Affiliate Program for earning money by referral

Hi, we have a present for you. I am Kuba and I will help you unpack it. At ApuTime, we are not afraid to talk about our process management solution; on the contrary, we are receiving a very positive response. You deserve the same positive response, so we decided to give you the opportunity to earn some money. Our Affiliate Program is designed to be as simple and transparent as possible. And how does it work? In your commission report, you simply calculate how much you’d expect to land on your account each month. Then just recommend ApuTime to your friends in companies and businesses using your own link. Just copy and share the link. We’ll make sure all recommendations are automatically linked to you and the percentage of each store is credited to your account. And why do we do it all? We say that it is better to have one percent of one hundred bucks than one hundred percent of the one dollar. Are you ready? Let’s do it!

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