Affiliate Marketing Rejected – 5 Programs That Won’t Reject You

So you’re looking for affiliate programs that won’t reject you even if you don’t have a website and you’re just starting out on YouTube I’m gonna share with you five affiliate programs that you will most likely get approved for Even if you’re just starting out with even zero subscribers coming up Hello, my name is Isaac And if we’re meeting for the first time Thank you for stopping by at Issac Media TV where we’d like to do product reviews and also help you grow your YouTube channel I’m gonna tell you the affiliate programs That won’t reject you or did not reject me when I was starting out with my affiliate marketing affiliate marketing Allows you to get links from companies for products and place of either on your website or in this case in the youtube description area, so when people click on the link It takes them to the website and if they purchase something you get a commission one of the most popular affiliates is Amazon and Unfortunately, they most likely will reject you if you are brand new and have less than 500 subscribers on YouTube so let’s get into the list of the companies that will accept you number one is now is a freelance website that will help new youtubers create a video Intro or a logo design or a whiteboard animation video. It’s a beautiful place it’s it’s where I went to make the intro for this video that you’re seeing right now and They will approve you in my experience. Even if you don’t have many subscribers So you can start Sharing links to fiber in related videos so you can start making Commission them so number one is number two is DJ eye now. We’ve all heard of DJ I the drone company they make all kinds of drones But they also make really cool camera accessories like the DJI Osmo mobile It’s actually what I’m using to film this video now So the second one is DJI and they make drones and they also make some really cool camera accessories It’s actually what I’m using to shoot this video right now is the DJI. Osmo mobile So they’re another affiliate that will accept you when you’re new One thing to keep in mind though is DJI will not pay you in cash My understanding is they will only give you store credit But it’s still better than nothing and it allows you to start making some income when you’re brand new So number one is Number two is DJI And the third one is Commission duty or CJ com now the next view I’m gonna mention there They’re kind of like affiliate hubs that connect to thousands of other companies So Commission junkie approved me for two affiliates one is and Gamefly is kind of like Netflix but for video games so you pay a monthly subscription and you can rent as many You know games um for Xbox for Wii U switch. You can just rent the games send them back in another one There are another one that approved me and I believe they’ll approve you to on commission. Junkie um So go to CJ comm type an affiliate apply for a game flight and another one that approved me was Aldi Baby, so they sell baby stuff scrollers and the like okay, the next hub is ShareASale share a sale calm and the affiliate that I got approved for there was Refurbished and it’s actually pretty cool. They sell refurbished laptops and desktops. The next one is Jvzoo, and there another affiliate hub that connects to other companies within Jvzoo, I was approved for explain now. I’ve personally used explaindio. It’s a software It’s a whiteboard animation software that election creating videos where it looks like the hand is drawing Everything and it works really good and I’ll put a link in the description so you can see one that I created Using explaindio and they actually have a pretty good deal it’s like 65 bucks for the whole year you get to keep the software And make as many videos as you want and upload them if you want to sell your service on fibers you pay an additional 65 dollars based on the last time I checked They will give you the license so you can actually make videos and sell them. So that’s another Interesting way to make money and that is through through explaindio The next one is Rock Newton now Rock Putin is another hub they connect with Best Buy Walmart They probably won’t accept you until you get five hundred subscribers But they did approve me for a company called smart home Which is pretty cool because they have some name-brand products on there like the nest and a Samsung It’s all has to do with the smart home devices So if your channel or video is related to some smart home devices You could post some links in your description of your YouTube video and earn commissions that way and I just want to mention one more time Amazon is in my opinion the best affiliate However, I would encourage you Linna Amazon until you have 500 subscribers on YouTube they’re the best but they will reject you When you’re just starting out, so it’ll save you that greed that many of us go to we start up our YouTube channel We apply to Amazon we get rejected like three months later and it’s kind of frustrating So I just want to save you that headache if I were you I would go for these other affiliate programs when you’re just starting out and as you grow and get at least 500 subscribers then apply to Amazon I just wanted to make this video so I can share my Experience with you guys because I know how it can be when you’re just starting out on YouTube And you want to make money through affiliate marketing but the biggest affiliate marketers will not accept you that can be really Discouraging so I’m gonna put all the links in the description so you can apply it all these different affiliate companies and If this video helped, please give it a thumbs up It helps me out a lot and subscribe if you want more great content Revolving around how to grow your YouTube channel and product review videos. So thank you for watching and have a great day

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