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Affiliate marketing tips for the frustrated
What’s up this is Rascal and I’m going to try to help you out today. It gets better,
I promise. I’m not lying to you, trust me. Who am I? That’s probably what you are saying
to yourself… who is this guy? But what I want to do is talk to you about some things
we can do to try and move on and push passed a certain point. Weather your an affiliate
marketer and you have only made a little money or you have made no money. Here are some tips
to try to get you over that hump. That is really what we are working toward and I want
to let you know that it does get better. Let’s talk about some things that we can do here.
Don’t call it a come back, I’ve been here for years. That’s LL Cool J if you didn’t
know and yes I am a dork. The first thing that I would tell anybody that is in this
business and you are in that stage were you haven’t really made a lot of money or you
haven’t made any money. Is to focus on you “why”. Why are you doing this? It sounds corny
as crap but you need know why you are doing something. That’s what’s going to keep you
consistent. And I don’t know what that why is for you. For me, I use to make myself sick
thinking about going to work and sitting in a cubical. I just dis liked my job that much.
And that was my “why”. I had to get away from that. I had to give myself more freedom. For
you it could be anything. I will suggest that if it is money, if it’s a set amount of money,
what does that money mean to you. Really try to figure that out. It sounds goofy and basic
and it is basic but you have to know why you are doing things or you’re just not going
to be consistent. And this is all about consistency. If you not consistent, there are a lot of
things that work but if you are not consistent they just won’t work. Your just not going
to have results. We’re talking about taking part time effort and being consistent with
that part time effort to were it compounds and you get full time results. And that’s
what everybody is looking for online. So, you have to be consistent and you have to
know why you are doing it. Put on your blinders. It sounds stupid but I’m guilty of this. I’m
so guilty of this. When I first started I was just bombarded with information when I
got online and was trying to figure out ways to make money online. I couldn’t focus because
there were so many things going on… do this don’t do that… do this don’t do that. And
everybody was saying different things that it was paralyze by analyze… I didn’t know
what to do, I was scared that I was going to be doing something wrong. And let me let
you in on a secret, you are going to do somethings wrong. It’s ok, it doesn’t mean that you won’t
get results. But you’re going to make mistakes along the way. It’s like anything, you’re
going to have to develop yourself and your skill set to be good at it. It’s just is.
So, don’t try to be perfect, just get out there and do it. Put on your blinders and
focus on somebody, or something, or some kind of way that you think you can do things and
focus on it. And master one technique. That kind of falls under putting on your blinders.
Master a technique. Don’t try to do a hundred things. So, learn how to drive traffic a certain
way, learn how to convert people a certain way. And focus on that way. Don’t try to do
a hundred different things or even five different things, just focus on one and get good at
it. And you have to be consistent with it to know if it’s working and what’s not. It’s
going to take time but master one technique and that’s my promise to you. So what do you
need to know? What are somethings that you need to focus on? Focus on what’s your personality,
what fits my personality? That was something that I didn’t do to start off with and I was
doing things that I hated doing. I was trying to article market and do some certain things
and I hated it. I just didn’t like doing that kind of stuff. So I found out what kind of
personality I was and how to use that personality type to create content, to drive traffic and
do what I needed to do online to help with affiliate marketing and I found success in
the wellness niche. Yeah I’m chubby, go ahead you can laugh at me all you want or you can
say what does this guy know about wellness. I know quite a bit. I just don’t practice
as much as I preach. But anyway, I know a lot about it… I found out about it and I
had a lot of success in the wellness niche. And wellness doesn’t have to be dieting, it
doesn’t have to be anything like that it can be mental health or spiritual health. What
ever it is that makes people happy. so that’s a side note neither here nor there. So you
find out what your strengths are. Are you a natural inter actor? Are you not? Are you
more analytical or more introverted? Or are you more extroverted? Find out what you are
and develop a strategy based on your personality type and your strengths. And the next one
is HUGE… Huge, huge, huge huge… Be yourself. There are a lot of reasons why I say be yourself.
First off, you can’t appeal to everybody… you just can’t. Take me for example, I am
not super laid back, I’m laid back but not super laid back. I’m not “chill hey whatever
happens man” I like hanging out with some of those people but I don’t gravitate toward
that as much. So those types of people are going to gravitate toward me to get information.
I’m not stiff. I can’t stand the suit and tie feel. Yeah I like getting dressed up every
once and a while, It makes me feel pretty good about my self but that’s not me. That’s
not naturally who I am. I’m naturally a “enjoy coke” kind of guy, an ole hat and some flip
flops and that’s me. Some cargo shorts but some people think cargo shorts are out dated,
which they may be but that’s me. That’s who I am. And those are the people that are going
to be attracted to me and those are the people that I’m attracted to. You don’t want to try
and be fake because people will see right through that. Just be yourself. What are people
looking for? That’s the next thing here. You’ve probably heard thousands of different ways
to find this out. But what are people looking for? You have to do keyword research, you
have to know what they are looking for, and you have to know how to answer those questions.
And here is a nugget, This will take a lot of the art out of your keyword research and
it’s “pain”. People are trying to stay away from pain or get away from pain. Either they
are trying to avoid pain or they are trying to get out of pain. That moves us more than
trying to get pleasure. And that is just a fact. So whenever you are doing keyword research
look for pain in a certain area. I can’t stress that enough. So, that is huge right there.
The next thing is, you don’t have to buy tools to do this and you don’t have to use the Google
Keyword Planner. If you want to use it, then use it but I don’t use the Google Keyword
Planner, I just don’t. I use, I have a certain technique and strategy that helps me find
keywords, what people are looking for, helps me try to find pain, and evaluate the competition
in that area. And these are all free tools and it takes the art out of it. So you know
exactly what your competition is, what people are looking for, what your competition is,
and what you have to do to beat that competition. How are you going to help people? One of the
last things that I’m going to talk about. How are you going to help people? People are
motivated different ways, some people need a cheerleader and some people need tough love,
whatever it may be and there is a gamet. And you have to know this about yourself. And
this goes back to being yourself, know what motivates you a ra ra cheerleader doesn’t
really motivate me so I’m not going to be able to help people by being a cheerleader.
There are certain things that motivate me. Emotions drive people whether they are positive
emotions or negative emotions. Be real with yourself, find out, go back through your life
and look at your successes and try to tap back into what your mindset was and what you
were focused on and what got you over that hump. Cause chances are, not chances are,
for a fact there are people out there that are driven the same way you are driven and
that is how you are going to help them. People don’t need a cheerleader if they don’t respond
to cheerleaders. So whatever it may be, whatever it is for you, maybe it is positive thinking
and reprogramming your mind, whatever it may be or some people are focused and driven by,
believe it or not, by anger. So talking about how to answer a question and you are going
to be able to seperate from a relationship that you don’t find positive that just bugs
the crap out of you and you want to give the big middle finger, and that’s what motivates
you, then you need to help people that same way. That’s just the bottom line.and that’s
it. Hopefully this helps. If you want to learn how to put on the blinders and you want to
learn techniques that you can focus on that’s going to get you over that hump. I’m glad
to give this to you for free. Click on the link in the description and I will give you
what you need to know, I will fill in the gaps of all the training are leaving out.
First off, people aren’t talking about personality types, you need to understand your personality
type. Second off, there are certain tools were you can take this affiliate marketing
and internet marketing crazy business and make it a science and it fits you and it’s
going to be natural to you. And there’s things that you have to know and I’m going to give
that to you for free. Click on the link, get that program for free. If this has been helpful,
comment, like, subscribe to this channel. This is working with Rascal. Peace out.

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