Affiliate Marketing Training For BEGINNERS – Finding BEST [$9000 PER SALE] Affiliate Programs

hey are you looking for the best type
of affiliate marketing programs to promote but don’t know how to decipher I
forgot which ones are the best hey my name is Chris with
and in this very exciting episode I’m gonna share with you some affiliate marketing
training for beginners how to find the best high paying affiliate marketing
programs as a matter of fact I’ve used these five criteria to help pick out the
programs that work best for me and I put some pretty decent commissions in my
pocket so in this video I want to show what you share with you five things to
look forward to pick out the best high paying affiliate marketing programs you
can make up to nine thousand dollars plus per sale alright so stick around for
that so hey welcome if you don’t know this
channel is all about you the home business entrepreneur and empowering you with
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right down into it alright so we’re talking about how to find the best high
paying affiliate programs alright the five things to look for when deciding
whether or not a program that is right for you
and will actually give you the results that you’re looking for what your goals
are alright so we can get right down into it because this hope this is
helpful in helping you decide on which direction to go to because there’s a lot
of affiliate programs out there so you want to kind of find out some criteria
right to help break it down so that’s what that’s what this is all about
alright so the first criteria right mrs. Felix training for beginners is you want
to look at the quality of the product in the service alright so for example you
want to determine is it popular right is it popular is it in high demand or
people other people selling this and you may say well I don’t want to sell it if
other people are selling because that’s competition but I wouldn’t worry too
much about that you want to make sure that the product is popular in other
words if people are selling it and making money
that means there’s a demand for it that means you can find a place in that
market to sell but if there’s nobody buying it then that kind of sucks right
you know you’re not selling something that nobody wants you want to make sure
it’s high quality and promotable so there’s a high quality product
there’s people are people enjoying it are people like is it you know is it
serve the need in the marketplace and is it promotable in other words this is
this is product really fit your your your niche right right you gotta think
about that too right because that’s one of the things the mistakes I made if you
want to make sure that you you figure out what is your niche what
is your grand Rite who or you can you promote this keep get behind it does it
make sense for your particular brand right and so that’s what the third thing
is if you’re in health and wellness but you’re promoting where I have travel
well does that kind of make sense right so you don’t think about it if you’re a
networker network marketer feeling marketer you
have a product or service but does it align with who you are in your brand and
then number four is do some research just to confirm that all these things
are true right you can do a Google search on the product you can you know
look up forums and see what’s happening another good thing you can do is
actually just go to Amazon that’s a secret trick a little key that I like to
do is type in any product you’re looking for and see what the reviews are right
because people are Amazon will definitely relieve reviews let’s say for
example there’s a health product that I heard about it’s called phen375 right
you can just type that in here obviously it’s gonna bring you up a bunch of stuff
right um around around that and you just look for it you know I’m not even sure
if it’s any one of these but if it was this one off the back I can see his name
guys 1800 reviews and it’s four and a half stars that’s pretty good for Amazon
right so that’s a great way as a good that’s a great way to get some research
and data on your particular product or service and help you decide whether or
not hey is this something that you want to promote alright so number two things
for this affiliate marketing training for beginners to help me decide on which
the products or programs is right for you is number two is the commission
structure alright so every affiliate program has a commission structure in
other words how are they paying you right so remember the whole idea is that
you promote a product to a prospect they buy that product and then this
percentage of the sales that the company gets will be given to you in the form of
commission because hey they got the sale because of your promotion so how much of
that percentage is 10% 15% 30% right you got a look at that right this figure out
the number of times they’re paying from uh some programs will pay you twice a
month so I’m gonna just pay you once a month so you’ve got to decide well is
that is that difference to you does that matter to
you I mean once a month it’s probably okay right then look and see doesn’t
have any high tickets our back-end operas on it that’s something to look at
and then does it have her kind offers in other words there’s every time you every
time someone buys right the next month after that is it is like a subscription
where they’re paying again to that particular service do you get a
commission for that and then a month after that and a month after that for
just referring this one person to this service you get paid every month for
lifetime as long as they’re there well that’s see that’s a huge thing to
consider for example I know that many email service programs autoresponder
programs have the kind like Commission’s Aweber for example I use Aweber and it’s
great source of recurring commissions so if you look at their program is – hey 30
percent recurring commissions right 30 percent so in other words every time you
refer one person to the service every month they’re gonna do that they pay
they’re gonna pay you 30 percent on that Commission every single month it’s
something that I like when I look at it fill their progress because it produces
a certain amount of predictability and stability in that type of income so
that’s something that’s important to you didn’t that’s something to think about
when deciding on line which affiliate program is right for you
alright the third thing to look for in is affiliate marketing training for
beginners to help you decide on what it’s just for the program is best for
you to make those high paying commissions is the cookie duration all
right so what is a cookie you may ask right a
cookie is basically a pivot cookie is basically a small piece of code that is
dead is embedded to someone’s computer whenever they visit a particular site so
if you’re promoting let’s say the health product for for example and you talk
about it in a video they click on the link to go to your to the page the sales
page as soon as they click on that page cookie is then assigned to that person
on their browser then and that’s what tells the affiliate program that hey
you’re the one that they should send the Commission to if this person buys so
that’s how your prospect is associated with you alright
and so when it silly cookies you have to dish the other
consider the fact that they’re like a variation in duration so a lot of
certain cookies will last a certain amount of time and then they’ll fall off
right and so they person makes a sale after the cookie falls off then or buys
then you don’t get the sale for it right you still has to come before that cookie
goes away because remember that’s how the company knows or the program in the
program knows that you’re the one who sent the the Commission to so for
example Amazon right Amazon Associates Program
they’re filling a cookie is actually pretty interesting this is like 24 hours
so you don’t have 24 hours with a person someone clicks and from your link to go
to the Amazon for them to buy for you to get paid right but that’s 24 hours to go
into the shopping cart so if they put anything in a shopping cart within 24
hours then you’re good because then now you have about I believe is like 60 days
after they put something in the shopping cart to purchase that for you to get
paid so that’s something that’s interesting so that’s a desk that’s
24-hour cook you really which is different for example if you look at
like SEM rush which is another program SEM rush is a online software tool for
blogging and keyword research and online marketing and they have a really awesome
program this for example is a 40% recurrent commission which is another
reason why I like them but you look at their cookie they’re like enjoy our
first cookie wins model which is basically 10 years right which is a 10
year cookie life which is unheard of by the way it’s usually not that mom right
so we’ve got to decide whether or not I said big that’s important to you the
cookie is it does your marketing cost you so much so certain amount that hey
you want to make sure that your prospects are tagged to you and they
stay tagged to you so if that’s something that’s important that’s
something to consider when picking an affiliate marketing program alright the
leaf fourth thing to look for in this affiliate marketing training for
beginners that it will help you make more commissions in your affiliate
marketing is back end up cells alright so I love
packet upstairs okay because it’s awesome
really what that is it’s basically higher ticket Commission’s that are made
available to you paid to you for the same amount of marketing work that you
would do so imagine you have let’s go back to the to the health thing right
you have some health pills weight-loss pills right and someone opts in and they
want to take a look at it and see if they want to buy let’s say this person
actually buys beyond buys your pills right let’s say they actually buy the
pills right then after that you can offer them
something that says hey guess what since you brought these pills we also have a
mastermind group with a bunch of other people where we work together to wait to
take off weight with we got strategies we’ve got weight loss weight loss tips
you’ve got tie-dye offerings the meal plans packages all kinds of stuff and
it’s for like you know certain X amount of money right now the thing about that
is that hey you’re already doing all this work with your marketing anyway you
might as well offer them something right not everybody’s gonna buy that upsell
that’s higher priced but some people will see some people will so it makes
sense to go ahead and just offer it to them right like I said it’s lower
conversions lower conversions because not everybody will do it but it’s high
commission and some people will and man I could make a huge payday for you right
another thing is that if you can are mostly filled market programs already
have them embedded inside there inside their system so for example one good
example that I like is Miley system Pro so they’re in a fiat marketing online
training platform so software software training for home business owners so
what they have set up is if you’re just starting the entry is ten bucks to get
started every month your prospect could pay anywhere between fifty to two
hundred thousand dollars every month you get paid commissions now when they get
started in addition to this they also have opportunity to sign up for
one-on-one specialized that help build their brand and their
businesses right and get all types of all types of special incentives and
special perks and trainings that help build their businesses now this is an
upsell because it’s higher ticket it’s higher ticket coaching not everybody
will do it but guess what some people will and when they do some
people see the value and when they do you get paid extra commissions for it
for providing the extra value anyway then we’re probably going to buy this
anyway so it just makes sense to offer them something that to people that’s
gonna help them alright so that’s another thing that I really really like
just looking at it if you’re any back-end upsells in this village
affiliate program alright and then the fifth thing to look for in its affiliate
marketing training for beginners to help you cheat you right affiliate marketing
program for you is second tiered commissions I get excited talking about
this one all right because this is this is the this is where the leverage is
coming in right this is where the leverage comes in where your work you’ve
done before is working for you right and so what is the co-chair commissions in
other words what that means is so let’s say for example let’s say for example
you refer affiliate a alright you refer them they brought a product from you and
you’re using it right now and you get paid commissions from now hey if there
are second two commissions hey who will probably who enjoys that pride will
probably wanna promote it as well and he promotes affiliate B and B buys now when
B by affiliate makes a commission right now in standard could instead of
structures you wouldn’t make anything but if there’s a second tiered
Commission structure when I did it B buys from affiliate a a would make a
commission with you would also make a percentage of that Commission as well
right so that’s what second-tier Commission’s means right it’s getting
paid a percentage of sales that your affiliate makes from their affiliates
right and what’s beautiful about this is that to me this is where network
marketing affiliate marketing pretty much meet this is pretty much widely
they’re pretty much the same thing but because essentially what you’re doing
now is if your village can make money if you can make money from your Elliot’s
affiliate then you have a nice fit and incentive to help your affiliate get
more affiliates and that I feel it has incentive to help his appeal it’s
getting more affiliates right that makes sense so no it’s just something to look
for in your and your field marketing programs because it can help cook create
more leverage and create more stability in your sale and in your income another
one great example of a filling marketing program that has second tier
Commission’s is click funnels or as you click funnels is a software tool that
creates sales funnels for marketers and businesses to help basically you know
automate you the business of generating leads and sales for your business and
they too have a second tier commission structure right so I believe you get
about five percent I think that’s initially thirteen fourteen percent off
the top and then second tier is like about five percent from here fill its
affiliates so that’s a big deal as a big deal is that’s something I like to look
at the goal once again I like a little bit stability in my income and trying to
create more leverage in my business so if that’s something that’s important to
you for an affiliate marketer for the beginner the emotional stick start
focusing in all your energies on finding programs that have that type of
Commission’s judgment so that’s it my friend hope you enjoyed it hope that was
helpful right this was an affiliate marketing training for beginners to help
you decide figure out how to find me best affiliate marketing programs for
you that you can start promoting right now and that fit your particular need
right the quality of a to Commission structure the back end upsells the
second tier commissions all those things are things are considered I hope you
decide whether or not the program that you’re using right now it or did you
want to consider it make sense for you alright so hey if you got value from
this was this helpful for you if you did you just really felt like it was
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