Affiliate Marketing Without A Website Step by Best Way to Get Traffic to Your Website for Free 2019

okay there are several divisions in your
business that needs to be systematized number one is traffic okay traffic again
we’re talking about in the context of how do we multiply time through systems
creation and keeping our focus on imprecision precise areas that we need
to focus on okay so we’ve got traffic everybody gets that traffic leads to okay hey camera what’s up man okay so
we’re building a list okay we’ve got traffic we’ve got lists list is going to
evolve into a category of prospects okay prospects there’s a difference between
listing a prospect I will tell you that in a moment and then we have sales okay
and then we have the good ol money what is money really man it’s it’s an idea
it’s a concept people kill for money crazy but whatever your dollars I’m
having on me right now but money is like people use credit cards it’s my gold
card it’s way more important than money way more valuable than money
tell you that right but I’ll tell you correct take a look at a credit card
it’s it’s nothing it’s it’s it’s nothing it’s it’s err it’s an idea it’s numbers
digits and a computer it’s nothing yet people kill for that kind of stuff crazy
right that’s a different different topic for
different day but everybody’s after this money thing right so how do we get that
right how do we get that because money and why because money equals the good
life okay that makes you happy okay makes you happy
so what I want to do is I want to create systems for one two three four five five
categories I want to create systems let me talk to you a little bit about these
okay systems so I can multiply time by creating systems I and then and and so
time equals money okay so how do I multiply time in traffic
generation how do I multiply time in traffic generator give you a couple
ideas here I want to keep these shows down to well way way below in our mark
so but we’re gonna have the chap job again if you you know if you dig this
kind of stuff I I teach all this we get into all of this in great detail just
create stuff on accounting for percent comm take a look at what we’ve got but I
want to multiply traffic by creating marketing assets okay
marketing assets what is a marketing asset I’ll give you an example everybody
is going for one-time shot deals okay most people 99 percent of people in our
space are going for the easiest thing the easiest thing and here’s what the
easiest thing can I just buy traffic without doing anything without touching
anything without writing anything without like what’s it what’s the
easiest traffic I can get what they what’s the what’s the cheapest traffic I
can get without doing anything how can we get the most traffic for nothing and
I can’t I can’t even do anything because I’m a newbie I don’t understand it
okay that’s amateur they’ll never be successful so what you want to do is you
want to do things that most people again with the masses are doing is not working
never works that you never want to follow the masses mass is going nowhere
okay you want to go with the elites what the elites are doing okay so you want to
go don’t don’t don’t follow the herd here’s I’ll tell you focus on creating
marketing assets okay what what is that specifically a marketing asset in
traffic generation could be things that are difficult perceived to be more
difficult for amateur marketers less competition okay almost no competition
way better quarter traffic and what I want to do is I want
to plant it’s like planting these seeds for a garden so you planted a seed and
you planted another seed and then another seed and another another seed
right and so and then and then you have your garden and you care for it and then
your garden grows but once they see this planted something is happening
underneath Neath the soil right it draws the the Sun that it gets the nutrients
from the ground and it grows same thing can happen in this first pillar of
traffic generation right so give you an idea YouTube right now is great he’s
great so what you do is you can you can create
marketing assets not self not sales angled kind of videos those are never
those will never be good for you right but you want to start creating yourself
so that the the rest of this process right it needs to be strategic so that
it’s a natural flow right if you have a if you attract a human right here okay
what’s traffic it’s a human it’s a human being it’s it’s a guy it’s a girl it’s a
person human being like you like me right we we have feelings we have
desires we have you know things that we want dreams all that and so if you if
you strip down this idea of traffic to a single person and then you think okay
how can I create marketing assets to a single person that would make sense to
him that would make you the advertiser right or the publisher the marketer
stand out hand his shoulders and create a bond with this guy or gal this person
so that he digs you right away without even knowing you right and then he felt
as he follows through this process this person right here becomes way more
valuable for you when it comes to money and he loves it and it’s a win-win
you love it he loves it okay and you’re building a real business around it okay
so for example there is a there is a way for you to create systematic traffic
generation so a and I and I teach this if you guys are in for in the Internet
traffic mastery there is a blueprint this is this is your Bible for traffic
generation that’s it it this is your Bible for traffic generation forget
about like Facebook is going backwards for the first time ever
right that in for the user growth the advertising cost is is way up three
hundred four hundred five hundred percent in some markets higher to
acquire a customer to get a transaction to get a conversion on Facebook okay
it’s gonna get crazier Instagram is is tying up there you know cracking down on
things Facebook is changing algorithms you got to pay a lot more money to reach
your your you know your pure your followers okay it’s always changing okay
so I’ll tell you this there’s gonna be a day to where just like in Google
Facebook advertising will be nearly impossible to win in its coming just
just wait for it okay if you rely on that alone like most
people in our in your space you host okay
you’re gonna wake up one day your business gun is gone because you never
learned traffic generation what I want to do is I want to create systems in
traffic we’re talking retargeting follow the plan okay
you know my traffic mastery everything you need to know about traffic just
follow it master it create yourself a system for traffic generation okay so
what you can do is you create you create marketing assets in traffic I’ll tell
you this another one without going so list okay
so list generation this is where you get your people to opt-in okay
this where people opt-in now what is how can you systematize your opt-in okay
well you systematize your opt-in again we talked about this a little bit on one
of the previous shows or but as you get traffic and they’re going to this to
your landing page so this is where you this way you cost you systematize your
opt-in process okay so what you do is you create a list they opt-in they go to
your list so you can split test your landing page okay this whole this whole
landing page needs to be split that’s because that’s how you multiply we’re
talking about multiplying your effectiveness right you split test
multiple anybody’s that’s systematized but then you get them to your
autoresponder okay so your list now you’re going from from this bucket or
from this pillar to this pillar which they become your prospects okay I
I it it like I have to laugh every time when I see marketing concepts or
marketing practices when people are going like this okay
check it out you got yourself opted in okay I experienced this I have like this
this email account that I obtained just kind of you know checking out what’s
going on in the industry and that’s my junk I never check it unless I wanted to
check it right and so I know there’s so many marketers out there man
they would I would get on the list right here okay at one point in time I would
be interested in whatever that they were marketing to me and then so I’m on their
list and and so this is their sales letter here this is their sales letter
and so what they’re doing is they’re hammering me right from their email that
would send me an email saying hey different angles constantly sending them
sending me to the sales letter dude I already seen that I didn’t respond to it
it didn’t get my attention right I don’t want it that’s why I didn’t buy
it and and you sending me 16 messages sending me to the very same thing from
the same angle straight from your email list straight to that sales letter is it
just it just dumb it’s not working if it didn’t work for the third time do you
think 7th time will work if you just keep hammering me with the same bye bye
bye bye bye bye bye message it’s it’s a mature way of marketing you’re not I
mean here’s a better way what do you want what you want to do okay if you
four percent here’s what you’re gonna do you will you will understand that and
again this goes back to the awareness so what you do is you have your sales thing
this is where you this how you work your prospects this is systematizing your
prospects now okay so you got your sales page whatever this thing that you’re
selling okay you move it out a little bit okay and you put it over here and
you keep it there is there that’s how you make your money okay if you’re
selling one thing that’s how you but you got this list don’t hammer them like
everybody else but what I want to do okay is I want to create marketing
assets for prospects okay for prospects here’s what this means this guy opted in
obviously wanting to get the result that whatever I’m selling is promising to
deliver okay this becomes not so much relevant as this so what I can do is he
did he already saw that when he opted in because that’s typically how people get
you know see that they offer right away he didn’t respond okay so I might follow
up you know in the next follow-up email just to kind of make sure he saw that
but then if he did not buy I’m gonna stop hammering him because he already
said no right he saw that he opened an email he did not respond to the offer so
instead of being like amateur beating them to death
right here’s what you do you create your marketing assets and you cultivate your
prospect because your list turns over to be in a prospect and so what you can do
this can be your blog post it can be a video right and you can talk about you
can talk about never talk about the product you always talk about the result
you talk about the possibility you talk about the the painting on the wall and
how beautiful it’s gonna look instead of trying to sell him a drill hey this is
the best drill here it’s got these features and it’s got that I don’t want
a drill do it I don’t even wanna I don’t want to drill I just wanna I just want
to have a painting on the wall so that’s why I need to buy a drill you get the
picture okay here’s making sense everybody you
guys gonna lie okay I get them – yeah I get them – right okay
so check it out so what I want to do is I want to talk about do it here here
here is imagine how your painting is gonna look like here is what here here
are some of the examples of similar paintings so we talked about this if you
want to sell them the drill okay so now and you know if you’re smart
marketer you provide value okay you provide value you provide advice that’s
where you become more valuable okay and so you send him you sending emails okay
sending him to do these value sequences and they’re different they’re not
hammering people all the way you know always to the same thing okay you’re
talking them from different direction you didn’t risk okay you saw this
message great let’s talk about this maybe you can survey him so see what I’m
saying so why want to systematize my prospects
category I want to systematize that that’s how I can multiply time right so
that way I can just I can focus on having a people and it’s marketing 101
it’s not it’s not like a rocket science or anything like that but I want to
create systems and these systems serve a few points it needs to raise my my value
in the marketplace okay it needs to create better bond with me and my
prospects and it needs to sell stuff but I never sell stuff directly I always
have indirectly okay and so this is this is a pre framer you can review the
products you can review you can you know feature different things you can talk
about benefits you can talk about you know you always talk about the result
and at the end your call to action is super simple hey by the way if you
enjoyed this check out this I think you might like it
thirty Seconds call to action that’s it if the minute video ten minutes if the
post is you know 500 words just a little paragraph at the bottom with that with
one link you don’t have to hammer them you know I’m saying so you become
somebody that your people respond to and they won’t open your emails and they
look forward to your next email because there is genuine value that you deliver
to them and if there is no genuine value if it’s just pitch pitch pitch pitch
pitch you toast you done forget about it close up the shop go home forget about
it right so that’s how you work your prospects now sales when you have one
sale there’s got to be a system for you okay I want to systematize yeah how do I
multiply time I understand systems I want to have one sale turn into what I
want to multiply I want to I want to have one sale turn into multiple sales
right same guy if I do it right same guy
bonding this is the bonding process right here okay sales I want to I want
to have that person willingly okay not because I hammer him not because I
pressure him not because I’m selling him a comp plan okay I’m getting passionate
about this because dude this is it’s crazy what’s going on in in our industry
right now no wonder people are going circles in circles okay if this dude by
the you know bite into a pot come plant the only thing you can sell him here is
talk about more calm and that’s why you’re gonna get
slaughtered by FTC be very careful okay but if I can turn one sale into multiple
sales systematically that’s what I need to focus on great systems for it right
then my money multiplies okay my money multiplies and my my lifestyle okay
how’s that how to finally drive you get happier


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