Affiliate Marketing: How I made over $25,000 as a Builderall Affiliate

in this video I’m going to show you how
I made over 25,000 dollars with one affiliate product how you can clone my
results and exact steps that I took to make all of this money with this one
product welcome back guys in today’s video I’m going to show you how I made
over twenty-five thousand dollars with just one product using these simple
duplicatable traffic methods and how you can get hold of these funnels and email
sequences that I have used to make over twenty-five thousand dollars with this
one product now in the end of this video I’m going to show you the exact
strategies that I’ve used and exactly how to do everything that I’ve done if
you want to skip all that right now there’s a link down in the comments
which will take you to the affiliate signup page so you can get all of my
done-for-you sales funnels my email sequences and everything else that I’ve
used to make so much money with this program you’ll get access to all of my
swipes or am I done for you training all of my coaching and I’ll even set up a
one-on-one 30-minute Skype call with you to boost yourself and get you set up and
get you everything that you need so everything is down in the in the
description so just click on that link if you want to get started now if we get
into the good stuff here we go you’re going to jump on my computer and I’m
going to show you exactly what I’ve been promoting and a little bit about the
tool so you’re on my computer now and you can see the tool that I’ve been
promoting is builder or a builder all you may think that you know everything
about builder all but builder all has gone through a huge update in the last
couple of months and they’re adding an awesome new tool in the next few weeks
called the Builder or canvas and the Builder or canvas is going to be able to
add all the funnels all the email sequences that chat BOTS and everything
together on a one big canvas just like funnelytics so it’s gonna be like fun
oolitic but it’s actually going to have the
functionality so you can connect things together and trigger things in what if
do this kind of scenarios so it’s going to be an awesome tool
any other software company that is doing this right now but that is going to be
an absolute game changer I know as soon as I show this as soon as it’s ready for
everyone that people are going to jump on this so you really want to get in to
see the launch of the canvas it’s going to be absolutely amazing so a few of the
things that build rule does is build rule allows you to build websites blogs
mobile apps allows you to send emails you can you’ve got an unlimited email
autoresponder but you can send out unlimited emails to unlimited contacts
you’ve got have your list check before you import it to stop spam because they
had a little bit of issues with deliverability in the past but that’s
all sorted now the delivery billing rates are up and it’s hitting inbox
consistently and I’m getting some good open rates good click-through rates with
mailing boss now whereas a year ago it was it was really
bad I’m not gonna lie it was terrible a year ago but it’s much better now it’s
getting consistent email inboxes and I’m getting consistent clicks as well so
mailing bosses they’re probably the big main thing of build rule that people
want to use because if you would go to a weber or get response you would be
paying hundreds and in some cases thousands per month for having unlimited
subscribers a hundred thousand subscribers say and with build rule it’s
all included in the $49.99 the 4990 sorry so that’s a huge one as well as
having your own hosting being able to host blogs websites econ stores and
everything in between you can see how this is such a powerful tool and it’s so
under priced seriously it should be like ten times more for what for what they’re
giving away you’ve also got design you can do video who got browser
notifications SEO click maps chat reviews or OPOs chat bar elearning
script generator social proof build rules out video wrapper Instagram or
responder I didn’t even know they had an Instagram or responder that’s like the
first time seeing that right now so you know got
the webinar and there’s just so many other things as well and it’s just an
awesome product to promote like it literally sells itself
so I want to come into the Builder or business is where you’ll be spending
most of your time if you’re promoting as an affiliate so for coming to here you
can see my earnings and in earnings I’ve got over twenty five thousand paid and
another seven hundred odd to actually be paid out so there there’s your proof of
what I’ve earned so far and it really is just a amazing platform
to offer and so many people are going for it right now and it’s still in the
early stages so not everyone knows about it right now
Wix our main compare get 40,000 new users every single day ana statistics
and statistics shows that 300,000 people every single day come online and start
searching for a money-making opportunity so that’s three hundred thousand
possibilities of affiliates you’ve got to sign up and that’s 40,000 possible
users to build website who want to build websites and stuff like that so you’ve
got a huge market and a huge potential every single day if you can tap into
just a minut percentage of a percent of that you’re gonna be laughing and you’re
gonna be making lots and lots of money so I urge you to really jump on this and
get on this early while the going is still good other programs which have
been around 10-15 years you won’t do so well with them because there’s more
established they’ve got more competition they’ve got tens and sometimes hundreds
of thousands of people promote in this is still in its beginning stages so
you’ve got much more chance to succeed so on top of this one thing I did forget
to mention is the marketplace now the marketplace is a place just like an
affiliate network so you can put your own products on there and recruit
affiliates you can you can just put products on the marketplace for other or
other build rule users to buy or everything in between it’s one whole
place where you can just mass market your products and recruit affiliates for
it and it’s really really cool plus they’ve got hundreds of tutorials across
all of the tools so you can be sure that people aren’t going to get lost they’re
not going to get confused because all the step-by-step training in tutorials
and 24 hour support is on hand to help anyone who can’t get their heads around
the training or tutorials they’ve got an earnings calculator
because bill drool has a unique two-tier affiliate system so what that means is
basically if you have if you sell a license to someone you get a hundred
percent for the first month and then you get 30 percent recurring but what the
two-tier system does is you get thirty percent on whoever your sign up sign up
as well so say you bring Joe in and then Joe
brings million you’ll get 30 percent of bill as well and anyone else that Joe
brings in so it’s a leveraged affiliate system and it’s why you can earn so much
money so let’s say for example you bring in one person per week that’s not very
hard if you think about it one person per week so that’s fifty-two obviously so you get 52
licenses in one year you immediately get 2218 and you get 665 this is in Euros
because I’m in Britain in dollars it’s more so now that’s what you get from what you’ve
sold yourself right now how many people we get to works in affiliate if you’re
recruiting affiliates you want to recruit affiliates say all of them
become an affiliate so you’ve got all of them as an affiliate and how many sales
do you think they can say they sell one every two weeks for example so we put
that down to 26 so put that down to 26 I’m boom your
monthly income explodes to 18,000 euros a month and that’s literally you’ve only
referred 52 people and each one of those 52 people have referred one person every
two weeks which is not very hard boom you’re earning seventeen thousand
nine hundred and sixty six euros and twenty-nine cents per month
per month that’s crazy so can you see the power of
these leveraged affiliate system so if it was only single tier and you brought
in 52 people you’re only gonna get 665 a month but you bring in 52 people and
they bring in two a month boom your income explodes this is really
where you start making the money is when you get your two tier a filly it’s
helping you and this is why I share everything with my team I don’t hold
anything back because when you guys make money I made money so I share all of my
affiliate sequences all of my funnels everything that I’ve
done and as an added bonus for the first ten people that sign up under my link
I’m gonna send you $70 worth of solo ad clicks if you look here one of the
websites and this is so you can see now that I actually use builder all and use
it for stuff that I promote and stuff that I do so we come into my sites here
and you can see one of my websites builder or solo ads calm and this is
where I sell my solo ads so you can see built in build a rule everything in
build we’re all working perfectly so you sign up with me I’m gonna send you a
hundred new business opportunity clicks a hundred percent tier 1 0 bot guarantee
and you get a trafficking report statistics at the end of it so this is
also already a discounted price for builder all users usually they’re more
than this so I’m going to send you $70 worth of clicks just for signing up with
my link so not only you’re gonna get my proven sales funnels my proven templates
my email sequence is everything that I use and have used to make over $25,000
with builder all you’re also going to get $70 worth of clicks sent to you
that’s like more than the whole business account the business account costs you
$50 for the first and you’ll get in $70 with a click sent
to one of your funnel straightaway on top of that I have a full email sequence
inside of mailing bus which I can literally copy over to you all you need
to do is reach out to me give me the email that you signed up
with and I can stick it in mail emboss and I can send it over to you and what’s
even more impressive is using the auto tag funnels and the auto tag feature I
can just tell you to change and add a couple of auto tags put your affiliate
links in there and it will auto update all the emails so you don’t need to go
in and edit each email with your name with your e affiliate links and stuff
like that you literally just I’ll show you exactly what I mean quickly so we’ve
come into mailing bars here and then we come into think campaigns yeah campaigns custom
tags then we add see the got name here so you would add CC to name or just name
it as the CCT automatically sorry you put your name in and then any email with
that tag will automatically change to your name so I create new I come in and
I put affiliate one and then you type in your you unique affiliate link hit save come back to your tags you see the tags
been updated so now anywhere that has that affiliate one in any of your emails
it’s gonna automatically update with your link so I’ve got 60 60 or 70 emails
which you would have to go in most other autoresponders most other programs
should have to go in you’d have to edit each one you’d have
to edit the from name you’d have to edit your affiliate links and everything else
like that the way I’ve set it up and the way that I’ve done this the way the
Builder all does it you just add a few tags
it changes your name across all 60-plus emails
it changes your affiliate link theirs likes there’s different products and
stuff in there you just need to add like five different affiliate links they’ve
all got a different tag name and it updates all of the emails boom ready to
be sent out I cannot make it any easier for you seriously so yeah i’m i love
this feature this is absolutely amazing it makes it so easy for me makes it so
easy for my team just to grab stuff off me and just roll with it they don’t have
to do hardly any setup whatsoever i love it so yeah if you want to take advantage
of that take advantage of all my fun old church in making money awesome so yeah
you want to take advantage of my funnels my email sequences and everything else
and the $70 solo ads that I’m going to be sending you when you join my team
just click the link in the description sign up now and get promoting and start
seeing some income results like this cannot wait to work with you cannot wait
to see you on my team it’s gonna be awesome let’s crush it together and make
some money together yes you


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