Affiliate Recruitment Strategies (5 Proven Tips For Recruiting The Best Affiliates)

affiliate recruitment strategies 5
proven tips for recruiting the best affiliates did you know that all
affiliate marketers are not created equal I’m sure that if you’re a product seller that you’re only too aware of this fact
so how do you recruit great affiliates while there is no one answer there are
many ways to find and recruit those key affiliates who will take your business
to the next level hi Jason from warrior marketers here and in this quick video
I’ll show you 5 proven tips for recruiting the best affiliates so you
can both benefit from more profit and sales okay without further ado let’s
talk about recruiting affiliates one social media yes you can find great
affiliates on social media target people who are interested in affiliate marketing
and blogging in your niche on Twitter search for your keywords to find who is talking about your niche and then follow them and start interacting 2 affiliate networks one of the quickest ways to attract affiliates is to launch your
product on an affiliate network there are many to choose from including
Clickbank Commission Junction JVZoo Linkshare and Sharesale in some cases
you might want to screen affiliates from these networks to be sure that you’re
only dealing with reputable people 3 affiliate forums build and maintain a
presence on affiliate forums these are great places to meet and recruit
affiliates and here’s a few to get you started Affiliate Fix Affilorama Blackhat World Digital Point Site Point V7N Warrior
Forum and Wicked Fire 4 recruit your customers this is a great way to get new
affiliates who truly use and believe in your products these people are fans of
your stuff and will probably have no problem recommending it to others
especially for a bit of cash too reach out to your buyers and see who would like to be your affiliate and take it from there 5 your own website yes
place a link on your website this is perhaps the most simple yet
most overlooked technique of all place a link at the bottom of your website and
anywhere else you choose pointing people to your affiliate page the tips in this
video are also in a blog post I wrote that contains 14 other tips making 19
in total I hope that you’ll check out the blog post and I’ll put a link in the
description I hope you found this video useful please like and leave a comment
about whether you agree or disagree with this list and let me know what you think
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