Affiliate Marketing Programs for 2018 revealed: Tailwind [#Entrepreneur Series]

Hi guys, this is Andrei – welcome to today’s
video! Did you ever want to build a sustainable affiliate marketing system
around you, to generate you passive revenue without you having to actively
do much – and that can work all the time, promoting products that you believe in?
If yes, then you are in the right place. Today we will discuss one of my personal
favourite affiliate programs, that I’ve recently started to be part of, why I
think they are good, why I think their product is good, and how I think it can
help you as well if you are in the digital marketing niche.
Stay close! The affiliate pick for today is Tailwind
what does ten mean do ten wind allows you to manage your Pinterest posts as
well as the Instagram post schedule the posting and have a very very deep
insight into the analytics I think that this is also one of their competitive
advantages because their analytics are on spot and they also allow you to get a
better insight into your print marketing activities on these two platforms and
because there are more niche they allow you to you know get a better result from
what you do on specifically these two platforms there are also fast growing
brands so you have probably heard about the more popular social media management
platforms such as hood shoot or buffer what Elven is a bit newer and it’s also
a bit more niche and a bit more sexy let’s say in the way that it’s kind of
like more targeted as far as their website is concerned and what I think is
more targeted towards blogs and smaller personal brands and more younger
audience that use Pinterest and Instagram a lot and arguably it’s
probably most targeted to females rather than males because they tend to use a
bit more often Instagram and Pinterest as a general rule of thumb anyway why I
think the product is great there are fast growing brand I can see the two
platforms grow continuing to grow and Instagram obviously is earning
popularity every day now many in the younger audience kind of niche and also
they have a very good Commission and their affiliate program is growing as
well where you can find this kind of affiliate program so in terms of the
platform sense so tailwind is hosted on ShareASale which is essentially a
marketplace of affiliate programs where you can pick your favorite ones and then
you can become an affiliate you get access to their promotional materials
and then you get the chance to advertise on their behalf as well another reason
why I chose tell you in this part of the affiliate
programs to get involved with is because I also run a digital marketing agency
which does a lot of the digital slash social media campaign management
analytics strategy and so on and so forth so we obviously use a couple of
tools to help us deliver the services better to our clients if we use a couple
of tools why not use the best ones available and also let our clients and
our people following us now which are these platforms just in case they
already have a marketing team in place because obviously not every client will
buy from us the whole package of management for social media maybe they
just want some help with our Facebook advertising but they manage Instagram
in-house if so they will need a means of managing this platform and what we can
do as an agency is recommend them something
why not recommend them something that we already use we know it’s good and it’s a
fast growing brand and you know basically we can almost guarantee that
it’s going to be good for what their needs are
it just makes sense and also it’s a passive way of earning an income on your
advice ultimately I think that this affiliate program and tell me in general
is is very good for everybody that is in the social media space and if you are
looking at building an ecosystem of affiliate programs to run around you and
then to start earning your passive income depending on your niche but if
you are in the digital marketing a social media niche then probably tell
you it is going to be one of the ones that are going to be profitable for you
at this stage mainly if you already have an audience
in this Spectre this was the affiliate marketing pick for today I hope it is
part of you a bit have a look in the description
though I’m leaving a couple of links to tell you in what they do and how you can
get involved with them as well have a look around the channel the other videos
I’m sure you’ll find them interesting and until next time he does subscribe
button and looking forward to seeing you again

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