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affiliate marketing made easy
This is Peyton from profit daylight and today we want to talk about affiliate marketing made easy So in order to do that, we are gonna talk about I print a training program called stealth commissions So what is stealth Commissions stealth Commission is an over-the-shoulder video training course which will give you the product creators take on how to Get traffic by ranking videos on the first page of YouTube If you are outside there, you want to get started with affiliate marketing you want an easy way to start with affiliate marketing definitely General created videos on YouTube is one of the easiest ways affiliate marketing made easy YouTube is in its prime time right now and It’s easy. It was fairly easy to rank on YouTube for very specific keywords in any niche I’m gonna show you that in the bonus section that I have If you decide to get started with stell commissions, I have some bonuses that I will send you One of them talks specifically about how you can Get low competition keywords inside of you two. I’m going to talk about that a little bit now, but Yeah, this course will help you to get started in easy way in YouTube so this is not a course that primarily focuses on making money by targeted product review keywords, although there’s going to be explaining the chords in a later video, but What you will be getting which tell Commission is an out of the box Keyword method which you can use to rank videos get traffic and make money in any niche as I was telling you earlier So yeah, you will see my videos. My bonus video was going to tell you exactly how do you go after those low competition keywords? And we are going to be focusing on ranking videos for something called long tail keywords Because they are the fastest and easiest way to get to page number one in YouTube and start Get in traffic and cash. We’re all looking for cash and you’re looking for an easy way to get started as an affiliate marketer marketer
affiliate marketing made easy so with that said, let me just go ahead and Show you my bonuses. I have five unique Custom-made bonuses if you decide to go with stell commissions using the link in the description of this video I will send you all these videos so the first one is actually how to Create your very first video recording your screen with a free tool now This bonus is not Taught inside the training area of stock Commission. It’s just a separate video that I have made So I’m just throwing it inside there. It’s very easy is a free tool It’s very easy to use and I’m going to show you exactly what you need to do to Record your screen if you don’t want to come out on camera or if you want to get your face outside there in camera Well, this is OK for you
affiliate marketing made easy I’m gonna show you how to record your screen with a free tool my second video here and this is going to be the best video or the best bonus in my bonus pack This bonus tutorial is gonna you’re gonna watch me Find in low competition keyword in hot niches inside of YouTube Now the information that is inside Module number two of stealth Commission’s cover the tools that I am using here in this bonus video nevertheless I am going further far and beyond the explanation that is provided in the training And I’m showing you exactly how you can get those low competition keywords, but not only low competition but keywords that also Be in search for currently. So in other words today Yesterday to three days ago one week ago. You want to focus on getting those keywords and you want to make sure that they have low competition and I’m gonna show you exactly how to do that in my a second bowline So you want to stay tuned to that now my third bonus here is gonna tell you Four types of keywords that convert these keywords or by air keywords that are proven to convert Big-time, so if you creating videos you definitely want to start with You know what the real powerful keywords that people are already looking for. What are those? Well, I’m gonna explain in this Tutorial how to get those four types of keywords that convert then my fault bonus is talking about a little trick that I used to find Hundreds of seed words for free it’s very easy, and it’s very quick in module. Number four. He also goes through A tool to find keywords nevertheless. I’m providing you a second tool Which you can also use to find seed keywords very very quickly And then with those keywords, you can go to youtube and do further search using the information in bonus number two, and then finally my bonus for you is two hundred and ninety five proven headlines to skyrocket your conversions and These headlines have already been tested by hundreds of people that are making money online So there you go. This bonus is also for you two hundred ninety-five proven headlines to skyrocket Yo conversions Okay, so now let’s see exactly. What is set inside stealth Commission? It says he’s revealing a simple method you can use to make one hundred and fifty three dollars and 20 cents per day on autopilot and as I have said before When you see income claims on a website Is definitely true But it does not necessarily mean that you’re gonna do that money actually Majority of the times that the product creators put income claims You know, it did work for them the method did work for them But I can say without a shadow of a doubt if you really put the time into This training cores this brief training course, you will definitely be able to start generating money I can’t tell you exactly there’s gonna be one hundred fifty three dollars It could be less it could be more but yes, you are gonna be able to start making consistent money It talks about twenty seven minutes per day You know, it could be it could be more as well if you’re getting started. It depends on Somewhat on how expert you are and doing certain things not everybody is the same but it definitely is something that you can do like a Part-time or maybe about an hour a day view Devote at least an hour or two hours a day and you start putting into practice all the things that you learn in this training You will definitely get to a point where you start making on generating consistent money every single day so Is 100% free traffic you don’t need to pay for any ads and yes, I can confirm that It’s quick and easy newbie friendly method and You know, he’s gonna take you step-by-step through the whole method it works in any niche Actually the bonus video that I have that I talked to you earlier about I am showing you how to get hot Inside a hot needs how to get keywords and is not inside to make money online niche So yes, it does work in any any niche you can make money as Little as 24 hours. That’s What he’s claiming and it’s possible he’s proven that he did make money in 24 hours But I will you know just say don’t pay attention to this not because it’s lie But I’m just trying to set your expectations properly I don’t want anybody to come into this course You know whenever wrong expectations so that does not imply once more that you cannot make money in 24 hours But in the majority of the times he is gonna take some work is gonna take some base It’s gonna take some weeks for you to get everything together and start that the secret here is to be consistent the secret here is to be very consistent day after day with this method and you we’ll be growing and you will be generating money Soon so a scalable passive income it grows month after month As I said just be consistent and focus on only one thing You can be a rookie you can be a little more experienced whatever you are doesn’t really matter. I Just wanted to show you this other section of the sales page to confirm that you don’t have to you know Go into any Facebook Ads. You don’t have to go for Bing traffic Here it talks about working about one hour a day and yes You can schedule your time to work one every one hour. If you have a little more time, you can definitely try that too But it’s you know, it’s so simple that you can program your time to you know do little tasks Every single day and you will get in some sort of results You don’t need to create your own products you are gonna rely on other people’s product to make money and You don’t need to go through a long and less course full of theory. And that is true. I’m going to show you inside the Members area right now so that you can see exactly how stealth Commission is all about and what you will be learning inside there Okay, so here we are inside the Area where I’m gonna get access to the training stealth Commission and I’m gonna go through module by module to let you know exactly what is Included and how many videos and how long it will take? So this is the welcome Overview video takes about ten minutes to watch then we have the modules down here They are nine modules plus a bonus module which has additional four videos and this bonus module So let’s start by mob Module number one it only has one video and it covers long tail keywords The videos are going to take you about eight minutes to watch then module number two talks about activating your YouTube channel and all the things that you need in order to begin a channel that Creates or gets traffic. So there are several things that you need to do in Doing this so this there’s only one video in this module as well as gonna take you about ten minutes Then module number three is word a good part of the course begins actually I’m not saying module. Number one or number two is not good, but you know the Great content is taught in here in module number three It has four videos. It’s gonna take you about an hour to watch These videos actually the whole course is gonna take you about Five hours and a half to six hours. I would say to watch you know when you stop and continue you take notes I will recommend that you watch all the videos firs and you take notes and then maybe Watch them again and start to implement the information but module three talks about customizing your YouTube channel, so they are actually four videos inside there then module number 4 talks about Digging for long tail keywords that is where he discloses the method and the tools that he uses To get those long tail keywords and remember in the bonus section in my bonuses that I will give you if you get sell Commission’s using the link in the description of this video I go deeper on these tools that are Explained here in module number four and I tell you exactly how you can get Longtail keywords with low competition and that are being searched for right now. So that is very important you not only Want to get longtail keywords with low competition But you want to make sure that they are being searched for right now Like yesterday like two days ago, like one week ago like one month ago. You want to make sure that there’s traffic Around that keyword and that is what I go into detail in my special bonus bonus number two Which you would get if you purchase tel Commission’s using the link in the description of this video, so let’s continue to module number Five has one video and it talks about What you should do in your very first video and he also covers another example About digging for longtail keywords. So module number five is like a continuation of module number four But he also talks about what you should how you structure your very first video what you should say right, then module number six also has one videos about ten minutes long and He talks about videos video intros and outros. And this is something that will let your channel look much more professional He’s gonna tell you exactly how to go or how to get intros and outros to your videos that mandatory but you know It makes your channel look very very professional Then module number seven has five videos. It will take you about an hour to watch all these videos and He talks about on-page SEO What you need to do with that video for it to rank
affiliate marketing made easy Module number eight talk about off page SEO. So module seven and eight Those are the modules that cover What you need to do to boost the videos, right? So you want to pay attention to those two modules module number eight only has one video takes about 14 minutes more and less and then module number nine he wraps up everything and he gives some expectations that we shall follow along with our knowledge that You know we got from his training. We need to have the right expectations when we are gonna go outside here and start creating these videos Remember we’re talking about an easy We just taught affiliate marketing but even though even so you need to have the right expectations in order to succeed then in The bonus section here. He talks about Additional ways that you can grow as an affiliate. All right, I’m gonna leave that and I’m gonna just leave that there but you will learn additional ways to grow as an affiliate about two or three other techniques or tactics He goes kind of deep inside of them. So you want to take that as an extra? from these Nine modules. So there you go. This is what is included inside of stealth commissions So definitely at this point you are wondering what is tell Commission’s how much it’s gonna cost you so It’s just gonna cost you $15 ok $14.95. Yes. There is one upsell and two upsells. Actually. I’m going to go through that information here, but when you pick up still Commission’s using the link in the description of This video or when you open the link in the description of this video you will see this information So you can go ahead and do it right now. But the the the prize for stole Commission is $14.95 and you know, it includes all the bonus all the videos that you that I just taught you about in the different modules and a PDF So you’ll get all those videos and about let’s say about five hours and a half of training for $14.95 is really not bad. He’s gonna give you solid knowledge and how to get started easily as an affiliate marketer so upset number one is Gonna be $27 all upsells are Are not mandatory so you don’t have to go for it, but if you are inside the make money online niche Then you will find value in picking up bonus. Sorry upsell. Number one, you’ll definitely find value and picking up this first upsell because it includes a secret list of keywords that he has used to rang and To make money and get traffic now I have those keywords and I can confirm that they are low competition I’ve been making emphasis on this video and low competition Yes You want to make sure that you are looking for low competition that you’re going after low competition keywords And the list of keywords that you will get Additionally in absolute number one the majority of them. I will say like the 95 or 96 percent of them are low competition keywords So That is the first thing you will get inside up. So number one, then he’s gonna give you guaranteed approval to promote all five of his jvzoo products which have generated a total of twenty Two hundred and twenty two thousand dollars in Commission. So he has other products that he sells on jvzoo It’s gonna give you approval to promote those products If you have already tried making money on jvzoo, you know, this is not easy to get approval to Promote products, especially if you are just starting out and you don’t have any sales record But here you go If you get upset number one He’s gonna give you approval to promote other products that he has and not only that but he’s gonna give you instant Commission’s for those Products which is good because when you get it started if you get approval They will usually put you on delayed Commission, which means that if you make a sale Then you’ll get the the pavement in at least 30 to 45 days But he’s giving you guaranteed approval and he’s giving you instant Commission. So if you make a sale for One of those five products you get paid immediately and that’s very good And a selection of bonus is created and designed by the product creator, which you can give To get incentive to get other people to purchase your product so Then he also talks about 30 days of email Screenshots consultancy. Yeah, that is true as well You can send him some questions that you have and he will give you a cordis thirty days of you know consultancy So that’s pretty good for upsell. Number one an upsell. Number two is gonna be 47 dollars You know absolu Includes a top-secret method used by the product creator to rank on first pages of Google quickly, so not only on YouTube but on Google as well and that’s for keywords that actually make money so this Is very important as well? If you want to you know jumpstart your success, you can go ahead and pick up this second upsell as well This method complements the front end offer by giving video rankings a boost on YouTube as well. So Google ranking and YouTube ranking that’s included with Upsell number two for forty seven dollars over the shoulder case study guide of him using the method to rank on Google You will get to see exactly how he does it including the keywords. He uses and where he sends People once they find this content So that’s very very powerful and finally video headline debrief is a bonus video where he shares how to come up with video titles which grab people’s attention And compel them to click watch and buy so this last aspect of upsell number two definitely complements my My video my bonus here. I’m giving you two hundred and ninety five Video headlines ready to use so you can complement that With this other part of upsell number two for forty seven dollars. So that is that exactly what you will get with stealth commissions All right so now you know exactly what’s tell Commission is all about and how it works if you are looking for a Way to get started with affiliate marketing easy I will definitely suggest you to start with YouTube YouTube is in its prime time right now and it’s easy to get a rankings for Keywords specially especially if you go for longtail keywords and very specific niches So all of that is explained with stealth commissions and with the bonuses that I have so you can go ahead and pick up shtetl commissions using the link in the description of this video and you will get all those bonuses once you complete a purchase so I want to appreciate you for your time, and I’ll talk to you later

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