Affiliate Marketing Lead Generation Strategies That Actually Work

hey guys Mike from here and are you struggling with generating leads for your affiliate
marketing business well today’s video I’ve put together a walk-through of
effective lead generation strategies for affiliate marketing that actually work
so stay tuned now why should you listen to me right well for me I’ve been in
direct sales and affiliate marketing for about 13 years at this point I’ve
becoming a top affiliate in various companies Here I am on the leaderboards
in one company Here I am winning awards on stage I’ve been able to travel the
world through affiliate marketing and the income I’ve been able to bring in
from that so going to places like Mexico the Bahamas ziplining in Costa Rica
Jamaica and the list kind of goes on and on right but one thing that’s cool is
that it’s really a system that you can learn no matter what your background is
what your skillset you know when I first joined the industry I was an introverted
video game nerd guess I’m still a video game nerd right but you know I didn’t
have a lot of sales skills or experience in online marketing but learning the
right steps learning these strategies I’m going to cover in today’s video has
been able to allow me to achieve those results and again I’m just saying that
to really impress upon you that if introverted video game nerd can figure
this out you definitely can too so let’s get into it really the foundation the
first thing that you want to do to start generating leads and sales for affiliate
marketing is defining your niche and target market you know one reason why I
find a lot of people struggle in the industry is that they just kind of try
and market to everyone in reality when you market to everyone
you’re really marketing to no one and that’s one of the reasons you’re
probably struggling if you’re not getting leads for affiliate marketing
with the content you’re putting out there because you want to fully
understand your target market so you want to know their pain points their
needs their wants their goals you know what do they struggle with what common
questions do they have and then that’s the kind of content you want to create
and solve their problems so really understanding and defining your niche
picking how you’re going to serve them standing where they hang out you know
again those issues those pain points their goals like I talked about earlier
those are the different things that you want to understand and know about before
you start marketing your affiliate products before you start promoting
content before you actually try and generate leads for your affiliate
marketing business on top of that one key foundation to really understand is
that there’s three steps to building an effective online marketing system to
growing an affiliate marketing business and generating leads for affiliate
marketing that’s basically that you want to build an audience engage an audience
and then sell to your audience you know most people struggle because they’re in
pitch mode right all they do is focusing on selling to their audience and that
just doesn’t work obviously there’s a time and a place for that but if that’s
all you focus on and that’s all you do you’re just gonna continue to struggle
and not make money with affiliate marketing so you want to build your
audience right so you want to build a following build an audience on social
media build a list build an email list right grow a following connect with a
lot of people that are in your target market in in your niche so again with
that first step of actually understanding your target market knowing
where they hang out knowing their pain points knowing what they want to achieve
will give you a good understanding of who your ideal person is that you want
to connect with you know one reason why I find a lot of affiliate marketers
network marketers home business owners struggle is basically that they feel
like they’ve run out of people to talk to so when you focus on building your
audience you don’t have to worry about that anymore because you really can end
up having unlimited people to talk to that are highly targeted for your
business and it’s a perfect pool to pull from to start generating leads for your
affiliate marketing business so make sure that you’re building your audience
as a foundation the next step is that you want to engage your audience and
create value-based content that serves them that helps them again reach goals
faster get better results answers their questions or helps them avoid pain
points and that’s the kind of content that you want to create so you want to
continually engage them develop that relationship because again all things
being equal people tend to do business with those that they know
like in trust and you establish that relationship with your list with your
following by engaging them in value-based content again like I
mentioned the third step is selling to your audience and again the third step I
really want to emphasize that because a lot of people try and do that first and
that’s where it backfires you’re gonna make a lot more sales you’ll generate
more leads you’ll make more income with affiliate marketing and your business
when you sell last to those people that already have a relationship with you
that you build that trust and rapport with them they’re actually interested in
open to what you have and again when they’re following you you’re
establishing yourself as that credible expert and so when you try and sell to
those people your conversion rates gonna be a lot higher you’re gonna make more
money you’re gonna make a lot more sales so definitely focus on those three
foundation steps the next thing that you want to do is to develop a lead magnet
for your business now what is the lead magnet if you’re not familiar with that
it’s basically a piece of value-based content so something that’s going to
solve a problem avoid a pain point we reach a goal faster right so something
valuable and you offer that to your audience that you’re building in
exchange for their name their email and often a phone number phone number is
optional you don’t have to do that but typically with leads that you do
generate a phone number with you can call them right so that increases your
closing ratio as well but then on top of that generally they’re a higher quality
lead if they’re actually going to enter their phone number and they really want
help right people don’t actually enter a phone number if they have no desire of
being called right so you know usually you’re gonna generate a lead that’s a
lot more serious when you do that so it’s definitely one thing you can
implement with your lead magnets now again what should your lead magnet
actually be so I kind of touched on it a little bit but you want to focus it
around your prospects needs and wants and goals so let’s take for example you
were in the health and wellness niche right so you probably are looking for
people that want to lose weight that want to get fit that want to eat better
have more energy all these different things right so an effective lead magnet
you could create could be like a workout guide or an eating plan or
this journal right you figure out something that is going to help them
reach their goal faster and again in this case losing weight faster could be
an example so you put together a 10-day workout video series right and so you
give that away in exchange for your target markets name email phone number
ideally and again that’s going to help you start to generate a high-quality
lead now how do you actually create these products right so it’s actually
very simple especially if you’re just getting new typically I recommend using
like an e-book or a PDF guide or an audio training or a video series as your
lead magnet that you’re giving away because for most of these if you’ve got
a computer if you have internet access you can create these lead magnets very
quickly especially if you have a smartphone then you’re on board with the
audio training or the video series as well so it’s very simple to create these
different lead magnets if you got a smartphone you just flip it up right and
you start recording now you’ve got a video series you do multiple videos
solving some kind of problem helping your audience get to the next level
pretty simple right you do an audio training most phones have a voice
recording app if not download them there are tons of them that are free right so
you can create an audio training that way and then as far as like an e-book or
a PDF guide same deal hop on to Google Docs hop on to Microsoft Word you write
yourself an e-book you save it as a PDF now you have an e-book right and so
what’s cool with all these different things you can just hop onto Google
Drive it’s make a shareable link for them you set it up where it’s basically
anyone that has the link can access that and now we basically you have your lead
magnet that you can deliver so throughout your email series you’re
gonna set up an email autoresponder I’ll kind of touch on that a bit later but
once somebody opts in they enter their name and email you can have this now
info product this course this training this free giveaway that you’ve created
your lead magnet delivered to them simply through that link on Google Drive
so it’s a pretty cool way to start generating targeted leads for affiliate
marketing now on top of that one mistake I find a lot of people make is that they
don’t position their lead magnet and a way that’s actually attractive to
their audience that they’re building right you know a lot of people will make
like a newsletter which is great you know I have a newsletter I send out you
know ongoing training and tips like that but that’s not really what gets people
on to the list because you want a lead magnet that’s actually enticing that
they want and that’s how you’re gonna start to generate leads for affiliate
marketing now again positioning is a huge factor because a lot of people just
talk about what their lead magnet is right I have an e-book okay cool right
how does that separate your ebook from you know thousands of other ebooks out
there it doesn’t really do a whole lot right so instead of explaining like the
features of your free giveaway it’s a ten-hour audio training it’s a eight-day
video series cool they don’t include those things but focus on what’s in it
for your lead what’s in it for your potential customer what’s in it for the
person that’s actually going to download and access your lead magnet so talk
about the benefits talk about how it’s gonna help that person and that’s gonna
go a long way to help you get more leads for your affiliate marketing business
the next step that you want to do now that you’ve created your lead magnet is
setting up a sales funnel system so if you’re brand new and you’re just getting
started in affiliate marketing and promoting things online a sales funnel
system is a cool way to do it because typically a lot of people starting an
affiliate marketing business or just entering the business world right you
probably don’t have a huge background in like graphic design or website design or
coding or anything like that so creating web pages in a website from scratch is
something that most people don’t know how to do right or again it’s
time-consuming it’s costly all these different factors we’re with a sales
funnel system it allows you to take already done for you templates that are
in place just basically customize it to your specific lead magnet your niche
your offers and now you’ve got a website in place you can start to drive traffic
to and this can really help you start bringing in quality leads as well as
sales and signups on autopilot for your business so if you’d like to learn more
about setting up a sales funnel system and taking actually a free trial I’ve
got link in the description below so just
head on below this video and check out that description for a sales funnel
system that I recommend and you’ll actually be able to get your first 14
days for free of that as well so definitely check that out in the
description below the next step that you want to do is setting up an email
autoresponder to basically deliver your lead magnet like I talked about and then
also integrate with your sales funnel system and so basically an email
autoresponder when somebody enters their name and email on your capture page that
you’ve set up to deliver your lead magnet you can set up an email series
within this email autoresponder that will just automatically deliver your
lead magnet to them send them that link to your Google Drive like I talked about
earlier and then it provides that value on top of that you can set up an email
series that goes out that continues to provide value to that new subscriber and
then also promotes your affiliate products so as you’re generating these
leads for your affiliate marketing business not everyone is going to buy
immediately the first time they see your sales page or the first time they see
your offer but what happens for a lot of people is they send a lot of traffic
just to their sales pages and if somebody doesn’t make a purchase the
likelihood that they’re gonna come back and purchase later is very low so you
want to have a system and it like an email autoresponder like a sales funnel
system where you can actually capture their information and continue to
remarket to that person on an ongoing basis you know you look at the long term
like I said most people they jump on your website your sales page for the
first time they don’t buy well if they never come back they never get you know
another email blasts another thing that draws them back to your page back to
your sales page they’re probably not going to buy so this is where email
marketing and using an email autoresponder is very powerful because
you can continue to send out content that serves that audience that builds
that relationship and then again scatter your affiliate product promotions
throughout these emails right and so then what happens when timings right for
these people they end up buying from you versus just some random person on the
Internet right because you have that relationship with this person so
definitely set up an email autoresponder to get better
and implement this strategy for selling affiliate products and generating leads
if you actually like to get a free 30-day trial of an email autoresponder I
recommend check out the link in the description below as well and you can
sign up for that and get your first 30 days for free and
start setting up this basic system for your business now that you’ve kind of
got all the foundation that you need to start building a successful affiliate
marketing business let’s hop into the strategies that you want to use so the
first one is going to be video marketing and why video marketing is so important
it’s one of the best ways to develop trust and rapport and credibility with
your audience like I mentioned earlier right people do business with people
that they know like and trust people want to do business with people and
video marketing is one of the best ways to develop that relationship because
they can actually see you right you know especially if you’re doing live video
it’s the closest thing to actually being there in person with that person they’re
gonna see your mannerisms you know get a sense of your personality learn more
about who you actually are and this is a very powerful strategy because it helps
develop that relationship with your viewers I kind of almost makes you like
a celebrity you know in some sense and so people like to do business with
people that they know like and trust and so again video marketing is one of
the best ways to do that now you also may be wondering okay I’m
gonna do video marketing great but what format do I actually follow what do I
talk about in my videos that’s gonna actually generate affiliate leads and
affiliate sales for my business well there’s really a simple four-step system
that you want to follow to get results with your video marketing I first
learned this from mark harbert another great video marketer out there and
basically it goes that you have four steps to build an effective video that’s
gonna generate leads and sales through affiliate marketing so the first step is
having an intro right that one’s really simple you just say who you are most
people that see your video for the first time they come to your content they
check out your page they have no idea who you are right so definitely say who
you are typically I say hey this is Mike from coach Mike McDonald calm right if
you don’t have your own website set up I definitely recommend you do get one but
if you don’t yet that’s totally fine you can say we’re
you’re from I could be like hey this is Mike from Minneapolis Minnesota or again
you could say what company you work with hey this is Mike with XYZ company all
great options but have an intro tell people who you are the second step is to
ask some site type of question throw a hook out there right you want to engage
your viewer immediately when they see your video so one of the best ways to do
this is asking a question in relation to a pain point helping them reach a goal
faster solve a problem answering a common question right so I could be like
you struggle with making videos and are just not sure with what to talk about in
your videos to get results well today’s video I’m going to cover you know four
simple steps to create a great video that’s going to engage your audience so
stay tuned right so that could be your little intro and asking a question now
the third step is pretty simple you just deliver on that question right so
whatever you ask them whatever you told him you’re gonna talk about you just
talk about it right so that’s your content pretty simple in that aspect the
fourth step is having a call to action which is just telling somebody to do
something again not super crazy but a lot of people leave this out of their
videos they leave this out of their content that they’re creating but this
is where you’re gonna start to really generate leads for your affiliate
marketing business because you’re telling people to either go to a sales
page so you’re driving traffic to that or you’re driving them to a capture page
with your sales funnel system and your email autoresponder and that’s where
you’re gonna start to generate leads build that audience build that email
list and again you can continue to remarket to those people and what’s
really cool too with video marketing is its evergreen content so you can make a
video once and it can continue to work for you over and over and over again
24/7 forever so it’s very powerful because every video you put out it’s
just another billboard out there to drive traffic to your offers to generate
leads and sales for your business on autopilot so especially if you’re
building your business part-time you can make a video once it’ll work for you
forever and so while you’re doing other things
spending time with your family working your job you know work in your business
all these things can be working for you in conjunction with the other efforts
that you’re doing elsewhere we’ll bring in money which is pretty
sweet all right you know the next step the another strategy you want to use is
actually blogging you know why blogging is so important and effective strategy
for affiliate marketing is that you own it right you know all these other social
media platforms are great I’m not gonna say don’t do those because you should
and he’ll actually cover some more coming up
but blogging is very important because you own it so as you create content you
make that your hub that’s where you store all your content because you own
it it can’t get shut down it can’t go out of style and it’s something that you
can brand to you and it’s really just a long-term asset that you can build up
another cool aspect with blogging is that you can capitalize on evergreen
content like I mentioned earlier you can write a blog post once and it will
continue to work for you but also it capitalizes on search engine marketing
right so as you master SEO or search engine optimization you can create
content that people are actually looking for and this is very important because
sometimes you can certainly drive traffic in a quantity fashion right try
and market to everyone you’re gonna get leads and sales here and there but
that’s not ideal right so if you market to a specific niche and target market
and capitalize on SEO or things that they’re actually looking and searching
for that traffic that comes in is going to be super highly targeted so when they
do become a lead they’re a lot more likely to to begin with because you’re
actually speaking to the right person but then when they actually do opt in
and become a lead for your affiliate marketing business they’re highly
targeted so the likelihood that they’re buying is very high another cool
strategy that you want to implement with your blog it’s actually using a PS line
so basically at the end of every blog post you just have a PS line and this is
pretty much your call to action like I talked about in your video marketing so
this is just where you tell them to do something or you throw out an offer and
again like all the content you’re creating on other platforms lead with
the 80/20 rule where 80% of your posts 80% of your content is value based and
then 20% is leading to an offer and so with this PS line this can be driving
traffic to a capture page a sales page helping them become a lead
you know subscribing to your you you channel whatever the case might be
your PS line is just another cool way to drive traffic and generate leads and
sales for your affiliate marketing business another super effective
strategy to get leads for affiliate marketing is with Instagram now really
the foundation to social media marketing including Instagram is having a solid
profile so I’m actually gonna throw up my profile on the screen here so you can
see what it looks like but basically the idea behind it is that you want to talk
a little bit about yourself you know who you are and then who you serve right so
for me I’m like oh I’m a nerd I’m a gamer I’m a business coach I help people
create a profitable business from home right so that’s how I help people that’s
who I am a little bit of business side about me a little bit of fun side right
I’m a nerd I like to travel different things like that you know you might say
hey I’m a fun-loving mom entrepreneur world traveler do I help people create a
lifestyle of their dreams right so that could be another option to in your
profile obviously I’m not a mom but you know take what applies to you and come
up with a profile that talks about who you are what you do for your audience
how you help them on top of that you want to have a link in your bio going to
something that you can generate a lead with or you know make income list so you
go to capture page one of your sales funnels your lead magnet offer and then
simply have that in your bio so as people check you out as you follow them
as they see your content and they come to your profile gives them a lot of
options to become a lead through Instagram so this is a very powerful
strategy in the content that you want to put up you know as you can see on the
pictures here right you know it’s life style and value and then you have a
small percentage again the 80/20 rule is going to be promoting something to
either buy or become a lead but again at each post you can say hey check out the
link in my bio to you know access this free training to subscribe to my youtube
channel whatever it might be to drive traffic to generate leads and sales for
your affiliate marketing business another really great effective strategy
that actually works to generate leads is over on Twitter so it’s the same kind of
deal with Instagram I’ll throw up a picture of my profile
here right so same idea you can actually come here you’re gonna provide value to
your audience you’re gonna have your profile set up talking about who you are
how you help people you can have a link there that’s going to you know your site
it could go to a capture page but one of the most effective strategies I’ve found
with Twitter is actually using the pinned tweet at the top of your profile
page to drive traffic to an affiliate offer or drive traffic to a capture page
to start generating leads because any time you follow someone every time
somebody follows you you know you send them a direct message they retweet
something of yours they like a post of yours right
all these different engagement activities a lot of people especially if
they’re seeing you for the first time are gonna go ahead and check out your
profile and so with your pin tweet and you have that going to an actual capture
page or a way to generate a lead it’s going to get a lot of exposure on an
ongoing basis so set up that pin tweet to actually be something that drives
traffic to a lead magnet to a capture page it’s one of the most effective
strategies to generate leads for affiliate marketing and your business
and then finally I mentioned it throughout this video as well
email marketing is a very powerful strategy that works to promote affiliate
marketing products and get leads you know it’s kind of funny even though
somebody’s already kind of on your list as a lead you can generate leads through
that list again right so maybe you have a general free giveaway that’s helping
people with online marketing or I know I have a post that you know teaches people
how to write blogs effectively I’ve got a lead magnet that teaches people how to
start an affiliate marketing business right so I’ve got all these different
options but what’s cool is that when you write an email you can actually use that
same PS line strategy from blogging and then drive people to become leads for
other things that you promote right so I might write a PS line and be like hey do
you struggle with inviting people to check out your business you know I did a
free training on my inviting mastery method where I walk people through what
to say and how to say it you know click here to get access to it so that might
be like a PS line in my email this is another very
powerful strategy like I talked about still leading with the 8020 rule
lead with value in your email blast 20% is that sales and promotions you can do
that without being offensive or pushy right you just use that PS line that can
be a sales place to talk about and then also as you build that email list and
again with the email marketing and email autoresponder and gives you that option
to continue to remarket to that list build that relationship and again you
know when somebody knows likes and trusts you and has a relationship with
you the likelihood that they’re gonna buy your program goes up significantly
so again guys hopefully you got some benefit and value out of this video you
know let me know in the comments below is there any other affiliate marketing
strategies you guys use that you found to get great results definitely let me
know in the comments below and then like I said feel free to comment and share if
you got some benefit and value out of this video and then also be sure to
subscribe to our Channel and hit that Bell notification as well to get more
tips and training to help you build a profitable business from home and if you
are you know struggling in affiliate marketing maybe you’re looking to
promote something else or maybe you don’t even have an affiliate marketing
business yet but you want to start one definitely check out the link below this
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and make money from home with affiliate marketing so again if you want to access
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com forward slash success but once again guys thanks so much for tuning in we’ll
talk to you more soon

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