Affiliate Marketing- How to Make $1,000 a Month 2019- Passive Income!

we’re gonna talk about in this series
part 2 how you can make over a $1,000 per month using
affiliate links now if you haven’t seen part one you guys need to go back and
watch part one because in there where I’m talking about how you can make money
with YouTube ads and there’s little strategies in there and whatnot so this
is part two and in part three I’m going to teach you guys how you guys can make
money on YouTube with selling merchandise and services now let’s teach
you more than just selling t-shirts we’re gonna really get into it so let’s
just jump right into how to make money with affiliate links make sure that you
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the entire video because you need to see each little detail and all the little
tips on they given those details let’s jump in hey guys it’s Trey with money
growth Academy where we demystify entrepreneurship simplify business
strategies and multiply your earnings potential
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so where to start where do you even start with affiliate links well the
place that we’re going to start is where most creators start which is Amazon
affiliates so let me just kind of show you this if you don’t know yet and the
reason a lot of people do Amazon Associates is because it’s super simple
I mean it’s super simple to do so who’s gonna type in affiliate program or
Amazon Associates it’s gonna pop up with this screen right here and it’s gonna
tell you exactly what you can do so it’s going to talk about you know how you can
join how the advertising works and how you can earn it’s gonna ask you to do
certain things like put in information emails and all that kind of jazz and
whatnot so you’re gonna log in you’re gonna do that you’re gonna create your
own account and then what happens is once you’ve created an account you get a
unique ID that you can use and that’s how Amazon tracks what affiliate you’re
using so this is sounding a little confusing let me show you just a little
example of how this would work so if I hop in to our Amazon account here and we
use a ring light for some of the videos that we use if you’ve seen Dee in some
of his videos in his office he’s actually got a ring light it’s a newer
ring light so let me show you how that would work so we would type in right
here newer ring light then out hit go so it’s going to happen is these results
are gonna pop up so this the one that we’re using that’s actually
from there or so what I would do is I would hit get link and what that’s gonna
do is gonna it’s gonna create a few different ways that I could advertise
this prod this product and this is how you can use it on blogs so with this
text in an image I could use this and I can put that on my blog if I wanted to
on my website text only or I can do an image only well for YouTube if you see a
lot the short codes that people have everyone’s using text only and this is
this is the standard link that you would get so that’s pretty long do you don’t
want that in your YouTube description one it takes up character spaces in two
it’s just super long no one’s to click on that so you just hit short link and
all I would do is I’ll copy that then I would jump over into my video and I
would paste that code and that has a unique ID just for me so if people click
on that link what’s gonna happen is I’m gonna get the commission off of that
once they purchase that product now the cool thing about Amazon Associates is
even if they don’t purchase this exact product they don’t purchase the near a
ring light but they purchase something else I’m gonna get a piece of commission
off of that because I sent them to Amazon so Amazon’s gonna reward me
because I sent them there okay let me show you exactly how this would work so
if we jump over to one of our videos that we just released which is its
diversification for idiots why Buffett Munger and Cuban hate diversification a
secret to success and this videos super interesting you should go check it out
why they don’t diversify their portfolios but anyways let’s just get
into this so in our description you’ll see we’ve got down here top books on
Warren Buffett so since we’re talking about Warren Buffett in this video and
we’ve got clips of him talking in this what we did is we included some of our
favorite books by Warren Buffett riding into the description now you can see all
of these have links going to our stuff so if I were to click that what’s gonna
happen is gonna take me to the Warren Buffett CEO and this is gonna allow
someone to purchase from there if they purchase from this we get a little
commission it doesn’t charge them anything else but we make some money so
those that you can see all those short codes that we create it back right here
that’s what they look like once you post them these hyperlinks that will take
people there guys it really is that simple it’s super simple to do you don’t
need any fancy trackers Amazon’s gonna do that all for you and Amazon breaks
down exactly what the Commission is for each things because it’s gonna be
different if you’re doing video games or books or you know home goods or all
kinds of different products they all have a different commission rate on them
so that’s something for you guys to go ahead and check out so let’s just take a
look at what some of those advertising fees were so that you guys can just see
those real fast so which I was talking about was Amazon fashion women’s for
example you’re gonna have a 10% on that furniture home-improvement long guard an
8% Commission you can see video games or 1% those kind of the lowest as a lot of
people do those video game reviews television 2% physical books 4.5%
outdoor tools 5.5 so you can kind of see you’re gonna want to check this out
because each one has a different commission fee for it based on what
you’re doing now guys once you’ve graduated out of Amazon there’s some
places that I’ll tell you to go don’t always stick to Amazon Associates to
make some money and once again guys the cool thing about this is you can be an
Amazon associate despite having a thousand subscribers despite having
4,000 watch hours you can do this with one subscriber on your channel now the
thing is once you start your Amazon Associates and I don’t know the time of
this recording but sometimes they have rules set up that you need to get a
certain amount of sales done and you know 30 days 90 days or so so you’re
gonna want to check out those rules of how many sales you actually need to have
so that your account can actually stay alive now a great tool and resource in
place I like to go to put my amazon associates links is to actually KITT now
Kitts a really cool thing because it allows you to assimilate almost in a as
a storefront which you can do on Amazon as well but this is gonna allow you to
put in links that aren’t just for Amazon so you can use other stores to put in
this link and the cool thing what it’s gonna do and the reason that you want to
create a kit is because it’s gonna put all your products in one space now
what’s gonna happen is when people go to your store they’re gonna land on
something and it’s highly likely that they’re gonna purchase something else so
let’s look at for example let’s just take a look here I mean Peter McKinnon
okay how could you not love Peter McKinnon stuff so let’s take a look at
Peter McKinnon and is kit that he’s got created so it’s
gonna load it up alright so you can see his kits that he has he’s got one for
vlog life travel life editing digital products coffee extra gear I love so
let’s see what he’s gonna recommend for vlog if I’m into vlogging so he’s got
down you know what camera he uses the lenses he uses the microphones and if I
click on this view on Amazon what its gonna do is it’s gonna take me here or I
can purchase it right and he’s gonna get a commission off of this so this is
essentially just a store for him to house all of his affiliate links on
which is super powerful because like I said when someone sees one thing they go
oh man he’s got that oh I might as well get the filters as well so that’s the
cool thing about this let me show you someone that’s really good at this that
I really love on YouTube so if we jump over to think media Sean Connell if you
guys have seen his channel you guys already know he puts out great content
if you haven’t definitely go check that out he’s got awesome tips on there but
he’s really known for using this kind of method so look at down in his
descriptions look how many affiliate links he has to equipment into gear well
Sean also has a kit that he set up so you can see a 4k kit in 50 YouTube’s kit
smartphone best drones budget you tip budget YouTube kit a YouTube live kit
and it just goes on and on and on guys what I want you to see though is pay
attention to this number right here look how many people fourteen thousand seven
hundred seventeen thirteen thousand people three thousand people twenty nine
thousand people guys the incredible thing about this is he’s making a
commission off of when people click on this it’s very very likely that some of
those eyeballs that are landing on this page or going and purchasing stuff
through affiliate links so now can you see why it’s so important to start
putting affiliate links in and you might be thinking but Trey I don’t have
anything to use as an affiliate link I don’t know there’s no products I have
well what camera are you filming on what microphone are you using what SD cards
are are you using what’s your tripod like what’s your lighting setup like
guys you could go on and on and on there’s all kinds of things you could
post decorations I can put this you know Himalayan salt lamp on there if someone
liked that in my video that as well so there’s so many
affiliate links that you can put in here so just begin the best thing to do is
start early and start catching some eyeballs so setup in Amazon Associates
and then also set up a kit so that you can put stuff in there and once again
kit allows you to put in stuff from other stores as well not just Amazon
alright one of the major things that you’re going to want to do when you’re
creating your channel or trying to figure out what kind of content you’re
going to come up with is figure out first of all what niche are you in and
try to stick to that niche so for us it is you know entrepreneurship its
business strategies its investing its personal finance that’s kind of our
niche that were within now one of the channels I really love is gracious at
the entrepreneur and if you’ve seen this stuff you already know what he’s kind of
about but for those of you haven’t he started off talking about how to start
your own vending machine business how to start your own shirt printing business
so I want to show you how when he started he niched his channel into my
heat pressing for shirts and how that made him some great money on a
month-to-month basis and he’s made he he reports in this video here that I’m
going to show you he makes four thousand one hundred fifty
four dollars in a month from this company that he partners with heat press
and now what they do is they sell you know heat press supplies vinyl
cutters he presses heat vinyl transfers all this stuff but four thousand one
hundred fifty four dollars working with these guys now what he did here and this
is what you can do is you can kind of start searching out within your niche
now I’m sure he’s just did was he went out and he looked for people within his
niche so he found heat presenation cuz he probably already bought some from
them anyways and then joined their Affiliate Network and all I did to find
this guy’s is I typed in heat press nation affiliate program okay or these
people might have reached out to him because they saw his channel they saw
what he was talking about so it talks about right here when he joined our
filler program you’ll be supplied with the range of banners text links kind of
like the Amazon short links as well and when a user clicks one of your links
you’ll be brought to our website and their activities will be tracked by our
affiliate program once this user completes a purchase you earn commission
just like Amazon Associates but these guys probably are gonna pay a lot better
than anyone on Amazon has pretty low commissions so if you can
cut right to the heart of it and work with these companies you can usually get
better commission rates out of it so that’s pretty cool isn’t it that you can
make four thousand one hundred fifty four dollars for just recommending
people to go to this website and to use the equipment that you’re are to using
so they can get the same results so think about it in your industry and
within your niche what do I use that I could recommend to my audience or to my
niche that could benefit them as well and ask yourself could I do it directly
with the company get commissioned directly from the company so look at the
products you already use send out an email search for these guys sent out an
email directly to those companies and I’m gonna show you what to do if you
can’t find if you don’t know who has one all you have to do is hop over into here
I typed in for example Lowe’s affiliate program we’ve got a channel where we do
a lot of kind of home projects of stuff that we love and sometimes we do Lowe’s
affiliate programs so all you do is type in Lowe’s affiliate program and you can
literally do this with pretty much any store you could pop this up and Lowe’s
has a whole thing right here now you could go to target target affiliates
type in target affiliate program same thing is gonna pop up so up to eight
percent commission on popular categories you could do cannon a lot of people do
Canon cameras especially some of the big guys because they make great commissions
you know two point five percent commission on sales but it’s pretty
expensive cameras so guys you see that you can just type in just go figure out
what niche you’re in what content you’re talking about and then just look it up
see if the companies exist and I would recommend that you do it this way versus
Emma Amazon Associates now don’t give up on Amazon Associates coz there’s great
money that can be made there as you saw with Sean kennel from think media and
his store that he hasn’t how many eyeballs are on his little kit creator
that he’s designed so you’re still gonna want to Amazon Associates cuz people
have two day prime and they’re gonna want to just get stuff right through to
day prime which I do but you can put stuff up here like we saw iterations do
for heat press nation Lowe’s target cannon so just take a look at that and
don’t be afraid my biggest thing here is you’d be surprised at what companies are
willing to work with you on affiliate basis so don’t be afraid to reach out to
them okay send an email to these people I’ve
been able to do some awesome travel trips as a result of working on
affiliate programs and getting commissions back from them alright so
the biggest thing that I just want to stress here when it comes to affiliate
programs is don’t be afraid to reach out to companies guys don’t be afraid to
shoot them an email and say hey this is what I do I’m inside this niche this is
the audience that I have would you guys be interested in doing an affiliate
program and if they don’t have one say what would you guys still be interested
if I bring you cells on giving me a commission for this piece
and most companies are gonna say yes guys and the reason they’re gonna say
yes is because every company needs an extra salesman or sales woman out there
pushing their products and what’s great is you already have a very centralized
audience who is into what they’re selling so when rageous the entrepreneur
did you know he pressing shirts and creating shirts and teaching people how
to do this for heat press nation that was a no-brainer to partner up with him
and work with him because he already has a very hyper focused audience that he’s
kind of already targeted and created so he presentation is gonna want to tap
into that so figure out guys what niche you’re in figure out what content you’re
wanting to produce and once you’re in there start figuring out okay what other
companies are in my niche what companies build products that I use you know or
that could help my audience alright so think of that and think really outside
the box guys and to be honest with you there is no box when it comes to
affiliate links okay I know you’re excited but before you get started on
making a bunch of video guys stop for real quick okay just take a little pause
you guys need to go out and make a plan first come up with the strategy how are
you gonna generate more money from your channel alright and that’s what I’m
doing in this series part 1 2 & 3 is I’m showing you guys how to maximize each
video that you make and how to make more money off of that single video passively
alright and if you guys have older videos make sure to go put affiliate
links in those older videos because you’ve already made them so go back
figure out what you’re talking about and there maybe it’s just your setting it’s
your backdrop you know put links to you the gear that you have get that into all
of your videos so that you guys can make some money now make sure that you
subscribe though so that you can see part 3 when it comes out because I
really want to help you guys make some money and make
more money off the videos that you already have so check out part three
that’s going to be coming out and then check out part 1 if you haven’t already
seen that and stick around the channel guys and subscribe so that you guys can
see all the content that we have to help you guys multiply your earnings see you
guys later


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