Affiliate Marketing Tutorial: Best Way To Find Affiliate Offers by Name 2019

A quick easy place where you can go to
look up affiliate programs to find out if a company or product that you would
like to become an affiliate with exists somewhere on the web There are affiliate networks all over from CJ Affiliates to FlexOffers to VigLink there’s all kinds. And you want to know
where do I go to set up a relationship with that provider. Here is a quick free,
at least right now it’s free websites. So up here you can see I’ve
got “” head over here. And what you’re going to do
is up here in the search bar, you’re going to type in who it
is that you want to promote. So let’s just say you want
to work with Nordstrom. So you’re going to go up here and you’re
going to type in Nordstrom and you’re going to get some options here. Are you looking for Nordstrom rack or
you’re looking for the card giveaway or regular Nordstrom? So my case,
I’m looking for Nordstrom. So I’m going to click on there and I can
see her that Nordstrom has an affiliate program with flexoffers. So then right here you can click over to
flexoffers website or you can sign in. So flexoffers happens to be another
affiliate network and you can set up your relationship with Nordstrom through
flexoffers and then flexoffers. It’s going to be the one that
pays you your commission. Now you will notice that sometimes you
might find companies that are in multiple platforms and you don’t
really want to set them up. You want to kind of find your
favorites that you like to work with. If you like the way FlexOffers works
versus the way ShareASale works or CJ Affiliate, you just want to set
up relationship with one of them. So that’s Nordstrom. So yesterday I was looking for
“HYLETE” (that’s a fitness line) And as far as I could tell, everything I looked up, I couldn’t find hylete
in one of my networks. But then I look over here and it
says hylete does on flexoffers. So let’s check that out.
I’m going to go ahead over to flexoffers. That goes to the hylete website.
Sorry about that. Let’s go to flexoffers. I’m going to log in.
We’re going to go up here to advertisers. We’re going to look up flexoffers we’re going to look up hylete. There it is. Look at that.
If I hadn’t gone over there, I was doing regular Google searches and
I wasn’t finding it. Not I found it. So 8% of all sales.
That’s great. And make sure which of your websites
you want to be promoting with. I’m going to do that one and then you’d click apply now and you could read all of your terms. So this tells you where you’re allowed
to market. I can market on a blog, I can market it on the comparison shopping, search engine optimization,
website contents, no restrictions. So it looks like anything is
game pay per click all of that. I like working with those kind
of vendors or publishers. So apply to program and now
we’ll know in two to three days.

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