Affiliate Marketing on Instagram | 8 Ways to Make Sales with Instagram Stories

– Hey, it’s LeahRae
from and in this video, I’m
going to show you how to effectively use Instagram
stories to make sales for your affiliate marketing business. So Instagram stories started
within the last few years and have really evolved
since their first conception. It’s really like a whole
nother social media platform housed within Instagram. Instagram stories are
actually really similar in many ways to Stories in
SnapChat or even Facebook. Though there is some neat functionality that makes it unique and a great option for promoting your different offers. Now exactly how you use your stories will really depend on the
number of followers you have. Before you reach 10,000
followers on Instagram, your call to action, what
you want people to do, the next step you want
them to take from a post will be to click the link in
your BIO or to message you, because you’re not gonna have another way to get them a clickable link. Once you have 10,000 followers or more, you unlock this awesome
feature called Swipe Up where people can swipe up on your story and they can send em off to a website. When you create your story,
you just simply can insert a URL or a website into the Story. When people swipe up,
poof, they’re taken off to whatever website you’re
trying to send them to. Obviously, this is great feature because it makes it really easy for people to take that next step of going to your site, so you want to get to 10,000 followers as quickly as possible. Now, if you need to learn how to grow a targeted audience quickly
to get to that 10,000, make sure you join us for
our upcoming free training where you’re gonna go through the a-to-z of Instagram marketing so that you can unlock this feature ASAP. Just click the link. As this video’s ending, just click it. It’s at the top of the
description so that you can get registered. Now, let’s dive into the
different types of posts and different ways you can
make sales through Stories. Number eight. Simply promote content. Say you have some YouTube
videos or some blog posts that when people are
going through the content, they get value, but they
also get a promotion for whatever you’re offer is, awesome. Simply promote those pieces of content through your Instagram story. Have them swipe up to access it, or put the link in your BIO for the day or just tell them to message you. This is a fun story that I
did about teaching people the differences between a online
job and a online business. I told them to swipe up
to access it, simple. Here’s another one
where I used a thumbnail that I had created for YouTube, plugged it in as my story and told them to swipe up to access it. Number seven, answer a
question from your audience or from a customer. Does this product come in environmentally responsible packaging? Now, obviously, you want
to use it as an opportunity to highlight something that is favorable, that makes people want to purchase. Yeah, it comes in environmentally
responsible packaging. Awesome, but tell them the answer, and then tell them how
to take that next step. To swipe up or click on
your bio or whatever that is so that they can purchase. Number six. Provide FAQs. Have you heard a question more
than once about your offer? Awesome, add it to the FAQs, right? You can do an FAQ with
several answers to it or just take tiny little FAQs, have a question and one
answer and that could be one story, something simple
like is this gluten free? Provide the answer and then tell them, give them a CTA of what to do to purchase. Number five, testimonials. These can be super powerful and effective in helping people take the
next step towards purchasing, especially if you’re
promoting a digital course. You know, it’s really cool. You can usually go to
the sales pages on those digital courses and they
often have the testimonials sitting there right there for you to use. Here’s a quick example
of a story that I created that did just this. This was from Josette who
went through our Twitter webinar and got some great results. She gave us a testimonial. I grabbed a little screenshot of it. I put it together in a
story and then I use it to tell people to take the next step to get access to that webinar. This is another testimonial
that we received for our free Facebook
training that we provide. Just threw it together into a story, put it up there telling people what to do to take the next step and to
get access to it themselves. Number four. Coupon codes or promotions. Stories are much more top
of mind than the regular Instagram feed and it’s
a great opportunity to let your audience
know of any promotions or any coupon codes that
they could use that day. Number three, how to tips
that use your product. Say you’re promoting Camtasia, a video editing software. You could do a story featuring
a tip about the software and telling them how to learn more, giving them a CTA, a call to action. If you’re promoting essential oils, provide a recipe for the allergy bomb, telling them all the oils they need and telling them if they
need to purchase these oils, what to do. Go to your bio link,
message you, swipe up, whatever you do. Number two, webinar invites. If you are leveraging
webinars to make sales, Instagram stories is a
great way to invite people to check out your free webinars. This is an Instagram story
that was really quick and simple to put together
and just telling people the benefit of what
the webinar is gonna be and what to do to get registered. And our final and number one way to make sales for Instagram stories is showing the product or service in use. Showing a sneak peek of the digital course behind the scenes of the software in use, of the physical product
that you’re promoting. People love behind the scenes. It’s a great method in
general to use for stories, but especially when it
comes to promoting a product that they’re kind of
already interested in, it is a great way to
actually show them it in use. So when you log into that digital course, take a picture with yourself
and the course behind showing you using it, showing
the video editing software. Showing the mix that you’re making of your essential oils that’s gonna
relieve your chest cold. Whatever. Now, feel free to rewind
this or bookmark this video so that when you sit
down and create your next Instagram story, you’re
going to actually be capitalizing the real
power of it and can start making some sales. Learning to use this powerful platform will definitely serve
your business ongoing and continue to bring you sales. Again, this is LeahRae
from Know that we are rooting for you. We are here to help you
create the time freedom that you and your family deserve. If you’re new to our
channel, make sure to say hi in the comments so that we can welcome you to our community. I’ll see ya soon.


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