Affiliate Program | My Lead System Pro (MLSP) Scam or Legit?

– Hey this is LeahRae,
from, and I am super excited to
talk to you today about the My Lead System Pro affiliate program. Now Todd and I found My
Lead System Pro originally just as a platform to learn from, that would give us the
skills that we needed to build a successful online business, but it turns out, that as we did that, it just made sense to offer our leads, My Lead System Pro as an affiliate if it worked well for them and it did. It actually has become a
huge income source for us and yes, it’s not an income opportunity, it’s not, that’s not what
you get started there for, but it has huge earning potential and it might make sense to add to what you can do for your audience, for the leads that you’re generating, like it did for us. So we have earned in the
last I think four years, well over $400,000 through
My Lead System Pro. $414,000 and some change is actually what it’s turned out to be, and just last year, you
know that’s grown over time, because we started not knowing anything so we had to learn during the process and it just keeps getting bigger for us. Last year we brought in just a couple bucks shy of $250,000 just from the affiliate program
with My Lead System Pro, and that’s on top of all the other ways that we monotize our business because it’s not an
income opportunity for us it’s just a side thing that we add because it makes sense for our audience. Now, obviously there’s no guarantees that anyone makes any sort of money it’s really comes down to working hard and implementing what you do but if you’re interested in making money with affiliate commissions I highly recommend My Lead System Pro. It’s one of the top
programs that we recommend across-the-board for affiliate marketing, because it is a very lucrative program and plus the people, the
community are amazing. So, if you see some buttons, somewhere on your screen to get started I highly suggest, click that button and get started today.

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