Affiliate Marketing Make Big Bucks

The way most people approach affiliate marketing
is an approach that they take for granted. They think they will have instant success
� because that�s what the gurus have told them � and because of
this, their dreams get immediately deflated when they see a lack
of sales in their inbox. These people try all kinds of affiliate programs
and struggle to make money. They try Clickbank, Commission Junction,,
Ebay, and even porn sites (convinced that this will
be the easiest route to success lol) � but in all reality, they
struggled to get 1 simple sale per month. Because of this, they leave the online industry
and look for other avenues to make money from home. Some try to pawn items for a living, some
try flea markets, some try direct mail and mail order, some try MLM
and network marketing, some try Ebay and Amazon, and very
few actually try starting their own website again in � but
in a different niche. Sadly in all occasions, they still fail. Why?
Well it could be for a few reasons. The first reason could
be the niche they�re promoting in. With affiliate marketing, it�s
easy to craft out a niche for yourself and become an instant and
obvious expert in your niche. All you have to do is build an audience, market
to them over and over again, then get sales. That easy. Another reason people fail with affiliate
marketing is because they don�t know how to get traffic to their
site. Traffic generation is something that many people struggle
with � and I can�t blame them for not knowing what to
do. Traffic can be tough. When I first got started,
the only way I knew how to get traffic to my site is with
PPC advertising. PPC advertising is great, but in some niches
it can be expensive. Combine this with affiliate marketing, and
you will probably earn very little money (assuming if you�re promoting
a product around $30 � which is something a lot of people
do). But this is not a good idea. You will earn
very little money from each sale, and depending on the PPC cost for
acquiring the customer � your profits will get cut even
more. Sell a product around $300, and your luck may change. Affiliate marketing has many dimensions, and
there are many ways to make money with it. If you�re in a situation
where you aren�t earning any money, keep pushing, and keep
striving to make money. It�ll happen sometime. Just don�t give
up on your dream. I hope you enjoyed this video.
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