Affiliate Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

What is going on guys my name is Anthony
Villa welcoming you back to yet another video here on the channel where today
guys I’m gonna be telling you all the affiliate marketing mistakes that I want
you to avoid guys I’ll be talking about a few mistakes here that I made
personally our friends and mine have made but the main point is these are
mistakes that I want you guys to avoid making in the future because guys this
will save you a lot of time energy headaches and money especially money
guys I lost a lot of money doing some of these mistakes I don’t want you guys did
you go through the same thing so as in just a minute I’m gonna dive into my
computer and show you guys all the mistakes I want you to avoid but before
we get into that guys if this is the first time you watch one of my videos
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guys we’re gonna dive into my computer right now and start this video off
alright guys we know in my computer as you can see on my whiteboard affiliate
marketing mistakes to avoid I have four things on the left here I’m gonna go
through each and every single one of these and explain to you the mistake
that I made or my friends are made and how you guys can avoid it in the future
with that being said guys I’m not gonna waste any of your time your time is
valuable my time is valuable I’m gonna move the box down right now
the first thing I want you guys to avoid is do not believe everybody who claims
to be a guru guys this is such a problem I see for a lot of the beginners
nowadays because there are so many fake gurus online I mean it’s know everything
claiming to know the secrets like $10,000 days any guys it’s simply not
the truth a lot of these people have absolutely no idea what they’re talking
about and they’re really just scamming people they’re tricking people into
listening to them or even selling them products that cost hundreds of dollars
that really aren’t gonna do anything for them now guys I really hate seeing this
because I hate seeing beginners fall into the same trap over and over there
were a lot of these like fake people online who claims to know everything who
really have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about you know I mean
there are some people that claim to be experts in the space when in reality
they’ve only been doing it for like a month or two and they just wanna make
some quick cash by selling some you know some course on somewhat on whatever
topic yes they can make some quick cash so with that being
said guys to avoid that you only want to do some research into who you’re
following if you’re actually following this person and if you’re considering
especially if you’re considering filing a course from somebody you want to look
into like what who they are what they do the results that they get and you wanna
make sure they have true and proven results maybe if they have prior
students who had success before you know some success stories those are things
that will actually verify the authenticity of this person whether
actually really about what they say they’re about and they’re actually
making the money they say they’re making or if there’s putting up false claims
and fake screenshots and also other stuff in order to deceive people into
thinking that they’re really a guru when they really have no idea what they’re
talking about guys so number one don’t believe everybody who claims to be a
guru do you research actually look into these people and make sure they’re
getting the results that they say they’re getting all might seem a little
bit easy but guys I see people fall into the same trap over and over again and I
don’t want you guys to as well with that being said that’s the first mistake done
I’m gonna pull the Box down a little more to reveal the second one which is
gonna be do not spend absurd amounts of money on courses as a beginner know guys
I’m one of the biggest people to tell you and I preach this all the time to
invest in education invest in yourself and to invest in courses but guys as a
beginner it might not be the greatest move because guys some of these courses
that are online well for three hundred five hundred the $1,000 $2,000 I’ve seen
covert yourself or five thousand dollars as a beginner that’s not something you
need as a beginner in pretty much any space the information that you’re really
looking for is gonna be the most basic entry level beginner information and
majority of times that information is gonna be available on the internet on
YouTube on Facebook somewhere completely for free so as there’s no reason for you
to buy you know beginner courses just look up the information for free of
course guys you can still buy ones but I would not recommend spending absurd
amounts of money there are courses on you know like udemy where Skillshare
it’ll cost you like 10 15 20 dollars that’s fine guys you know buy one of
those more power to you but jungle is spending $500 thousand dollars on a
course as a beginner because guys especially if you don’t even know if you
like the top again or not guys that’s like somebody getting into Shopify who’s
never had a Shopify store before it’s their first time in drop shipping and
they go out and spend like $2,000 on course they find out they don’t even
like dropshipping they hate Shopify and they just spent $2,000 intercourse then
I’m gonna get back that’s a bad investment guys that’s why I want you
guys to avoid making a mistake like that of course if you want to purchase any
course to see research beforehand actually make sure there’s something you
really want to get into and always saying you guys invest your money wisely
we’re spending absurd amounts of money in the beginning it’s not something that
you’re really fully prepared commit to or that being said that’s a pretty
simple one guys that’s pretty self-explanatory don’t go spending
ridiculous amounts of money on courses as a beginner that’s mistake number two
moving on our mistake number three pull a box down a little more and that’s
gonna be don’t quit because the results aren’t instant hi guys I see this one
probably more than anything else guys I see so many people coming into the
affiliate marketing space online business any type of like digital
marketing space I see people come in they try for maybe two weeks maybe a
month maybe even like two months you don’t get the results they want they
give up they quit and they say you know it wasn’t for me and they move on to the
next thing you know I mean and they want a Shopify name one too like social media
marketing anymore instead of doing email marketing and just kind of cycle through
every online business that you can is because they keep giving up too early
guys results are not instant online business is not a get-rich-quick scheme
I hear people say that because it really isn’t guys anybody who really does
online business and is actually successful with it will tell you that
things do not happen overnight you know I feel your marketing businesses don’t
just like sprout up overnight top five stories don’t just become million-dollar
stories overnight a lot of the time when people are posting these screenshots of
these huge numbers they’ve been doing it for a long time you guys probably see in
the Facebook groups all the time you know these super affiliates that are
putting up like twenty thousand dollars in a day or these Shopify stores and
they’re making like a hundred thousand dollars in a week and a lot of times
guys this obviously is like their first week doing this they’ve been doing this
for months if not years guys that’s the thing the results aren’t instant so you
can’t expect them to be a lot of people come into online business with the
mindset they’re gonna come in the first week they’re gonna crank out like a
thousand dollars in profit by the end of the month they’re gonna have like ten
thousand dollars in sales they may be planning on buying the new and BMW by
the end of the year and guys it’s really not like that all the time of course you
and I hear stories you’re in there people coming in and making a lot of
very fast but for the most part guys making money online is not a
get-rich-quick scheme anybody who tells you it is is lying and
you should not listen them because guys I’m telling you right now I’m gonna be
transparent with you guys it takes time energy hard work and a lot of focus to
actually build up one of these businesses to the point that it’s really
successful so guys I’m really not trying to discourage you here at all I want you
to pursue online business and I want you to be successful
but I have to be upfront at the same time and so you guys are results aren’t
instant it’s not gonna happen in the first week
the first two weeks probably even the first month as some of these businesses
can take like six months to a year to really get off the ground because it’s
definitely worth it to build a business that’s gonna be making you money month
after month maybe even in a passive way or you can just chill at home in your
living room on your laptop working from home it’s really the dream guys so it’s
really worth it to spend like six to twelve months building up this business
so that you can actually reap the rewards later on guys you’ll never see
any results at all if you quit too early so I just stick with it I know it can be
hard you got to fight through those rough times just keep going that covers
that guys that’s a derp mistake to avoid don’t quit too early moving on to the
next one I want to pull the Box down for the last time is get it all the way out
of the way and guys the fourth thing I’m gonna say is do not blow your entire ab
budget on to the first week if you have an ab budget at all
I’ve definitely done less myself maybe not like an entire ad budget but I’ve
definitely blown hundreds of dollars of my ad budget in like a week on just
things that did not pay off as well as I hoped and that’s why it was a mistake
guys see I did not get the return on I did not get the return on the investment
that I was looking for unfortunately I lost a good amount of money that’s why I
don’t want you guys to make the same mistake a horse you guys a flight
marketing can be exciting online business can be exciting you want your
new business to just take off as soon as it can oh you go ahead and spend a lot
of money on ads don’t play it return to my profits but as a beginner if you
don’t know what you’re doing it can definitely be a mistake and you can lose
a lot of money so to avoid that just trying to boil your entire ad budget on
the first week try to budget it out over like the course were a few weeks or a
month if you can if you have an ad budget at all if you don’t that’s a
completely different story well that’s definitely mistake that I’ve made guys I
definitely do not want you to make the same one that one’s pretty
self-explanatory I don’t need to go into much detail on
that one guys but those are my top for affiliate marketing mistakes to avoid
that’s pretty much the video wrapped up if you guys enjoyed it definitely drop a
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and with that being said my name is Anthony Villa I will see you guys in the
next one I am out


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