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hey what’s going on guys Rob Reece here
thank you so much for checking out this brand new video on affiliate psycho this
is a new program put out by Lee Murray you guys probably knew him by by
breakfast in bed 1 & 2 that he put out back in 2017 excellent excellent
products but right now we’re talking about affiliate psycho review well what
exactly is it well it’s his brand new course that’s gonna go over 16 total
videos in two different parts the two parts being launch and post launch it’s
really an affiliate marketing 101 and what I mean by one-on-one is it’s meant
to cover really the basics of affiliate marketing but it does put a little twist
to it that I really enjoy because it’s not just basic level information it’s
not simply just information that newbies can consume and get out of get some good
information out of it what it does help with is is putting together really all
of the moving pieces and he talks about picking a product he talks about how to
review a product how to make bonuses how to create a delivery page with your
bonuses how to add these bonuses to your warrior plus or jvzoo account so that
when the person actually purchases the item they can actually receive the
bonuses that you’ve that you’ve promised them and so much more I mean just the
initial outset we’re talking about 16 videos and they’re super in-depth almost
all of them so we’re going to go ahead and take a look at inside of the of the
box here okay of the of the members area well alright guys well here we are with
the affiliate psycho by Lee Marnie this is what it looks like on the inside of
the page okay I have gone through the course and what I can say is that you’re
gonna get a ton of value now I will preface that by saying that there are
some things that I am not too keen of one is you’re gonna be offered a couple
of other promotions within this tool you’re gonna be offered another
affiliate offer now it’s and by no means necessary
in order to make this work however he does pitch you another it’s not like
he’s promoting a tool that he really likes but it’s another course that will
supplement this course and you can have one way or another about it however it
is not necessary to get that course in order to make this work so we’ll just go
through each one of the videos and we’ll go over maybe some of the things that I
really liked the things that I didn’t like all that much now essentially he’s
gonna talk about affiliate marketing 101 like I told you earlier and this is
really gonna give you a full orbed understanding of what it takes to
actually do a launch and and how to drive traffic to various resources that
you have as well as what to do after the launch is completed so first and
foremost he goes through picking a launch to promote some of the the key
aspects to consider when looking out for what to promote gives you all of the
network’s that you can go to munch I warrior plus JV zoo that’s not really
giving anything away but also reviewing the product how to properly do so he’s
going to talk about bonuses and everything that entails bonuses creating
the page delivering it creating your bonus page really the bridge page doing
review videos exactly to place your review videos and
of course dealing with email marketing and sending a list sending sending this
information to enlist that you may or may not have or how to actually build
one and then after the the launch is completed what you’re going to need to
do to cultivate and really continue to deliver value to that email list and
what to do also on your blog in terms of building the landing page collecting
email addresses and rinsing and recycling so I really enjoy leave the
guys kind of psycho okay I mean it is certainly appropriate to choose this as
the product name because the guy is really off the cuff now a couple of
things that I’m not too keen on is that it’s not going to give you a very
structured way of doing of doing a course he’s kind of all over the place
not that you cannot follow him but he does kind of go off the rails a little
bit there’s a lot of information that’s not necessary so if he had taken the
time to actually write down some steps that he was gonna talk about in the
video I feel like some of the videos can be shorter and a little bit more
straightforward the guy talks a lot which you know he’s he’s very funny in
some aspects but sometimes it just sounds like the guy this is talking off
the cuff and having a conversation with himself almost so again very appropriate
for the name of the of the product because he very well might be a psycho
if we notice we don’t know but overall I think it’s a great course especially if
you’re getting started it is a lot of information he’s not just focusing on
one area of affiliate marketing he’s really covering multiple bases which can
seem overwhelming and may take you a couple
times in order to to ingest and and really get all of the information
certainly take a lot of notes certainly make sure that he watched these things
over and over again a couple of times in order to get the most out of this
particular training but leemarie always puts out really great stuff
breakfast in bed 1 & 2 or great I’ve promoted those in the past this one is
really back to a little bit more of the basics but it’s gonna give you a little
bit more fuller understanding and outlook to affiliate marketing as a
whole even though he is is giving you basic information it’s necessary
information and for those who are just getting started this is gonna be a ton a
ton a ton of value and I believe it’s still at ten bucks make sure you pick it
up through this link I’m gonna go ahead and throw in a free one hour phone call
as a bonus with me so that I can go ahead and work with you through this and
and you’ll be able to get the most value out of this course when you get a free
Skype call with me and we’ll be able to cover everything that is covered in here
in more detail of course I’ll be able to also give you some freebies that you’ll
be able to use that will just enhance the number of people that you’re getting
instant traffic on this and of course a couple of free tools that can replace
some of the some of the paid tools that he’s telling you about in this training
so thanks a lot guys for checking out this review video it was exciting this
is just a couple of days prior to the launch I’m super duper tired it’s about
1:40 a.m. in the morning here in Dallas Texas so I am getting back to sleep
take it easy guys don’t forget to subscribe I really appreciate you guys
for watching this entire video and if you have any questions go ahead and
leave a comment down below take it easy guys


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