Affiliate Program That Pay Big Money. Zero out of Pocket to Start Digital Income System

– [Jeff] Hey guys, what’s going on? Jeff Ruiz here. Just coming out the sporting store. Got me a nice bat. Hit the batting ranges, but also we’re gonna do a
quick deposit to the bank, show you what, how the business is going? Let me first, Toss this bat in here. All right. Let’s see. Turn this bad boy on. (car dings) Ooh, it’s hot outside, it’s hot outside. But anyway, anyway, good stuff going on. Always wear your seatbelt. As you guys seen lately, this new business blowing up recently, just been in, second week starting. Check this out, got
another envelope, FedEx, I already opened it up, and deposit it to the bank We’re gonna take a quick
trip to the bank right now. Let me see. Working with one hand is a pain. So. Boom, boom, boom. It’s me, guys. (laughs) So check this out got basically, three came in today, As you see there, going to deposit it. Here’s what’s awesome, within the second week starting, just basically hitting $50,000, guys. $50,000, and a lot of new
people are making it happen. That’s the best part, so get excited. This is not the mail package, or company you might be thinking, I mean here you’re making, the minimum you’re making
is 500 dollars, okay, per package, or as you see
money order cashiers check. Alright, also it goes up to 12,500, which is great, what I’ve
seen is a lot of people, here’s the great news, I wanna tell you, lot of people wanna join
at the higher levels, and to earn those huge commissions, okay, because the coaches are
doing all the closing, and yes, there’s free
traffic here for life, okay, for life. Right now I’m going to
deposit it in the bank, because I was using the bank app, but I deposit too many through my bank app that I already passed my limit, so of course I have to, you know, drive and do some deposits,
which I don’t mind. After this, I’m hitting
the batting ranges, but anyway you get free traffic for life, that is the awesome part about this, okay? Free traffic for life also, also ask me about, you can
even start zero out of pocket, let me tell you again, zero. Zero out of pocket, and
start receiving these, okay, all you have to do is ask
for information right now, what’s good about this, is everything is set up. Once you’re in the website, everything, capture
pages, order responder, the sources, the traffic sources
to use to get the results that you want, and also I’ma hook you up with the financing, so
you could start zero, let me tell you again, zero out of pocket, and start making those huge
commissions, up to 12,500. Tell me that is not sick,
you know here’s the story, I see people jumping from
program to program to program, and not getting, trying to
follow the trends and everything, and not getting no results, okay? a lot of time, the smaller
programs that you join, you know, a lot of people say, “I’ma start at a smaller
program and work myself up”, a lot of times, those programs
don’t have have a system completely set up for
you to make it happen. A lot of people who are
brand new to the industry have no clue how to set
up all the responders, how to have capture pages,
all these technical stuff, this business right here
has everything in place, so you can constantly be
making money, money, okay? This is the great part
to be able to do whatever you want when you want, okay? I have no boss. I am
my own boss, all right, that’s the great part you can do this. You can do this part time also, all right. You can do this part time and like I said, all you have to do is ask for
more info below this video, ask for more info, I’ma give
you all the information, how you’re able to make you
know 500 til 12,500 commissions. Also, here’s the other
thing I get asked for. What is this lady doing? Okay, anyway (laughs). The levels that you can start at is 1,000, 3,000, 5,000, 12,000, and 24,000, okay, I mean 25,000 sorry again, so five levels. Okay, I got a message I had
to block that for a second. So again you can start at
the 1,000 level, 3,000 level 5,000 level, 12,000 level or 25,000 level. So here’s a good thing
they’re running right now, if you come in within the
24 hours and you upgrade, you’re comin’ in at 3,000 dollar levels, you’re gonna get bumped up
to a 5,000 level absolutely for free. You start at the 5,000 level, you’re going to get upgraded up to the 12,000 level for free. You start at the 12,000 level, you’re going to jump up to
the 25’000 level for free. That’s what I did I started
at the 12’000 dollar level, got bumped up to a 25000 level for free, and people was like thinking
if your investment business like mine, say like, “Whoa
Jeff, that’s a lot of money'”, that’s why there’s the finance option, that you can start for free, and you can get approval
all the way till 25,000, and let me tell you right now, I don’t mind because I already
made my investment back on my 50,000 already, and this is my second week only starting, and I’m not the only person getting these kind of massive results, and there’s a lot of brand new people having the results within 24 hours, or within the first week of them joining, and them never having success jumping, and jumping from business to business, and all that good stuff. All right, don’t fall into
the trap of doing that. Start getting these packages all the time. What is this lady doin’? (laughs) I don’t know man, I guess
the atm is not giving her any love right now, but
okay that’s it guys, so you got it now, you
can start this business absolutely for free, ask
me for information below this video or above this video, and also the companies giving
you free traffic for life, also the coaches are closing your leads, all these checks that you see I’m getting are the coaches closing them for me, I’m not doin’ anything, I’m
not doing nothing special, I’m using the traffic, sending a little bit of traffic, and having the business
send free traffic also. Oh, finally, all right. I guess finally the ATM
cooperated with her, so let me deposit this here real quick, and of course whatever questions you have, drop the comment below this video, so I know what’s the issue. “Please wait while we
access your card”, okay. so I can answer all the
questions that you may have to make this process easier. Of course you could reach out to me, I’ll answer anything you ask, but like I said we have
coaches, professional coaches, that do all that, and
they actually follow up, when someone wants a call request, they will call ’em within 24 hours. Let’s see, lets make a deposit, checking. Print deposit. Continue. All right guys, so, let’s get these checks going, hold on, see. You gotta love it. So that’s very simple guys, very simple. This video actually took a little longer, but I wanna let you guys know
exactly what’s going on, and, huh? All right guys, well you got
it, I’m getting the deposit, if you want to take a
lot more information, comment below, “More info”, or drop whatever questions
you have down below, so I could help you out, see you on the next one,
now it’s time for me to hit the batting ranges,
and enjoy this beautiful day, take care, guys.

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