Affiliate Marketing Tutorial For Beginners | $700 per day blueprint

Hi guys, my name is Ferdy and in this video
I will show you exactly how I make $ 700.- per day with Affiliate Marketing. In this video I will explain to you what affiliate
marketing is, what the benefits are and how you can make money on the internet through
affiliate marketing. I do not make this video to impress you but
to impress upon you that it Is possible for you to make money on the internet in 2019
and in 2020. I am going to take the time to explain everything
to you. I am going to be transparent with you and
honest, so please, take the time to watch this whole video, so you will get the most
out of it. And of course, feel free to comment on this
video, like this video and subscribe for more upcoming videos. Now let’s get started. So, what is affiliate marketing: Affiliate
Marketing is promoting someone else product or service in exchange for a commission. Let me say It again. Affiliate marketing is promoting a product
or service in exchange for a commission. Let me explain it to you: image there is a
course maker that makes a beautiful beautiful WordPress course, where people can learn from
scratch how to make a beautiful website with WordPress. The course costs $ 100.-. And when people buy the course they pay $ 100.-. At the same time they get the login details
to that course. So there is an exchange. The visitor gets access to the course for
$ 100.-. So the course maker is happy because he just
earned $ 100.-. And the visitor is happy because he got access
to an amazing WordPress course. But since the WordPress course is digital
everything is profit. So if he earns $ 100.- per client he gets
profit, but when he gets $ 60.- per client, his profit is $ 60.- profit. So what will he do. He will get affiliates to promote his course
for him in exchange for a commission. So let me show you: So when somebody buys
his WordPress course through an affiliate link, the visitor still pays $ 100.-, but
instead of $ 100.- going directly to the course owner, $ 40.- goes to the affiliate, $ 60.-
goes to the course owner and the course goes to the visitor. So the course owner makes less profit – $ 60.-
instead of $ 100.- – and the great thing is: Now he has a whole svlesteam that will promote
the course for him. So more sales will come in, he will share
the commission and the visitors still gets his course. So what would you rather have: Selling your
own made course by yourself and getting one sale of $ 100.- per day, or having a whole
team promote your course and getting 5 sales per day and getting $ 60.- per sale. If you promote your course by yourself and
you get one sale of $ 100.-, but if you get 5 sales through affiliates per day, you earn
$ 60.- per sales, which is $ 300.- per day. So now the course maker gets $ 60.-. The affiliate gets $ 40.- and the visitor
gets his course. So its a win, win, win situation. Everybody is happy. And the great thing about being an affiliate
is when you have a successful sale, you are not a Helpdesk, you have no obligations to
the buyer. Sometimes you can’t even see who is the
buyer. So the goal of an affiliate marketer is to
be the mediator between the visitor and the product or course you want to promote. And that is really interesting, because you
can make money by promoting awesome products to visitors that are willing to buy that product. And when people have bought the product, your
job is done. You get the money. So are you are you ready for some numbers. Let me show you how I make money through affilaite
marketing. Do you have a website? Do you have a domainname and webhosting? I have and I teach other people how to make
a website from scratch for free on YouTube. So if you go to And people search for “How to make a WordPress
website 2019”. Let me see. It’s the second one and the third one that
is mine. So when people click on it. You see the video is 3 hours and 3.5 hours. I show people step by step how to make a website
from scratch. Well, what do you need in order to have a
website online? You need a domain name and webhosting. So in my video I show people how they can
get webhosting at I think it’s the best webhosting company there
is. So what do I do? I say to people in my tutorial: “Go to”
And then it says “Click here to go to Siteground”. And if you take a look over here, when you
hover here. That is my affiliate link. When you become an affilaite of a product,
or software or whatever you get a unique link so the company know the buyer comes through
you. That’s the way they can track everything. So there is a unique affiliate link and if
I click overhere, people go to and then overhere you see my id webhosting128. And if people buy webhosting through this
process, I get a commission. So if I login over here, I go to my Affiliate
Area, and you see pending $25000, and if I would go to payouts, you see May 8th – 1400
euros, May the first – 1800 euros, April 24 – 1900 euros… it’s around $2000 and I get
this every week through Paypal just by promoting them. How do I promote it? I don’t spam people with “click here, click
here”, “get Siteground through me”, “get webhosting through me”, “just do it! It will be the best thing for you.” NO. What I do – and that’s my way of doing Affiliate
Marketing – I create value around the product. So there’s a product called Siteground webhosting
to get a domain name and webhosting, and around it I build a tutorial where I show people
how to make a website. There are tons of people that do not buy the
things I promote in my videos but they just want to learn how to make a website and that’s
the whole part of the deal. So if I click on this video, you see Eight
Hundred Thousand views, and of those eight hundred thousand views may be 400 people buy
webhosting, I am not sure. But if 400 people buy webhosting through this
video and I get $100 per sale, that is $40,000. And how do I make that? By helping other people how to make a website. So that’s my tip for you as a beginner affiliate
marketer – add value around the product that you want to promote. Don’t think in terms like, how can I make
money, think in terms like – how can I help other people. Forget the money in the beginning. In the beginning, just focus on helping other
people. People are wanting to buy things. People want domain names; people want to have
webhosting; people want to start new business and you can be the person providing value
for them so they can buy a product or service through you. And when they do that, you get a commission. They are happy because they get webhosting
and domain name so they can start their business and you are happy because you get your affiliate
commission and Siteground is happy because they have a new customer. So everybody is happy and if they are not
they can go to the Siteground chat and then they can become happy again. And this is also important that you need to
promote things that you really believe in. I promoted Hostgator before, that’s also a
web hosting company with great commissions, but I didn’t like them. The service was bad. Then I found out about Siteground, I tried
everything and it worked like charm. Sometimes I get stuck and then I go to the
chat and then they help me, and then I’m happy again. And that’s what I want to give to my clients. I want to give them the best, and that’s why
I promote Siteground. So everybody is happy – they are, I am and
Siteground. So if you take a look at this video, it is
about the Divi theme. I also promote the Divi theme and if I go
to elegantthemes affiliates accounts, I login and if I take a look at this month – $777
and total $41,000 already. And here you can see a few more statistics
how many people go to Divi through my affiliate link per day and how many people buy it. So again, same principle – I help people how
to make a website and show them which tools they need, which are in this case Divi and
web hosting and Siteground and when people buy it, I get a commission. There are also different kind of products. There’s for instance a free product called
Elementor. So this tutorial is about Elementor and Elementor
is free. So when I say to people go to,
they go to, which is an amazing free page builder and what you see over here,
this is my affiliate link. So when people go through this link to,
Elementor sees that the visitor comes from me and when they get the free version of Elementor,
I do not get paid of course because it’s free. But when people decide hey! you know what,
I want to get the pro version, I go to pricing and I want to get this one, this one, or this
one, and they buy it I get a commission of 50%. So when people buy this I get $100. So if I would go to my affiliate referrals,
yesterday $150; the day before $50 or a little bit less, but the day before that look at
that – $100, $175, $225, $250, $315 by promoting a free tool with a pro upgrade. So how do I do that? I created value around the pro product and
of course this is the free product, here I barely talk about the pro version, but I also
have a tutorial about Elementor Pro tutorial. Here you see it. So again, I offer a value for this and other
people are doing the same thing. So if I search for Elementor Pro elements,
you see all-pro elements explained – a video of two and a half hours where I show all the
pro elements; how everything works. So that’s how you can do affiliate marketing
by providing information about the product you want to promote. So my goal is to provide more value to my
audience and I’m not only promoting products, I’m also doing things for free for instance:
WooCommerce Ferdy; I make nothing with this video but I want to provide value for paid
or for free products. So using free products also helped me to grow
my audience. So I’m not only promoting things to get paid,
I want to help people because when I was younger, I had a lot of problems with WordPress and
with making websites. So I wanted to become the solution to the
problem I had. So maybe you’re frustrated about something,
about a product you are trying or something else you’re trying and it’s not working, then
I suggest become the solution to the problem you have. Maybe there’s software: Photoshop for instance,
and you had such a hard time going through the internet to find everything about Photoshop. Well create a YouTube channel or a blog post
or a podcast about Photoshop, a podcast on a Photoshop – maybe not, and start sharing
knowledge on how to do things in Photoshop. And then in that video you can promote an
amazing Photoshop course. So you search for an amazing Photoshop course
and you say “Hey! if you want to learn more about Photoshop, you can get this course. Click on the link in the description!” and
that affiliate link can give you revenue. So let me show you my PayPal account:,
and then I go to received income, last 30 days. So $1400 from Siteground, $36 from ConvertKit,
Siteground again, Elementor – almost three thousand dollars, elegant themes – almost
two thousand dollars, a different theme, something else, Siteground again, ImpactRadius, Siteground,
Brainstorm and that’s how I make my money through the Internet and then I bring it to
my own bank account in the Netherlands and then I can do the groceries and do other stuff. And it’s amazing because it is passive income,
because you create a thing only once. For instance I’ve been on vacation last two
weeks in Aruba and then the money still comes in, so that’s amazing about affiliate marketing. I’m not a help desk because I promote other
people’s products and I still have the benefit of helping people, getting paid by it, and
also the company that I promote is happy with me. So it’s a win-win-win situation. What I want to say is that affiliate marketing
is still an amazing thing to start in 2019. In 2011 people said to me, the market is fulfilled,
you’re too late you can not do this anymore. Then I started and in 2015 I really took off
with my YouTube channel and four years later I’m making quite a nice amount of money. So you can start today because people are
still wanting to buy things today, and they can buy it through someone else or they can
buy it through you. So let me show you something interesting. I created a video and I placed it on my YouTube
channel with at that moment 50 subscribers, and it’s called Ferdytalks over here, at this
moment 158 subscribers. And I search for the video about the Facebook:
How to create a Facebook page, and it has a total of 166 views. The exact same video, I uploaded three months
later to my YouTube channel which had, at that moment, 10,000 subscribers: How to create
a Facebook page, and here it is – two years ago – same video, how many views: 550 thousand
views. And why is that? Because I had an audience already. So my video was picked up in the Google search
results better than the other one: FerdyTalks. So what I want to say with this is that the
longer you do this, the harder it will go, but the beginning can be tough. When you’re working for a boss you maybe get
$2,000 per month, maybe less, maybe more. And every month you get the same and you do
the same work, you work at the same amount of hours. With Affiliate marketing, it is not like that. In the beginning you put a lot of effort in
it and you don’t see the results yet. So in the beginning, you will lose money because
you do not make $2,000 per month, you make maybe zero dollars per month for a few months
or for a few weeks and then after a time, you maybe start to make $300 per month – still
lower than 2000 – but as soon as you reach the two thousand per month, then you start
to continue to grow harder and harder and harder. It’s called exponential growth. That’s a great thing about affiliate marketing. In the beginning, it’s hard; you really need
to work hard in order to earn some money, but it will grow faster and faster. So when you have a job, you have security,
you have the same loan per month and maybe it will increase every year a little bit,
but with affiliate marketing it’s harder in the beginning, you earn less but as soon as
you hit the $500 milestone, then it starts to grow more and more and more. So keep that in mind. Keep your focus on what you want, don’t think
hey I’m going to try this and if I don’t make money within one week, it doesn’t work. No. Make a decision that this is going to work
for you. I made a blog post in 2015; let me see ‘ferdy
korpershoek’ and then ‘no way back,’ there it is. In 2015, I started the YouTube channel which
is making me the amount of money I’m making. And I was struggling with WordPress and I
had the idea in 2012 to start a YouTube channel, but somebody said to me: You know what? This is nothing for you; you should not do
that. So I did not do it, and a few years later
I was so frustrated with my life with my income, I was about to marry and we did not have much
money. I worked for a boss and I worked twice as
much as I should and I got paid not much money. And I was getting so frustrated, and I was
like okay I’m going to make the YouTube channel although my English is bad; although English
is not my first language; although other people are better, I’m just gonna do it. No matter if I make money or not, I’m just
going to do it and I will see what will happen. So I wrote this blog post where I say there’s
no way back, I’m just gonna continue to do it and now I am at 80,000 subscribers which
is amazing. So I want to say to you, do not give up. If you really want this, there is a way. So I want to impress upon you that this is
still possible. Think about how you would like your life to
be. I’ve been to Aruba with my wife and with my
kid a week ago, and it was amazing, and the money still kept flowing. And I’m also still helping people when I’m
asleep through my videos, and that’s the great thing about 2019, about 2020 – these days
you can create things that will start working for you and you can help people even while
you’re asleep. So how did it go with me? If I go to my channel, if I scroll down all
the way, you see here my first video. I click on it. This was my first video where I show people
how to make a website, it was around 20th of May 2015 and I was so excited to create
a beautiful tutorial from scratch and I started recording with a different microphone with
my screen, with my really simple MacBook Pro from 2012, and it was a four hour long video. And when I exported it which took around 24
hours, it said that my audio failed; so I had no audio. So the next night from 12 till 4:00 a.m.,
I recorded the tutorial again and this time the audio field again but I had a backup audio. So I used that audio for this video, I started
editing it and the third of June 2015, I uploaded this video. And after a few weeks I got 20 views per day
and then I got my first sale. So let me show you:, let me
see. I go to profile>earnings>referrals>2015. Okay, June the 3rd, I uploaded my first video
and I got one sale and I was so happy with it. It was like my first sale $21, wow! Then July: 1 sale, then in August I got 11
sales which is a total of $200. The month after that $300, the month after
that $400, $460 and then in December I had $590 in one month. For me, it was like what is happening. I was on a honeymoon in 2015 December, I was
like wow! I’m earning money while I’m on honeymoon;
how amazing is that and the honeymoon was already so great. So then it started growing, growing and growing
year after year. I started making three times as much money
as the year before and now I’m at $700 a day, sometimes more of course, sometimes less. So what I want to impress upon you time after
time is that you need to work really hard. Especially in the beginning, you don’t see
the results really fast but when you do, it will go faster and faster. I’ll show you a case study, I did a new course,
if I go to I wanted to show people, step-by-step, how
to create a course from scratch. So here are all the videos there for free;
on YouTube you can follow them. But then I was like, okay now I need to sell
my course. I don’t know how to sell a course because
I’m not good at that, that’s why I have a YouTube channel with free videos, that’s why
I’m making this video for free. So I started thinking okay if I want to teach
other people how to sell a course, I need to learn myself. So I came to a course that is called onefunnelaway
and I was so excited, I was like this is the missing link in my whole area of creating
this stuff. And I saw it has an affiliate program. So I go now to affiliates, what I did that
I sent two emails to my email list where I tell them hey! this is amazing you can hop
on, you can do this course together with me and I can help you maybe a bit and show you
what I think about it. And what you see now, in the last 30 days
I made $3,300 which is $100 per day extra, with something I started promoting two weeks
ago. So when you have a bigger audience, it can
go faster. Well, how did I collect all those email addresses? If you go to and you go to templates,
people can sign in or sign up or opt-in and then they get all my free Elementor templates
which I’ve made and then they go to my list and to my list I sent Elementor related stuff,
and this time I decided to send something about the onefunnelaway challenge. So the bigger you grow, the easier it becomes
to make money with it, and at the same time of course help other people. Well I don’t like to spam, so to be honest,
I don’t think this was the right group for me to send this offer because people sign
up for templates, and they get an offer about how to sell a course. So that’s not completely working. So if you would like to make an email list
with people who want to make money online, you should start making tutorials about that
and then say hey! if you want to learn more about it, or if you don’t see how much I’m
earning, you can opt-in and then I will show you and when people are on that list that
want to make money, you can promote something like this and then in one time you can create
a lot of money. So that’s what you can do. So let’s make it practical for you – how can
you start to make money online. Well search for what people are buying already;
what is interesting. And you can go to You need to have an AdWords account and you
can create it for free, and then can go to tools>keyword planner, then I click over
here. You should promote something that you totally
love and that you are passionate about. So what are you passionate about? Maybe you’re passionate about Photoshop, then
you can search for a Photoshop, hit Enter, get started, and then you see how many people
are searching for Photoshop. So per month four million people, which is
a lot, and there are also related keywords: Lightroom, Photoshop elements, buy Photoshop,
Adobe Photoshop. And then I can select them based on the Average
monthly searches, Adobe Lightroom, Gimp. So let me see, are people searching for Photoshop
tutorials>get results – 50,000 per month. So there are a lot of people who are searching
for Photoshop tutorials. So what you can do, search for a ‘Photoshop
course udemy’,, Coursera and you can become an affiliate of one of those courses. Adobe itself, Skillshare>Goskill, Photoshop
for beginners. So if I go over here for instance, let me
see, okay. Then I scroll down to see if there is something
about affiliates, or I say CMD+F affiliates, or I search for Go skills affiliate program. Yes. Sometimes the affiliate programs are supplied
by other companies, so over here at Go skills, sale commission is 10%. That’s not much. If you go to Divi, you get 50% recurring. If you go to Click Funnels what I was talking
about a few moments ago where I got 3,300 dollars, they give a recurring revenue of
40% – that’s what I’m talking about, because that’s real money. If you get 10% of a sale of twenty seven dollars,
you get it’s not that much. You need a lot of sales if you want to make
a living out of that. So no, this is not working. So if you take a look at, and
if you search for ‘make money online’ which is a hot topic, Kevin David – I think he has
his own course. He’s on fire. Click here to make money online, so you click
here, you get a money quiz or you get a free webinar and then can buy his course. What you can do, you can promote his course. So you see someone that’s successful, and
you start to promote their courses and create valuable content around it. You can do three ways. You can more do it more ways, but there are
three main ways. The first one is through text – blogging;
writing a book; writing blog posts; writing- writing-writing. If you go to, they’re all about
WordPress. They have a lot of blog pages, blog posts. Here, seven best WordPress backup plugins. So they start giving value by writing stuff
about the best seven plugins, about backups. Here are ads so they make money through the
ads. But if I click over here for instance, here’s
a referral. So when I buy this through them, they get
a commission. So writing is really important. Write a ton of stuff about the subject that
you want to promote. The second one is podcast. If you go to Smart Passive Income, this guy
has a podcast and there he shares about smart passive income, how to make money online. When you listen to it, he will sometimes talk
about things you can take a look at and buy and then he gets his commission. The third one is of course video, then we
can go to YouTube again which I’ve just shown you. If you make a video about things that’s what
I’m doing, you can say go to this link to buy it and you can give explanation around
that project and then can make a lot of money. I expect to start to make a lot more money
in the coming months because if you go to which is an affiliate link,
you see my affiliate link over here, click funnels is a website with not that much options,
with one goal to get an opt-in to get someone on an email list and then can promote things
you want to offer. You can help them that way and they make it
really easy for you to create all those pages, and they give a lot of amazing information
about it; about marketing and all that stuff. So I want to create valuable videos around
this software. So I can write blog posts about it, I can
do podcasts about it, how to make money, how to build a funnel because that’s the new way
of making money and helping other people’s at the same time and then I can send them
over here. Like hey go to and then go
to click funnels and its affiliate link and you can buy it or you can make videos about
it. So I will make it tutorial about click funnels
because this is the real deal and then that way I help other people to be more successful
in their business; I help this company to make or revenue which helps them to make the
product even better and I help myself by getting the revenue. So that’s affiliate marketing; if you have
to know more about affiliate marketing, there’s a free course you can find it in the description. I hope you find a ton of value in this video. Feel free to ask a question in the comments. Like this video and subscribe for more upcoming
videos and I hope you have a great day. Bye!


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