Hey, This is tom and this is herry.
Herry makes $100 per day with affiliate marketing. But, tom is still struggling
with making atleast $5 Per day. Tom tried everything to gain his affiliate marketing
income. But, he didn’t found the perfect methods which helps
him to gain his income. So, today, going to share top 10 Affiliate Marketing tips, which
helps you to gain your affiliate marketing revenue. 1st one is, If you want to make money through
affiliate marketing then, write lots of reviews on different products
on your website. It is up to you which products are promoting. But, write perfect
and true review about that product. the second one is focus on negative
keywords, if you want to promote your product and you’ll find similar to that
which is not compared to you how to then, you can write negative review about wrong
product and . link to perfect product,
3rd one is email marketing. Email marketing still works. If you have website and
still you are not collecting emails from your visitors then, start now. Collect emails and send out informative reviews, tips
and important updates to your subscribers Create Worthful & Free eBook for
your subscribers. Get 20 to 25 PLR articles and create one perfect eBook. Then,
add your affiliate links in to your book Send it out to your subscribe as a
free gift. People are still buying products by refering links from pdf ebooks. 5th one & last is,
If you made $100 from your first earnings then, invest 60%
money for advertising. choose pay-per-click advertisement it is
very effective and great to generate – passive income. You can found lots of videos
on how to advertise affiliate product on Google AdWords or Facebook
advertisement So, these 5 steps are very important for making money with affiliate marketing. There are many
tips you can get from google. But, i just covered simplified skills to
make money with affiliate marketing. Also, do subscribe my channel for more
videos about affiliate marketing tips and simplified skills. Thanks for watching.

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