Affiliate Marketing on Instagram | How We Made Our Very First Sales Online

– After struggling in our
business for over a year, we finally came online and I started to learn how to market on Instagram. Now during that year, we hadn’t generated a single lead for our business but after getting started on Instagram, we started generating
leads and then making our very first sales
online through Instagram! Eventually, it lead us to hitting our very first leadership
rank in our business. Now maybe you’re just getting started or, like us you’ve been
at this for a while but it hasn’t come together for you yet. Either way, this video is for you. It’s LeahRae from and I’m gonna teach
you the exact six steps that we used to make our
very first sales on Instagram so you can too. Step number one, I created my profile so that it was most
interesting to the people who are likely to be
interested in my offer. I didn’t create it so
that it tried to appeal to every person who could
use or should want my offer, I created it in a way
that spoke to the people who are most likely to take
out a credit card and purchase. So you gotta know who that is. Before you can create a
profile that speaks to them, you gotta know who they are. So who is most likely
to actually be willing to purchase what you have to offer? Here’s a hint, they
probably have purchased other things like it
in the past and may be following people who are
in the same niche as you. Then your profile should give them value that speaks to whoever they are. Step number two is to set-up
the actual text of your bio. Not just to talk about yourself but set it up to tell people what they’re gonna get from following you. People don’t care about you! People care about them, themselves. So keep that in mind
when you’re filling out stuff like your bio so
that they understand if they’re coming to
check out your profile, you have about three seconds or less to make them follow you. You want them to understand
what the benefit to them is going to be if they
follow your account. Step number three, we set-up our bio link, the actual website link in your bio, to give away something for free that our customers would be interested in. So we weren’t trying to sell them directly from our Instagram page. We gave away something for free in exchange for their email
address so that we could start building an email list
and generating leads. Once they’re a lead, that’s
when you go for the sales folks! Trying to push people to make a sale directly from your website link
is very unlikely to happen. Step number four, 80% of
our posts were pure value. So if you’re speaking to
the home business industry, give tips about building a home business. If you’re speaking to people who are interested in health and wellness give tips about health and wellness but give value to your audience. Give them a reason to
follow and engage with you. Then the other 20% of
the time, guess what? Just give them a call to action, a CTA. Tell them why they should
click the link in your bio. And if you’ve given all this
good value up beforehand, when you tell them to do something, they’re much more likely to do it! And when they click the link in your bio, they’re getting whatever
freebie you’ve set-up and you’re generating a
lead for your business. Step number five, just
connecting with people who are likely to be
interested in your offer and growing your account. Finding them on other
accounts or through hashtags and connecting with those people who are most likely to join,
to purchase, to buy whatever. People who’ve already
expressed some sort of interest in your niche, in your industry based on the post that they’re making, or that they’re commenting
or engaging on online. Now before we get into our final step then really the most important step that directly brought in
sales from the very beginning, I just want to invite you to our upcoming Instagram training. We’re gonna go over the A
to Z of Instagram marketing. How to make non-salesy
posts that get people to buy plus how to grow a targeted audience fast. So make sure to click the
link in the description or on the info card up
here to get registered. Now, number six, our final step guys is that I would personally reach out and have conversations with
people I knew I could help. If I looked at their
account and I knew that my offer based on the
information on their account would definitely help them. That they would be interested
in it and it could help them, I started conversations. In these conversations, I’d build up a little know, like, and
trust and I offer them maybe our free giveaway
that was in our bio link or just set-up a phone call where we can discuss how we could help them out. The key here is to have something that will solve people’s problems and they’re actually interested in. As you grow your Instagram account and you get more and more followers and you get more and
more reach on your posts, you’re gonna get more people
just clicking on the link and generating leads 24/7
without you doing anything. But at the beginning, if
you wanna hustle it out, you wanna make more sales,
you wanna generate more leads, then you do it through talking to people! Shock, right? (laughs) It’s social media! People want to be social! So talk to people, have a conversation, figure out how your offer can help them and then simply offer to help them out. It’s really that easy! Don’t make it harder than it is. Get busy on Instagram. Join us for our upcoming training. Again, this is LeahRae
from We are rooting for you, we are here to help you succeed in
creating the time freedom that you and your family deserve. If you are new to our channel, make sure to say hi in the comments so that we can welcome
you to the community. I’ll see you soon.

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