching you again we talked a lot about in the last
video we’re gonna talk more about this kind of stuff in the next video we
talked a great deal about this stuff in high traffic Academy a high traffic
Academy elite my goodness just a hold on love alright anyways hope you’re getting
this alright so again same thing link fine if you just keep it to three videos
you say Vic I don’t know how to do videos man I would glove the strategy
but I don’t know how to do the videos and yeah here’s what you can do if you
don’t know how to do videos or if you’re not a video type or if you don’t know
your material yet right you can actually hire somebody to do it for you it
doesn’t have to be you you can go to you can get a talent
alright somebody who can do this stuff for you just say you know what teach me
or you know record a video like a thirty minute video twenty minute video on how
to find a product here watch Vic’s training you know send it to video
number one this total domination series you say hey why is this right and talk
about finding the product and have somebody pay somebody five bucks ten
bucks fifteen bucks to create this first video for you so make sense you pay
somebody you know you have you say hey why is this total domination training by
Vick or whatever it just say oh you Jesus playing into them it doesn’t
matter as long as they get the concept you talk you know you say hey recorded a
video on strategy for me pay them to be video number two you don’t have to be
involved if you don’t want to I would recommend that you get involved and you
actually put yourself out there if you know if you’re cool with that you know
if you okay would be an on camera that kind of stuff it’s gonna be better for
you but you can do that you say Vick I don’t I don’t understand how to program
all that stuff I don’t understand it either you can get you can go to oDesk
or Elance or you can get any PHP coder
explain to them the strategy all you need to understand is the strategy okay
and that’s all it matters because you can get somebody to do it for you once
you understand the strategy now I’m gonna do up
you know a shameless plug for hte lead because it’s just so awesome again some
of you are going to be joining HTV to watching this again I’ve already helped
people you know we’re gonna be opening the doors to high traffic academy owner
for the new involvement of new you know group of students here shortly and this
stuff is what I’m teaching you listen this I’m proving out straight from high
traffic Academy elite right and some of these ideas I’m sharing with you they’re
coming from I try to Academy me but this is just tiny bit of what we actually do
and so what we do you actually have this whole thing programmed in and template
it so you can literally just plug and play the videos and links and everything
and it’s all done for you right there you don’t even have to hire anybody
right you get to a certain level in HD elite you get it right that’s gonna be
available for you if you want if not doesn’t matter it’s not I’m not here to
try to sell you HD a or whatever it’s gonna be totally I’m here to bring your
strategies okay and this stuff works okay it can work for you works for me it
works for a lot of people okay so you’re getting this let me give you a quick
example an idea and I’m gonna be super quick because we’re gonna be so
basically my friend what you just did you just you just create yourself an
unbelievable leverage because you have one person turning into multiple people
okay over and over and over again and all you need to do is you just need to
start that first campaign get the ball rolling and here’s what its gonna do
it’s gonna snowball it’s gonna get bigger and bigger and
bigger and bigger in its the law of compound let me give you some ideas I
actually you know from my personal experience here’s here’s what I see this
is what I see okay I’m just gonna share it with you the power of this strategy
now again you can see why people are charging 25 to 50 thousand dollars for
this kind of stuff right now if you just got a hundred leads okay do you think
you can get both what I shared with you do you think you can get a hundred leads
to your list easy right but just what I share with
you right now you can probably get a thousand or a few thousand leads let’s
just be ridiculously low right let’s just say you only got a hundred leads to
your list here’s what I see not everybody’s gonna engage in that process
about thirty percent will okay so I’m just gonna give you you know a
snapshot of what what I see happening in my business okay so out of a hundred
leads thirty will bring you if they go through the three just the three videos
you can have four you can help five you can have however many right let’s just
for this example sake you just have five referrals per video you’re gonna have
three videos right and each lead is gonna refer you fifteen other leads okay
each leads that that actually gets engaged in this process again about
thirty percent goes out of 100 so 30 times fifteen okay you’re looking at
four hundred and fifty leads so you just you just turned your first a hundred
leads into four hundred fifty leads without spending a single red cent on
marketing all organically and you build a tremendous goodwill with these four
hundred fifty people now not everybody’s gonna do this again again 30 percent so
30 percent of 450 is 135 okay times 15 you’re looking at 2025 leads okay free
organically alright super qualified all right super target again that’s about
thirty percent of that is 607 about right times 15 you’re looking at ninety
105 okay ninety 105 leads okay you don’t have to
pay any money for it okay it’s all organic 30% of that 27:31 okay times
fifteen forty thousand nine sixty five okay thirty percent of that about twelve
thousand 289 I’m not really good with math so I had to write these down
because that’s that’s the kind of numbers I see in my business one hundred
and eighty four thousand three hundred and forty roughly okay and about if you
do it won’t you know if you continue to roll it at least it’s gonna snowball on
you just to give you an example here in Prospect and and I’m talking and writing
doesn’t go together with me all right 30 percent one hundred eighty four it’s
fifty five thousand just over fifty five thousand you can turn yourself into you
you can turn your list into 800 thousand plus plus plus
okay so the number I showed you at the beginning of this video my friend is the
strategy that I just explained to you in action okay
I was able to get nearly half a million leads with doubt spending a single dime
on marketing and the best thing is is once you have this machine it works over
and over and over and over and over for you okay now what happens is now you
have this instant traffic okay that’s your that’s your job right here you get
this instant traffic you you do this big push right and then you implement that
organic leverage okay or that invisible leverage all right and then number three
is traffic Maximizer all right now traffic max what I just showed you right
here is these two okay now my friend traffic Maximizer is once I’m gonna
actually get me a red marker traffic Maximizer is whatever you have going on
over here traffic Maximizer it’s a fancy word for
retargeting and I’m sure you’ve probably heard of about retargeting right
everybody’s talking about when we introduce the retargeting concept in
high traffic academy 1.0 in 2012 there is now people just selling courses
standalone courses in charge in two thousand dollars just in retargeting
training alone retargeting you should be retarded in every single campaign that
you do every single traffic generation regardless what direction it comes from
you should be retargeting those people because retargeting I’m not gonna get
into this right now we don’t have a time but retargeting is essentially when
somebody hits your page if they didn’t take action right you’re just following
them on the internet and they’re gonna be seeing your ads everywhere on
anywhere they go they’re gonna be seeing your your whatever your landing page was
right your banners right and so you’re wrapping this retargeting thing around
your entire business model getting terrible tender you know demonstration
of this concept in this picture but you get the point so retargeting is a
category in of itself and it should wrap around everything you do as a marketer
again I don’t want to I just don’t have the time to get into this stuff unless
you know you want to be here for another hour
or something like that but I can teach you retargeting does this make sense did
I confuse you let me know in the comments when it comes to traffic I know
your head might be spinning right now and that’s a good thing right think
about it right don’t let this stuff overwhelm you this
stuff is simple you just need to understand the strategies and you take
action you need to be very strategic about your business all right so my
friend here is what I’m gonna do we’re gonna actually end this video right now
hope it was helpful for you hope I was able to bring you another 30 right
hopefully you’ve got something out of it and you can you know implement in your
business and go out there and you know and just see how it works okay what I
would like for you to do is couple things two things okay number one I know
that you know some people will be asking about you know hey can you share with us
some more instant traffic methods specific methods right again I don’t
have the time you lot during this video we teach a lot of that stuff inside of
high traffic Academy but here’s what I’m willing to do for you if you are not
following my stuff on Facebook yet make sure you do because in Facebook I’ll be
posting more training right as the time goes on in fact you know I starting very
soon here I’ll be starting posting specific mini training specifically on
instant traffic getting methods right that you can get you get the ball
rolling with okay so if you’re not following on some Facebook yet make sure
you just hit that like button is gonna and make sure to select get
notifications I think on Facebook that’s how it works right now so you can get
notified when I put up new stuff out there right you can know what’s going on
and you can get this stuff for free second thing is if you have a question
and most important I’d like to hear what you thinking about this stuff if it
makes sense if you’ve got your head spinning it a little bit right if you
you know if you’re gonna implement this right if you know when you think about
this in general right was I able to explain it to you that it makes sense if
you have any questions post them in the comments below I do read every single
every single comment and I’ll be looking at your questions I’ll be looking at
your comments I would appreciate your feedback okay that’s the only thing I’m
gonna ask for you is let me know your feedback
okay I want to make sure that I was able to serve you and I definitely looking
forward to seeing you in the next video in the next video we’re gonna be talking
about conversions insane conversions how to engineer insane conversions in your
marketing so you can get insane opt-in rates in getting saying open rates in
sale insane sales percentages right it’s gonna be very fun and I look forward to
seeing you there until then stay awesome god bless you let me know which that
about this stuff make sure you hit that like button follow us on Facebook and I
will see you in the next video I’ll be making that in that couple days and I
will email you when it’s ready alright see you next time bye

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