Affiliate Roundup, Part 1: “We Are the Product”

This is actually an old concept. We’ve been talking about doing this for awhile, which is bouncing around to different parts of the world, getting affiliate owners together and just talking best practices, what’s worked, what hasn’t, things we’ve picked up along the way, things that have come and gone. A barrier for people for their training is that it’s expensive. It’s a lot of money when you’re opening a new business. Like I said, we took out a loan for $5,000 to open our gym and buy equipment. That same year we spent $12,000 on getting ourselves trained. Yeah, oh yeah, we were– So where you’re spending your money and your time, because we were like, “Well we’re the product.” You’ve got to put money and attention into your product, which is your trainers. And I think that attention too–like Pat and I just did a seminar this weekend, and you get so far down the road of you got your initial training, you did some stuff, and now you’re the keeper of your castle in the sense of whatever you’re thinking is kind of what trickles down, so if you’re thinking you started six years ago and you don’t do anything to grow your knowledge base, then you’re sort of just wallowing wherever you were, and it’s hard to say to an affiliate owner, “Hey, you should do something developmental for yourself,” whether it’s business, whether it’s training, whether it’s personal interaction or, you know, whatever your weakness is, to say, “Take a weekend, or take three days off and find substitutes for your schedule and go do this,” but it’s so important to invest in yourself, because if not, if you’re the person that’s directing everything in your gym, it’s just going to go stale at some point. There’s a huge number of affiliates that they’re saying, “Well, all I need is a Level 1 and then I can run my business. Why would I go to a Level 2? Why would I go to a Level 3? Why would I continue my education?” Honestly, we hear that all the time, but every weekend that I work a Level 2, I tell those guys, “Hey, I applaud you for being here because you guys all know that the feedback you’re going to receive here is going to be hard, but it’s going to make you a better trainer, and you’re here to take that step knowing that information, so I applaud you.” And that’s the big step is “I want to become a better triainer in my area, so that I am the stand-out affiliate.” Sure, and you have to do that, right? With the number of gyms out there you really do need to stand out. It’s like what I asked you before, like, “What do you do to stand out?” It’s a moral obligation. You’re taking people’s health in your hands. I’m very passionate. It’s not about taking a specific course. It’s not about taking an SME. It’s about, what is the best thing for people’s health right now, and I better figure that out, and I better be at the top of my game for whatever that is because you’re entrusting that to me. And I think some people think that way, but not everybody thinks that way because it’s a business where it’s like, “Hey–” That’s exactly what it is. People have money to throw at it, and it’s like, “Well, how am I going to separate myself from the other five affiliates in a 20-mile radius?” Yeah, back then when I was able to say I was a CrossFit Level 2 trainer, that actually carried some weight. It meant something. It meant that I cared enough, that I was furthering my education and it was a way for me to say, “Hey, I’m going out of my way to kind of be the best in my area,” and this is what that looks like, and nowadays all the different courses that are available– We’ve done the same too. Well you guys–because you guys all took the old Level 2 and for whatever reason, it’s like, when you guys talk about the old Level 2, because I didn’t take that– We’re sorry, David. In my mind, that’s legendary status because of the way it’s talked about. Well unfortunately, the problem with that is– I’m getting–I’m thinking back to that and getting like, “Phew, glad that’s over.”
And that’s how people talk about it. I’m like, “Oh my god.” We’d be like, “Should I go this weekend? I don’t think I’m ready. Do you think I’m ready? Do you want to look at my notecards? I don’t know if I’m ready.” It was crazy. It really was. That’s what I’m talking about, man.
It was taken very seriously. I think the fail rate was like 70 or 80 percent or something, and I think if there’s a point to what we’re talking about right here, it’s, you know, for our affiliates out there who may watch this to go out, you know, and seek those courses, whether it be a business course, or you know, just as it relates to people’s health, like, get out there and go to your Level 2.

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