Affiliate Marketing Programs for 2018 revealed: BERush & SEMRush [#Entrepreneur Series]

Hi guys, this is Andrei – Welcome to
today’s video. Did you ever think about building an affiliate marketing system
working for you, promoting the products that you believe in and earning your
money without you having to actively do a lot of things? If so, you are in the right
place! Today we are going to discuss one of my
favorite affiliate programs at the moment – BERush promoting SEMRush, a
platform for SEO and digital marketing really, and why I’m choosing to be an
affiliate with them. Stay close! Alright, let’s dive into it! So, affiliate program –
what it is: is a program where you and a brand create a partnership: you promote
their services or their products on their behalf, and for each sale you earn
a commission. So basically, it’s a passive way of earning income, that requires you
mostly to have a following to produce content and then to “pitch” – if you want –
this product or service to your audience, promoting it and really endorsing it. As
promised today we’re gonna discuss about BERush: what is BERush? BERush is the
affiliate marketing scheme promoting SEMrush, which is a mostly on a SEO
marketing platform, and what SEMrush does is really analyzing the SEO
statistics and the backlinks and also a bit of the social media performance of
your marketing. So if you are familiar with SEO this is the way that your page
is ranked in search in Google as well as how well they do in terms of their
optimization so a couple of examples of these are how many other websites refer
back to your site and so on they also show an overview of your traffic and
it’s a really really good tool if you want to improve your online performance
what’s the rush offers additional to the SEO part is also the social media part
so it gives you the opportunity of managing your social channels Facebook
and Twitter from the same place offering you a more organized way of looking at
statistics and this can be of course beneficial because you can analyze your
marketing results and decisions have been better why
I personally like this platform is because it’s an integrated way of
looking at your business yourself it’s a very friendly in terms of the UI and UX
and also it offers quite a bit of information which if you are a business
owner or business marketing manager it can be really really useful and I think
that the quality of the insight that you get from this is also very good and also
they have a good pricing and a good pricing breakdowns so I think that you
can start with as little as just under a hundred dollars per month now why chose
to go with this platform and with this affiliate program forward it’s because I
own a marketing agency and we as part of our services offer digital marketing
consultancy campaign management and all this kind of jazz so we also offer
social media management services social media sharing posting and strategy
services as well as SEO and campaign management in terms of SEO ranking and
so on we use some programs to do them why I’m choosing SEMRush over other ones
available here obviously not all of our clients will want the same thing and
some of them would have their social media teams or digital teams to take
care of their digital activities we also use these things in-house so it just
makes sense for us being anyway a user of these softwares in the industry to
promote one of them because it’s one that we believe in it’s one that we use
and is one that well if you as a client don’t want to let us use this software
to help you and you want to help yourself then why not use this service
through us it’s a legit way of you know making a suggestion is something that we
endorse and we you know believe in so from an agency standpoint as well as
from my initial standpoint in terms of my personal brand and people that follow
me and people that trust my opinions and so on it would just make sense for them
to take my recommendation at least to look into it forward for achieving their
marketing goals what I found to be really good for this
scheme as well in terms of their affiliate program be rush is that they
offer a 40 percent commission which is something quite good for the industry
and also the Commission is recurrent so you don’t only
earn it once for the first month you basically learn it every month somebody
is still on the subscription with them so that’s really really good and also
they have quite good marketing materials as well to help you if you want to put
their banners let’s say on your website and so on and their customer service is
awesome so I was talking with some of the people from there and they were
really really helpful and that’s why I chose to you know go forward and also do
this video about them because you might find them useful as well so I’m going to
leave it down in the description below a couple of links to what I do and have a
look you might you might find them useful and also you might find them fit
for your niche if you are in the digital marketing spectre this is in a nutshell
the affiliate program that I wanted to discuss today
stay close because the next video is gonna be about another affiliate program
that I’m currently a believer in and we are promoting as well with our agency as
one of our partners until then have a nice one have a look around the channel
because you might find other useful videos as well and have a look in the
description below there are a couple of links to semrush be rush what they do
and maybe you will find them useful as well and yeah don’t forget to hit the
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time the next video is going to be up have a nice one have a great day and
keep on rockin see you in the next video

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