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the beginner’s guide to a sales funnel
my name is deja Kennedy and if you’re new to the channel make sure to LIKE and
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money online creating passive income affiliate marketing it is the best way
when it comes to making money online I feel and this is the foundation you
really need to understand the basics the beginner’s guide to a sales funnel
before you go and make any kind of money online for making your first dollar
online you need to understand this strategy and that’s what exactly that’s
exactly what a sales funnel is it’s basically as you see here there’s a
diagram I’m going to share with you here on my screen and the diagram helps you
plan it’s a execution plan of a marketing strategy the funnel represents
a journey of a consumer all the way from the initial interest awareness right at
the top you have your customer base at the very widest part of the funnel is
you’re putting yourself in front of your target audience and as your potential
customer goes down through the narrow row the narrower that it goes through is
the thought process of the customer making a decision making an educated
buying decision whether or not to buy your product and at the very end is the
actual sale or a signed contract someone who says yes I want you I want your
service I want your product here’s my money in exchange for your great value
so in order to create a sales funnel that helps your business turn potential
customers or clients into paying customers then you want to follow a few
of these steps that I’m going about to tell you right now so number one very
basic marketing strategy or concept or foundation really is who is your target
market what is who is your target market who is your customer base who is your
potential client was your perfect client because
everything that has to do with your perfect client you need to know about
who what are they drinking what are they smoking what is they eating where are
they hanging out you need to understand everything that has to do with your
target market how old are they what is their race their demographic education
level how much money do they make what do they do for a living like gathering
all that information is very you know some people might say is tedious and oh
yeah I know who my customer is but it is very important to understand their
problems their questions their world blocks like what is holding them back
from where they are right now to where they want to be the promised land the
heaven like how can you help them get to where they are right now to where they
want to be in the fastest way possible so once you get all that information
down you’re going to understand how to market to your potential clients better
and you can ask people you can interview your clients or potential clients you
can go into groups and forums you can google a lot of this stuff and you’ll
find you know you’ll better understand when you have a lot of this stuff
written down of who your target market is and how to market to them best to be
able to get to the end result narrow down the funnel faster and the quickest
way possible and hopefully a lot of a lot more money coming down through that
pipe so the next step creating your funnel the basics of a sales funnel like
I said before is having awareness right getting the product in front of people
having people understand who you are having product recognition knowledge of
the product interest doing the research this is the level where someone’s doing
research about the product they’re considered consideration where they’re
considering weighing out the benefits and then conversion taking a actual
call-to-action taking action and actually giving you money in exchange of
your belly so let me go through all of these steps every step of the funnel has
marketing strategies around that step that can help you that I will go over
with with you right now so like I said awareness brand awareness can take some
time you know and it’s not easy but that’s what I’m doing here right now –
part of brand awareness is posting on social media doing videos getting the
word out right being being able to create a nice website is very important
have a website where you’re posting content relevant information educating
someone entertaining them to come back to your site have giving getting your
product in front of your potential clients and then offering them something
of value is is you know getting their interests hooking them right that’s the
second part is interest level creating content that actually provides value to
them where they want to subscribe to your offering or maybe you offer some
kind of free offer in in exchange for their email address and then you go into
the consideration that’s when they start going down into the funnel like they’re
at the awareness level right you did did some social media created a website
maybe you use it some use some SEO did some keywords to get in front of the
right people and it’s free gosh social media all right it’s in palm of your
hand now there’s so much marketing strategies that we can use to get in
front of more people in a shorter period of time right before you have to use you
know TV advertising mail mailers radio now we have podcasts right like we have
so many different marketing strategies that we can build a brand awareness
product recognition and then you’re hooking them in like hey now that I’ve
shared with you that you know what I’m talking about let me go ahead and
and offer you a chance to join my list right in exchange for value right below
this video you’re gonna see a ton of resources I’m gonna share with you an
offer right now where you can learn more about how to you know create more
passive income through affiliate marketing and you can start a business
in a box from scratch right below this video there’s a link where you can
duplicate our systems there’s a ton of free training that we offer all we do is
ask you for like or her a actually your email address and we will send you the
free information on how you can build a business from scratch right how you can
learn more about email marketing how you can implement you know creating your own
website at the click of a button through click funnels so all you need to do is
enter your email address and hopefully I’ve shared with you and tie your
interests on some of these things so maybe you’re in the interest level right
now hopefully and then consideration right your your product is appealing to
that customer now they’re weighing whether or not they should my buy your
product because once someone gives you gives you their name and email address I
hope that if you do this right if you create a nice sales funnel you’re
actually offering them something of value in exchange for money this time so
maybe you’re offering them you know a free checklist we do have the top 7
affiliate marketing checklist right below this video so say you enter your
name and email address then you’re gonna be offered something of even more value
like coaching maybe you want to you want to actually know catapult your affiliate
marketing business and get some coaching through our daily commissions club that
we offer so that would be something of value if that that offer is too much or
maybe you’re deciding that’s just not for you if you skip that page and you
get maybe a down sell and the down sell would have a different offer maybe not
one on one coaching maybe it’d be a part of
being part of our community we have a free group that you can jump into the
affiliate marketing for influencers and then as you go down into the funnel that
people decide whether or not to buy right some advice for the last step of
your funnel is to make sure that the purchasing process is user friendly so
if people get confused and they don’t know how to enter their information they
don’t know where the Buy button is then you’re probably going to lose some sales
so you want to make sure that your process is easy and not confusing if
people have questions you’ll get some a lot of returns you know if you don’t
have this all set up correctly so once you’ve made the sale and have converted
someone into a paying customer it doesn’t stop there you need to make
sure you retain that customer fulfill your promises and through email
marketing which is a very popular retention strategy you can start sending
personalized emails with other offers that will be relevant to what they just
perked purchased so maybe someone bought a free book I oughta mention I actually
offer people free value valuable books that I like to read about marketing and
then if they buy that then maybe there’s some other training that go coincides
with that first offer just as an example so last but not least you want to set
and implement this so after you spend some time setting up your sales funnel
creating your marketing strategy it’s time to test it out so to really
determine if your strategy is successful and having specific goals to implement
your plan so a lot of people if you know the smart specific measurable achievable
relevant goals in time time goals so SMA RT specific measurable achievable
relevant and time-bound so you want to implement that strategy with the last
part here implementing your sales funnel you want to keep track
your progress you want to make sure that you you have you might have to amend or
pivot things in your plan if they’re not achievable so it takes time to create a
sales funnel but having a precise plan will only help your business succeed and
grow so if you want to learn more you can always like I said click below this
video in the description we have tons of resources for you to help you get
started but I’m so happy that you were able to watch the entire video here on
the YouTube channel all about the basics of the beginner’s guide of a sales
funnel and hope you learned some things and get your sales funnel going again
there’s tons of resources below this video and if you have any questions
about this process at all make sure to comment below I want to know and then we
can do more videos about it thanks for watching again much love and aloha and
we’ll see you in the next video

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