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have you thought about being an
affiliate marketer and how much money they can bring into your side hustle I
want to show you how to get started today Whats up guys! TJ here with another video. If you like these types of videos please share and subscribe I really appreciate
it I was like that bell icon to get notifications whenever I release new
videos so today’s video is gonna be all about affiliate marketing it’s gonna be
intro to affiliate marketing I’m not gonna be able to squeeze everything into
one video about affiliate marketing because I don’t want to beat it to death
like a horse alright so I started doing affiliate marketing probably ten years
ago or longer maybe 12 years ago with the affiliate marketing I followed a lady
her name was Lisa Irby Lisa Irby she does to have YouTube channel so if you
want to go find her I put a link to her YouTube channel and the description
section but she actually showed how to be an affiliate marketer how you know
the power of affiliate marketing and putting your putting affiliate links out
there so anybody that has a any kind of a social media following or YouTube
channel I implore you to be an affiliate
marketer and a lot of people don’t realize what that actually means so I’m
gonna give you kind of a breakdown of what affiliate marketing is so on most
websites not most a lot of websites you can actually sign up to become an
affiliate and what that means is you get a portion of or you get a fee based on
what you sell so if you go to Amazon and you become an affiliate for Amazon you
can actually promote Amazon links and you’ll get a percentage of the sale
price of whatever Amazon items that you sell you can also go to different
websites so like all these different subscription websites you can
always go down to the bottom and look for become an affiliate become an
affiliate and you can get like 20% or 30% of the signup
so if it’s a $9.99 a month you’re gonna get 30% that nine a month every single
month it’s gonna be residual income so you’ll hear me say a lot of stuff about
residual income because what residual income is is money that comes every
single month and you don’t have to work for it all right so that’s what I’m
that’s that’s what I like and I’ve been able to build a lot of residual income
on the back end from my affiliate links so I put these affiliate links out there
on all my social media sites on my website in my youtube videos and people
click on them every single day and then I get people that sign up for
subscriptions for different things and I get a portion of the monthly fee for
that product so I’m gonna show you kind of how to get started where to find
those affiliate links and we’ll get into the puter right now all right so we are
gonna go through this relatively quickly the first website that I want to look at
is Amazon so if you are Amazon you need to find the Amazon affiliate you can do
that by googling Amazon affiliate and I’ll put all these links in the
description section below you go to Amazon affiliates you click on that and
you can sign up for Amazon Associates here once you sign up at the very top of
the page whenever you open up Amazon you’ll have this little strip right here
what this strip is going to do is I’m gonna show example of does so say for
instance I want to promote this tripod right here I only know what this tripod
is $646 whatever it doesn’t matter you go up here to click get link and
automatically I will I can copy and paste that link in if somebody goes
through that link and purchase this tripod I’ll get a percentage of that 646
dollars now this is what the really good thing is once somebody click on your
link and say French their buckler’s tripod they went down and said okay I
need this and I need that Celina being 1244 you actually get a percentage of
the 1244 and anything else that they were to purchase while there while they
say have cookie on their computer now if they
click off and then they go back into Amazon then I don’t believe that the
cookie is still valid I think it last was a certain amount of time maybe 24
hours so if they buy anything else after they click on your link you get a
percentage of all of that so when I go to my Amazon affiliates most of time
it’s not even sales through my link its sales or it’s not the actual product
that I listed it’s you know other products they may look at this when they
say ok I like this and but I like this one it’s a little bit cheaper I can
click on that one and they’ll order that one so that’s that’s kind of how that
works so let’s go into the Amazon affiliate store so once you are inside
the Amazon affiliate store you can automatically go to product linking you
can search products if you have a saml the keyword you can search form the
easiest way just is just to get it off of the site you know if you if you’re
talking about a microphone or if you’re talking about whatever it is you can go
and just pull the link like I just showed you another good thing about this
is that you can go to Amazon promo codes and these are different promotions that
they have and you can promote those so 70% off this and 20% off of that so you
can promote those links and you will get a percentage of those purchases as well
so let’s go to amazon banner program this is one that i just started using so
what you can do with the amazon bounty program is this is what we’re talking
about residual income so these are fee-based monthly based systems that
amazon has so amazon music they can try for free for 30 days but you get you
know whatever the fee is for there so let me click on this and I think it
shows you the bounties and it does so so you can
promote this CBS all access on Prime they get a free trial you get three
dollars for every free trial that somebody gets until when is prime a lot
of people want to try prime you can promote the prime link and we promote
prime for they get it free for 30 days boom you get $3 for every Prime
membership that people try out so you can go down through here and they have
so many deals that you can actually promote promote the links and they give
you you know click get link get link and this is the easy one just to put in the
YouTube video or throw on to a social media site you can also do HTML if
you’re trying to embed it into a website or something like that they give you all
of these links so that’s really cool so this is a new one that I have signed up
for because they invited me to sign up for but I hadn’t set it up so you can
have your own Amazon storefront okay so right now I don’t have anything on here
because I haven’t done it but I do have all of my social media sites on here and
I can actually set up a page like the page with all of my tech stuff or all of
my stuff for camera equipment and things like that I can put all that on one side
so I can send people I can funnel people to this page and actually get money for
all the purchases that people get it’s a good way to put kind of different things
together for your tech person and you want to have like a store or just tech
stuff you can go here on Amazon and find all of the things that you want and put
it all in one one place all right so enough about Amazon let’s go to fiber so
let me show you how to find out if a website has an affiliate site so what I
do is I look by everything that I’d use I always go down to the bottom I’m sure
exactly so this is just the main fiber comm page you go down to the bottom and
you’ll see a link it’s there’s a village you click on that
this is where you can apply to become an affiliate they tell you how the
Commission’s I earned how much is paid for each Commission and
different things like that so when you go into a website especially the service
that you’re that you use and that you’re fond of and that’s you you can talk
about I would definitely check and make sure that they have affiliate program so
like this one it does have one another one that I use this PicMonkey I use this to make every single thumbnail that I put on my
YouTube page well if you go down here to the bottom affiliates moon you have an
affiliate site for PicMonkey and it says ready get fifty percent commission for
every purchase twenty five percent for renewals and you get a 30 day cooking
means that if somebody come back come back later
you still get credit so this site if somebody likes a friend some I watched
my youtube video I mentioned PicMonkey they click on it miss an angle sign up
for stay but then they go back two weeks later and they say well them go ahead
and try it I will get fifty fifty percent of that commission which is like
super super awesome and then I get 50 percent initially so if they sign up for
a year and they have to pay or whatever this soup soup premium account is one
hundred and seven eighty eight I’ll get half of that
so that’d be $50 then I get 25% every time that they renew so every single
month or if they renew for another year I get another was that twenty five
twenty seven dollars or whatever it is alright so let me show you how easy it
is to find an affiliate so like I use Wix calm that’s my service provider for
my website when I go into Wix website I can’t see an affiliate link or somewhere
to sign up for affiliates so this this easy you type in weeks Affiliate
and boom they have a unaffiliated site right here that you can sign up for
I’m talking about each and everything that you use more than likely they have
an affiliate site because they want to funnel traffic this is the easy way for
them to funnel traffic you know they give you a percentage and you drive
traffic so they’re gonna make a lot more money on the back end by giving these
affiliates because it’s free for them to have people to promote their links and
if they get sales from that they don’t mind you know giving out a percentage of
the fee for somebody that they what they was never gonna get you know or they was
never going to reach so that’s pretty much it for the affiliate sites and
those things so that it’s all I’ve got for affiliate links in the village
marketing for today if you have any questions or if you like these types
video give this video a thumbs up and put me a comment in the comment section
below and ask any questions that you have
about affiliate marketing I will be sure to get with you you can also hit me up
on my social media sites if you do hit me up on a social media site and I don’t
answer you right back just come back to this video put a comment and say you
know I hate you up on Instagram could you reply to me and I’ll be able to see
it on on here so thanks guys for watching and this will not be the last
video I talked about affiliate marketing because affiliate marketing is the geek
especially if you want to build that residual income and you want to make
some money and you don’t necessarily want to work every single day to get
that money it’s a really good way just to establish money on the back end that
you can get every single month without even thinking about it thanks guys


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