Affiliate Marketing Programs | The One That Paid Us $250k Last Year

– Yes, there are a ton of affiliate marketing programs
available to promote today. But knowing that you are
making a wise decision that you’re focused on promoting a program that will be around long-term, payout some big commissions,
and will truly serve and help your audience is really important to creating a stable
long-lasting business. Hey, it’s LeahRae from, social media marketing expert
and online entrepreneur. And today I’m gonna walk you through one of the programs that we
work with and recommend that paid us $250,000 just last year. And it hits all the checkboxes I just mentioned, so stick around. (heavy house music) Now, before I walk you through the program that paid us $250,000 just last year, I want to let you know that we are here to help you build your online business, to create your brand,
to grow your audience, to generate leads, and make sales. So make sure to, right now,
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you succeed yourself. Let’s make sure that you know
that we’re actually legit, right, I’m not just blowing smoke. Here is our total commissions paid out from the company
overall, all right? But if you look at just the commissions from 2018, if you add all
of these commissions up you actually get $248,426.06. That is a lot of money from just one of the affiliate programs
that we promoted during 2018. Now, yes, income disclaimer,
we worked really hard to earn that kind of
money, it’s a business. As in life there are no guarantees,
you have to work for it. So, what program is it,
it’s called MyLeadSystemPRO, often referred to as MLSP. It is an online marketing
training and tools program. It’s designed to teach even the newest online entrepreneur the
marketing skills required to create a successful online business. Now they focus on the core
concepts of attraction marketing, and the three steps of
build, engage, and sell. So, build an audience,
engage with that audience, then, finally sell to that audience. About 80% of their current
customers are people who are doing network marketing
in some sort of fashion. So you’re definitely gonna
hear that in their messaging. You’re gonna talk about uplines, recruiting, and such in their marketing. But the good news is that
their system is phenomenal. And it works for any
type of online business, affiliate marketing, E-commerce, digital products, online services, whatever you’ve got going on now, or you’re looking to get to in the future. A huge part of MLSP is the training, it is absolutely awesome. They cover all of the different types of platforms you can market on and the different types
of online marketing. Honestly, when we first decided
to build an online business we got started here at
MLSP from square one. And we just followed their training. After 18 months we were
able to retire Todd from his full-time six-figure job. After another 18 months
after that we celebrated our very first six-figure month. What they teach just plain works. Here’s a quick behind the scenes
of some of their training. This is their training library. You can see they’ve got
all kinds of topics. Things from foundational stuff to actual specific social
media platform strategies, to more advanced marketing
stuff like pixels, retargeting pixels, search
engine optimization, and more. Now, on top of the great training that just everyone gets those who choose to go with their highest membership level, they also get access to
their training archive. Now, this is a goldmine, it’s a database of all the weekly training
webinars that they’ve ever done since they were founded over 10 years ago. Just tons of really good information. Now, beyond just the training they’ve got some great tools to help even the newest online entrepreneur
get set up for success. They actually provide pretty high-end WordPress blog hosting. And they have a ton of
training that goes with it to help you set it up as fast and easy as you can really get to get
your own branded website. Another tool that they offer is part of their membership is called Funnelizer. Now, this allows you to create your very own customized capture pages. Now, remember, those are the pages that people opt into
with their name, email, sometimes phone number,
so that you can start generating leads and
building your email list. Now, here’s a simple example of a page that we put together using Funnelizer. If your audience happens
to be people interested in learning how to market online they also have several
done for you lead magnets or pre-offers that you can
use to build your list. You simply offer these
free trainings to people, and they provide their email for you. They have to opt-in on
these pages to receive them. Now, this is really nice for people who are just starting out, right? They’re not ready to create
their own free giveaways yet. Or they just don’t want to
have to sit down and try to figure out creating a capture
page at the very beginning. They can still start
generating leads right away. Now, there is a ton more that comes with the system, but
those are the highlights. So, when it comes to the affiliate offers it’s honestly a really sweet deal. While there are currently three
membership levels we focus on the middle level at 149.99 a month. Now, it really gives the best option. It gives them all the functionality that they need to be successful, and it provides a great
affiliate opportunity. So, for the very first month
that someone pays 149.97, if you are at that same membership level you get a referral bonus of $100. Then, on top of that you
actually get commissions every single month, recurring commissions as long as they are a customer. And that can range anywhere from 30% up to 50% of their membership fees. And that really depends on how many people you’ve referred to to their system. Now, Todd and I are at
their top leadership rank. So month after month we earn 50% of that 150, essentially, right? 74.99 of everyone’s monthly membership fees we receive as the affiliate. But even folks starting out make 30%, that’s 50 bucks a month, month after month, so that aint too shabby. What’s cool is, yeah, they got
a great membership program, but they also offer many
more ways to get paid with your affiliate program beyond that. They’ve got seven
different training products that you can promote, which
pay you virtually 100%. They just have to take out the nominal fee for the payment processor. Plus, there’s 18 different
trainings programs as their flagship product line that you can offer, which
pays you 30% commissions. MLSP also has a great coaching program. So, when you refer someone to the system not only will you earn the commissions on their membership
fees, but if they decide to purchase a mentorship
package, then you earn up to 20% commissions on
the packages they purchase. And those packages range anywhere from $300 all the way up to $30,000. It’s pretty sweet because all you did is refer people to the system, then randomly you see
this bid old commissions coming in because they work directly with MLSP to purchase a bigger package. You weren’t directly involved
in that purchase at all. Now, once you refer someone to the system once they are locked to you for life. So, maybe they’re a member for
just a couple months, right? Life got busy, they put it on hold, and then they come back
later, you get paid. Or they don’t come back to
restart their membership, but they purchase one of the
one-off training programs a year or two later, and
you get paid, pretty sweet. Obviously, as with any legitimate program, you’re going to still have to work for it. But they offer a ton of different ways to get paid and have great products that truly serve their audience as well. Yes, Todd and I had a very steep learning curve as we got started. But once we became good marketers, with all the different
ways that they payout, you can see that it’s really possible to make $250,000 in
just one calendar year. Now, if this system makes
sense for the audience that you’re currently
building or the audience you’re looking to build we highly suggest that you give it a closer look. Now, not only will the system teach you how to be a better
marketer and provide you with most of the tools
you’re gonna need anyway to build an online business,
it can also provide a substantial income to
you as an affiliate offer. Click the link at the
top of the description or this little popup card that you see in the corner to learn more about it. If you like what you see it’s really cool because you can try it out
for 10 days for just $10. Super simple, doesn’t
get any easier than that. So, please, let me know
what questions you have, either about the program itself or just affiliate marketing in general. Not only will we make
sure to get back to you, but if it’s something that we
can shoot a video on we will. And we’ll make sure to give you a shout-out during the video. I hope your eyes were open
to the huge opportunity in front of you with affiliate marketing when you’ve got a great offer like MLSP. Now, if you got some value from this video please make sure to give it a thumbs up, subscribe, and share it out on Facebook or anywhere else, and
comment to let us know. We greatly appreciate you. To learn more about affiliate marketing make sure to check out these videos right here in the upper
corner of your screen. And, again, this is LeahRae from,
and I’ll see you soon.

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