Affiliate Marketing – How To Sell Digital Products as an Affiliate Marketer

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as I mentioned before I in today’s video I’m gonna be talking about how to sell
digital products as an affiliate marketing as a selfie marketer most
important most affiliate marketers don’t know this or they just don’t do it and
that’s the reason why they are not even able to make money online or they are
not making money on a consistent basis because they are doing what I usually
call a hit and miss strategy first of all what exactly its affiliate
marketing well affiliate marketing is when you
refer someone to a product they need okay so that’s really important you are
not randomly sending your affiliate link to a person and see what happens no
you’re referring someone that you know that this person have a problem and
issue a situation that the one of solve and you identified that that product
it’s gonna help them okay it’s gonna help the pro to solve the problem the
issue okay or it’s gonna give them the knowledge that they need so they can
take they can start solving the situation so really really important is
that you’re gonna refer someone to a product that they actually need okay
where you going to find affiliate products their affiliate products market
place like Clickbank GBC where plus CJ right are there other private programs
the ones that I suggest you it’s legendary market this is online
education if you want to check it out I’m gonna leave a link below and build
rule because this is a membership based program that we actually need if you
really want to make money online it doesn’t matter if you’re selling your
own products or services or if you are you know dual affiliate marketing
actually you need Billy roll it’s an all-in-one marketing solution so this
are the things that I suggest you I’m not gonna go like in depth of how you
can fight the perfect product if you’re interested I have a free course below
frequence that I create English I’m giving people and in depth training of
how they can actually find products create funnels and all that stuff in
affiliate marketing so if you want to check it out it’s going to be in the
description as well but this is gonna be like an overview so if
you want to you know find a product remember to take into consideration that
whatever product or products is you are going to be promoting they need to solve
a problem okay they need to solve a problem how to do affiliate marketing
the right way remember that at the beginning of the video I mentioned the
fact that people were doing what I call the hit and miss a strategy it’s because
first of all most people are just sharing the links just because okay
there is spamming there links everywhere in all the social networks and all the
websites right and that’s the stand that’s not the most appropriate way to
do it okay you don’t have any kind of relationship with the person you are not
sure the person is really interested in what you have to offer it’s not gonna be
helpful maybe it’s gonna be helpful and you know it’s gonna be helpful but they
don’t understand how this verdict is gonna help them okay or maybe you’re
doing paying at let’s say that you’re posting ads on Google Facebook solo ads
you name it and you’re just direct linking these people to their landing
page okay to the product page and again it’s gonna be exactly the same people
don’t know you people might not understand how the product is gonna
benefit them right and the end of the day yeah you’re gonna get sales but a
lower percentage or you’re gonna end up losing money gain how to do it the right
way first of all we need traffic it doesn’t matter which traffic sources you
want to go with it doesn’t matter if you’re doing free traffic fake traffic
we need traffic okay remember that place traffic it’s instantly free traffic it’s
a long Turing game okay but again it doesn’t matter what you’re
doing you need to capture page you need to have a capture page you need to
capture your information the my favorite software as I mentioned before it’s a
burial I capture people’s email or create my landing page and my insurance
funnels with beltram do you need to collect at least their email address my
suggestion is to collect the name and emails I know a lot of people are saying
like well if you just collect the emails you’re gonna have more up ends but I
prefer to personalize my emails okay that’s the way I do it and that’s the
reason why I’m recommended because people tend to open their emails more at
the end they’re not well you have less possibilities to have your email and on
the promotional chap if the customer has Gmail right so you need to create your
own custom sales funnel again it’s not rocket science okay it’s not rocket
science basically what you’re gonna be doing is
that you’re gonna be providing value value value and you’re gonna be pitching
okay it’s pretty annoying when you subscribe to someone’s email list and
every single time you’re opening email the people is talking about a different
product at different service they’re always trying to do a sell why again
because you need to warm this traffic okay you need to create a relationship
with them when they know you they like and they trust you they are gonna do the
process and they are gonna do the they’re gonna you know they’re gonna
do the fridges how are you gonna create your custom sales funnels do not
overthink this is pretty simple again the tool that I use is build roll if you
want to give it a try and let me leave a link below so you can test it out for
seven days and you can check out the bonuses that I promote as well
do not over complicate things okay just put a title put a video and put a bottom
with a call to action okay catchy title right by the way just in case that you
don’t know and you’re not a copywriter because I’m pretty sure that if you’re
here it’s because you’re getting sorted or you’re not getting sorry but you’re
not getting the results that you want Billy rule has a script generator so you
just need to answer a couple of questions fill them out when one click
you’re gonna have this script so you’re gonna have titles that you can use the
video do not over complicate things create your own video if you don’t have
a fancy webcam don’t worry use your cell phone most cell phones
nowadays they record in 4k okay so make sure that you lock yourself in a quiet
room or you know try to make it at night so you’re gonna have a high quality
video it need to be off yourself okay because you are the one who’s going to
be creating the relationship always introduce yourself hello my name is in
this video I’m gonna teach you this or congratulations
because you join this if you’re serious about this this is a president I suggest
you to go with to keep it simple do not make a Hollywood production and a
button with a call to action okay people need to understand what they
need to do next okay so keep it just simple as that most people as I told you
they are not doing this strategy what they’re doing is they are sending
traffic directly to the page or to the link which is totally in the firket okay
you’re gonna be losing so much money if you are thinking about hey Dianna but
you know email marketing is that no it’s not it’s not if you think about yourself
eight where do you receive your phone bills where’s yours if your cable TV
bills okay where do you receive the next four extent if occations everything is
being an email because they know that you’re there they know that you know
that if it is something important it’s going to land on your email address well
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