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– So, would you like
to learn how to create a great affiliate marketing video? Hey, it’s LeahRae from, and Todd and I just had
kind of a fun opportunity. We had bought our son a really
cool electronic drum set, and we had some folks reaching out to us to actually learn more about it, when we had just kinda shared
about it on a personal level. Now, we took this opportunity to create a great affiliate marketing video just to teach you how
to create a great video about a physical product,
leading with value, and also gently providing an offer that people can purchase, so stick around. (upbeat electronic music) – All right, so a lot of you
actually saw the video of my five year old son playing drums, and we got our five year old son a drum set for his birthday, and within a matter of minutes, we were able to teach
him how to play drums. One. And two. And three. And four. And wow! (slow drumming) Wow, there ya go. One and two and three and four and one and two and three and four and two and three and four and one and two and three
and oh, that was so close! Good job! So, the two questions that
really came outta that video were number one, what’s that
drum set that you bought and the second question was, “How do you teach your kid
to play drums like that?” So I’m gonna answer those
two questions in this video and first thing, I’m gonna
start out with the drum set, which one I bought and why I bought it. This is an Alesis Nitro Mesh Drum Set and you can get it on Amazon. It’s about 250 bucks right now. I’ll leave a link for that in
the description of this video so you can check it out. There might be a better price right now. Maybe yes, maybe no, I don’t know. But the reason I got this is number one, I don’t wanna give a five year old like a full, noisy drum set. (laughs) I wanna be able to
control the noise in my house. So that’s why I got the electric drum set and I got this one specifically because it was priced really
well as far as drum sets go, but also, it’s got some
really nice features. It’s mesh drum set. It’s got the mesh heads rather
than just the rubber heads. That’s typically a
feature that you only see on higher end drum sets. So it was a good, quality drum set. An electric drum set is also
something that you can see, it’s really low, right, it’s not sized for me at all. But it’s something that I can set down low so that a five year old kid can play it and then as he grows, I can raise it up and it’ll be able to serve him
when he gets older as well. You can’t really do
that just a traditional, real life drum set. If you buy a junior drum set,
he’s gonna play that until he gets old enough, he grows out of it, and you have to buy another. Well, this is something
that can grow with him. The other reason is, like I said, because of the noise and I have a speaker for this. You can hear, ya know, the speaker there. You can turn that up,
you can turn it down. But also, you don’t even need the speaker. I paid extra for the
speaker, I think possibly about 150 bucks for that. I’ll do the link for
that too if you want it. But really, you don’t even need that. You can just plug in your
headset and just play with the headset on. So you don’t really hear
anything except for the tapping on the drums. But that’s why I got this
and I’m really happy with it. It’s a good, quality drum set. It’s not cheap at all. And it sounds great. So, that’s the drum set I got. Like I said, I’ll leave
the links for this specific stuff that I got here, I’ll leave that in the description of the video. Now, the second question
people would ask is, well how do you teach your
kid how to play drums? Or how do I even learn how to play drums? If this is something that
you wanna learn how to do. This is actually very simple. A lot of teachers teach
us in a way that makes it look a bit more complex,
takes longer to learn. My philosophy of teaching
drums is kind of, I call it the Tai Chi
method of playing drums. If you ever see people doing
Tai Chi in the park or whatever you see them making these
super slow movements, right? The whole philosophy behind
that is that you’re teaching your muscles, you’re trying
to teach your muscles how to move correctly. You want to do something
as slow as possible, or as slow as you need to in order to program that muscle memory
so that when you have to do the technique faster, supposedly, you know how to do the
movement perfectly, right? This really made sense to
me when I was going through music school when one of my
teachers would tell me that practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect. The whole idea behind that is that if, whatever instrument you’re
playing, doesn’t matter, whatever you’re practicing, if you practice a certain
phrase or line of music and you make a mistake
and you don’t go back and correct it, all you’re
doing is you’re practicing how to make that mistake. The more you practice it like
that and the more you make that mistake, the more
you are programming that muscle memory into your body. You’re basically training
yourself how to make that mistake over and over and over again. So, the whole philosophy
behind that is that you need to slow down what you’re doing, as slow as you need to in
order to play it perfectly. In that way, you’re
practicing it perfectly and perfect practice makes perfect. So, I basically just took
on the same philosophy when I would teach
students how to play drums is do it as slow as you need
to in order to do it perfectly. When you do this, you can
really compress the amount of time it takes to learn
how to do a drum beat into just a matter of minutes. For my son, I think it took him, he’s got ADHD, he’s only five-years-old, took him like 10, 15 minutes. A normal student I
successfully taught to some middle school kids and they were playing drums within minutes. If you’re an adult, you should
be able to do that as well. So, you don’t even need a drum
set to be able to do this. It’s very simple. You just need your right
hand, your left hand, and really just your right foot. We’re not even gonna use
your left foot right now. But, first step is learning how to count and it’s just one and
two and three and four. If you can say that,
that’s all you need to do. One and two and three and four and– so that’s how we count our beats. Now I’m gonna show you what to do with your hands and your feet. You don’t even need your drum
sticks or drum set to do this. If you’re sitting at a desk, if you’re sitting at a toilet
or whatever, you can do this. So you can learn how to play drums without any equipment at all. So I’m countin’ one,
we’re just gonna use our right hand and our left foot and it’s one and then and
is just your right hand, then two is your right and left hand, and then and is just your right, and then three and four and is just repeating that same thing. Three, right hand, right foot, and right hand, four, right and left hand, then and is just your right hand. You put it all together. One and two and three and four and, OK? So what we do is we just
break it down really slow and perfect practice makes perfect. So once again, one,
right hand, right foot. And, two, right hand and left hand. And three, right hand, right foot. And four, and. Like I said, just do it as
slow as you need to do it in order to get it perfect and then slowly start speeding it up. One and two and three and four and. As we speed it up, one and two and three and four and one and two and three and four and. So, now I’m gonna show
you what that sounds like on a drum set. So, this is our drum set. This is a pretty standard set up. You’ve got your cymbals up here, your hi-hat, your crash
cymbal, your ride cymbal. You got your bass drum or your kick drum. Snare drum right here. Your two rack toms. And then a floor tom. So here’s that same drum beat but on a drum set and we’re
just gonna use our ride cymbal with our right hand. Our right foot is on kick drum and then our left hand is on snare drum. So, one, and, two, and, three, and, four, and. That’s your drum beat. One and two and three and four and one and two and three and four and. Again, the way you practice this, perfect practice makes perfect. So do it as slow as you need to in order to build up that muscle memory so that it’s easier to
go faster and faster. One, and, two, and, three, and, four, and. It’s as simple as that
and that’s how I teach a five year old how to play drums and ya know, obviously,
he’s gonna wanna go faster than what he’s able to do but ya know, it’s your part to kinda
restrain him or her and make sure that
they’re doing it perfect and they go slow as they need to in order to get it perfect every time. If you just work with them on that, the way I teach my son, I
let him kinda play around on this as long as he’s
not abusing the drum set. I let him play around and
hit things and experiment but every now and then, I’ll say, “OK, let’s hear your drum beat. “Let me hear your drum beat
and you gotta do it perfect.” He’ll do it once. One and two and three and four and. He’ll do it once like that and I’ll say, “OK, let’s hear it two times in a row. You just keep building and you build how many times he can do it in a row and you build how fast
you can do it as well. If you get to a point where
you’re making a mistake, you just slow it down
and that’s all it is. You just keep practicing perfectly. The more you do that, the faster you go, and the better you’re gonna sound. That’s basically how I
taught my five year old son how to play drums in a matter of minutes and how basically anybody
is able to do this as well. Like I said, this is a
set up I really like. This is actually set up in our bedroom. So, that’s why the lighting
isn’t the greatest in here but we got this set up
in our bedroom because we also have a younger kid who’s about 20 months old right now and we don’t want him to touch this at all. Also, we don’t want our five year old to treat this like a toy. It’s an instrument. It’s valuable. It obviously cost a lot more
money than his other toys. But we also want to be able to monitor him while he’s playing this
and make sure that he treats it with respect because ya know, he’s a five year old boy. So yeah, we just keep it in
here and we can turn it up, turn it down, we can
plug in the headphones so he can practice from his headphones and we’re just making fun for him. So once again, I’ll leave
the links for this equipment if you wanna check it out and see what the price is on Amazon. I’ll put it right below in
the description of this video. And hope you enjoyed this video. Take care. Can you do it two times in a row? One and two and three and four and one. Try. One, and, two, and, three, where’s your foot? Three, and, four, and one, two times in a row, and one, no, with your foot, one, and two, and three, with your foot, and four. Both hands, four, and. Yeah, good job.


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