Affiliate Marketing VS Referral Marketing?

– Hi there, my name is David Gregoire, Mr. eCommerce, the founder of The app that makes
product photography easy. And today I wanted to
talk to you about very, two very good ways to
do the promotion of your eCommerce website. One of my client yesterday asked me, what is the difference
between affiliate marketing, and referral marketing? It’s very easy. The affiliate marketing
is a program with which people that don’t know you actually, could promote your website, and your products. They could make a blog
post, do social media posts, they could be an Instagram influencer, and talk about your products,
and whenever someone, through their blog
post, or Instagram post, click on the link, get on your website, there’s a cookie, that is
added on their computer, and when they make a purchase,
you have to give, like, 10 or 15% back, to the influencer, or the person that made a blog post about you. The referral marketing,
you have certainly seen that in the past, in other websites. It’s usually one of your customers
that likes you very much, wants a 50 dollar rebate. So he can put the email
addresses of five of his friends, and then make the permission
of you to their friend, and refer new clients to you. So this is the referral marketing. It’s very efficient to do
that because it doesn’t cost you anything upfront. You just, like, give money, when people refer you new clients. If you need applications to do that, and you’re on Shopify, you
can visit: There are multiple apps that
will allow you to do that. Or search on Google, it’s very easy to do. So thanks for watching, please share this video to other people that have eCommerce websites,
and want to grow their customer base. It’s David Gregoire, Mr. eCommerce. Download SnapShop on the
App Store, or Google Play. Have a great day.

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