Affiliate Marketing in New Zealand with R.O.EYE

Right now website owners and bloggers across
the world are producing thousands of pages of content on hundreds of subjects.
These pages are then seen by millions of people across New Zealand and overseas.
… as a website owner or blogger, you are lucky enough to own some of those pages.
…or if you are an online retailer or service provider, those page views can help sell your
products as well as extend your brand awareness. It’s called affiliate marketing.
R.O.EYE uses award winning technology to connect website owners to retailers in a powerful
and profitable way. Merchants upload product details and advertising
banners to their R.O.EYE account and offer a commission for sales referred.
Website owners, known as affiliates, add a link or banner to a retailer’s product or
website on their pages. R.O.EYE tracks when users click and buy through
the retailer’s site and records the traffic and earnings in real time.
Affiliate marketing is much more than just ad space. One blog post can increase traffic
and exposure for years and it is a great way of raising brand awareness and driving incremental
sales in a very cost effective way. There’s a reason merchants and affiliates
have trusted R.O.EYE since we launched in the UK in 2004. We facilitate strong, value
based growth for merchants and affiliates of all sizes and now we are bringing our affiliate
marketing expertise to New Zealand. Experience it for yourself today.

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