Affiliate Marketing Niche Ideas – Finding The Right People To Sell To!

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about picking the right customer for your affiliate marketing product but
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come join us, we’d love to see you! So picking the right customer
for your product you might say ‘Well Obi, isn’t that a bit arse-about-face? Shouldn’t I
have a product that I want to promote and THEN I can find the right people for
i?’ Yes you can do that, however I found that it’s a much more difficult way of doing
things. My favourite way of doing things is to find the PEOPLE first and THEN I
find a product that helps them out, because I find once I know the KIND of
people I’m talking to and I know their problems – the rest of it is -it’s not even
selling – it’s just going ‘Here’s this thing’ and they will then kind of just go
‘OMG that solves all my problems!’ Boom! It’s much easier
way than finding a product and then having to work out how to sell it to
people. I’m not a fan of hard work and that seems like TOO much
hard work to me! So this is the way that I do it and it’s so much easier and it kind of gets over that objection that you might have of online
business, which is ‘Well I don’t really want to have to sell though that’s
sleazy.’ Because most people come into this with these kind of
‘MLM’ kind of things, where they feel like they have to like tell everybody and
they’re going to piss off the friends and family because they’re just spraying
links everybody. This gets rid of all of that – you don’t have to do that at
all. So the way that I do it is I think about the kind of people that I want to
be around (apart from Jason Momoa, obviously, he is a very niche market – a market of one and he’s mine) so I think about the sort
of people okay? And and for me this was obvious – okay it’s people like me, it’s
mums ,dads – people who have got other responsibilities. They want to earn
a living online but they don’t know where to start. They’ve got no money to
get started and they’ve got other responsibilities. They haven’t got all
day every day to work because we’ve got kids, we’ve got houses that
won’t clean themselves, we’ve got ice hockey practice you know? I’m
gonna call her ‘Lucy.’ ‘Lucy’ is me… ice hockey –
very expensive sport – so I need to make money online while still being
able to go to the game. Still being able to do all the stuff that I have to do as
a parent. Still be a decent human being and be there for my friends
.I don’t want to go and get a nine-to-five and never see my kids
and miss Sports Day and all the rest of it. So I’m building up a picture of the
kind of people that I want to help. I want to help these people; these are the
people I can identify with. These people I can talk to because I know the kind of
problems that we have. That’s the second step is then you go
and find the problems that these people have. For me it was it was a no-brainer –
we don’t have time, most of the time we don’t have money because we have
children (I would be so rich if I didn’t have children) Last night my son
came to me was like ‘Mum, I need football boots’ so I was like ‘Okay cool.
When do we need these football boots for?’ ‘Tomorrow!’ ‘What?!?’ So I spent
my morning just before school running around, trying to find football
boots – we’ve all been there, you know what I’m talking about! It’s these kind of things that I know the problems – we don’t have time, we don’t
have money , we need to be able to earn money online in the shortest
amount of time possible and it needs to be as passive as possible – because we
haven’t got time to be sitting in front of our laptops bashing away like caged
monkeys! We’ve got other things to be doing! So hopefully this resonates
with you (if so my targeting is spot-on!) so this is what I do. I go onto Facebook
(because everybody’s on Facebook) and I find where these people hang out. So for
example, for me it’s gonna be people like mum groups that
we’re in or its ‘online entrepreneurship’ groups because these the people
have put their hands up and go ‘I am interested in earning income
online’. I look at the kind of products that people like myself already
buy and then I look at where those people hang out and then I listen to
them. I listen to the issues that they’re having with these particular products,
why doesn’t it meet their needs, what are their issues in the first place? For example, let’s take the ice cream shop example okay? You want to find all the Bobs. If you are into your
ice cream, you love ice cream this is the thing for you,
you want to find all the Bob’s who were into ice cream. Where do these people
hang out? well presumably down at the ice cream shop, but also there might be
groups for ice cream lovers. They might follow people like Ben and Jerry’s,
they might have issues because they don’t know where the best ice cream is,
they don’t know how to keep their ice cream, they don’t know how to make ice
cream at home. So these are the issues that you can then find and then
then it’s a case of finding the right product. Remember; right people, right
product smoosh them together and money falls out! So we’re on this side at the minute –
we’re finding the right people. So you want to start getting really REALLY
clear (and the technical term for this is ‘customer avatar’) yeah not like the big
blue guys on the TV – like the Avatar film – we’re talking about
real people. So give your people a name ‘Lucy’, ‘Bob’, ‘Bryan’ and then start
building up a picture of these people and it’s gonna give you the ability to
be able to speak to them on a personal level because you know who you’re
speaking to. You’re not just firing out links at
random – you know exactly who it is that you’re speaking to so you can use the
right language. You can address the right problems. You can relate
to people and they know where you’re coming from. People who are
pushed for time relate to me because they know I know what it’s like – so I can
tell them about things like the football boots first thing in the morning and they go ‘Oh
yeah, I know EXACTLY how that feels!’ whereas I probably wouldn’t be able to
talk to somebody who hasn’t got any kids and lives out in Bali and has all the
time in the world, because we’re in kind of two different spheres there. They
won’t understand my time pressures and I’m like ‘Sitting there with your time
and your pool….’ so we don’t relate, so it’s important that I find the people
that I CAN relate to because it makes it much much easier. So go find
where these people hang out -everybody’s on Facebook or if it’s a more visual
thing they might be on Instagram, they might be on Pinterest. Go hang out with
these people and just observe and you see where you can help people
out. Start building up a bit of a reputation for yourself as being
somebody who can help out with these problems – and do it for free.
Don’t spray links at people just go ‘Hey I see that
you’ve got a problem with this. Well yeah here’s how I dealt with it.’ Then you are going to start
building up that good reputation as being
somebody who knows about these things and then when it comes to you going ‘And
here’s a product.’ people are going to be more likely to know and trust you – but
the first step is to go find those people. So work out who it is that
you are speaking to – is it mums, dads? Is it professionals? is it care workers? is
it guinea pig lovers? is it ice cream fanatics? is it
vampire fans? Believe you me, it doesn’t matter how
niche you think your thing is – I can beat that! I mean I met a guy
recently whose thing is talcum powder. Yeah I know…. I didn’t even know that
you could build a thing around that but you can apparently. He has a massive
group full of people who love talcum powder (go figure)
so doesn’t matter how bizarre you think it is there will be a Facebook group for
it! So go find these people talk to them,
listen, just observe you know pin back your lugholes and and see what they’re telling
you. Maybe their big issue is time ,maybe it’s money ,maybe it’s not
being able to find the right product or maybe all the products on the market so
far don’t fill this particular need. Because then the second step is to then
go FIND the right product and go ‘You know how you said have a problem with
this?’ [Laaaa!] and they’ll go ‘OMG there it is!’ and they’ll all run to it. It makes
things so much easier. So there you have it – that is the first step in your
affiliate marketing journey. To get clear about WHO not the what – that comes
later. Get clear on your who. Who is it that you want to help? Because you are
going to spend a lot of time talking to these people, communicating with them. If you are picking the wrong people you are gonna get real unhappy
real quick, because you are gonna spend time around people who you
consider to be douchebags and you will not like it and it will wear you
down. So make sure that you’re talking to people who you can relate to, who you
want to help because for example if I was gonna go and find like
these Wolf of Wall Street kind of… executives ‘grind grind hustle hustle’
people – I’m not a big fan of that. I’m not going to be able to relate to them,
they’re not gonna be able to relate to me and even if it’s a massive high
commission product I’m gonna have a hard time selling it so which is in turn
gonna burn me out so I’m gonna go find people who I can
relate to I like, who are not douchebags, who have the same weird Monty Python
type humor that I do and I’ll be able to relate to them no problem. Then
it’s a case of finding out what issues they have and then finding products to
sort that out simple as that. So that’s what we’re going to go on to in the next
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