Affiliate Roundup, Part 5: “Nutrition”

This is actually an old concept. We’ve been talking about doing this for awhile, which is bouncing around to different parts of the world, getting affiliate owners together and just kind of talking best practices, what’s worked, what hasn’t, things we’ve picked up along the way, things that have come and gone. Tyson: I’m going to go ahead and take the conversation here because it’s one of the things I really wanted to get into and it–
Cherie: He’s passionate now! Tyson: No no no, I’m serious. I have a major, major problem, something I’ve seen for years and years. It blows my mind how many affiliates out there don’t have a structured nutrition component to their program. I mean, it makes no damn sense to me at all. I don’t get it. Nope. When I ran my affiliate, our nutrition program was every bit as fundamental and just foundational to the CrossFit 801 program as the air squat. Nicole: There’s so much potential there, and there’s so much opportunity to help your athletes help themselves outside of the walls of your gym. Matt: I think a fair assessment, and tell me if you guys agree with this, is that 50 percent of people who come to join the program are looking to lose weight. Yeah. 50 percent or more.
Yeah, that’s a safe number. That’s a safe number. Cherie: Because a lot of people you see that want to lose weight– they don’t want to lose–you’ve got the, “Hey, I’m going to lose 100 pounds,” but you also have the, “I want to lose 10,” and that might not be as visually obvious. Matt: Without some background, more so than just what we learn at the Level 1, some nutritional background, you’re not going to be able to address that client’s needs. It’s going to be an uphill battle, because again, they’ll probably try to continue feeding themselves the way that they have been by adding a CrossFit program in addition to it, and hope to see results. Tyson: People who come in, everybody who comes in–they want to look better, whatever, if it means 10 pounds–they just want to tighten up, or if it means 100 pounds, something massive. Or if it’s the guy who wants to put on–like the skinny dude who wants to put on mass. It doesn’t matter, but you have to address this. Nicole: And how do you do that? Those questions–I know I’ve messed up. I had an endurance athlete– this was like four or five years ago– that I prescribed the zone for them and thought, “Oh, well, just do three-times fat and they should be good to go and we’re good there,” and they were like, “I’m bonking, I’m crashing,” and I’m like, “Oh, just stay the course. We’ll do it for four weeks.” I learned from it, but I learned from it because it was like, “This isn’t working” Oh, talk to some people, go online, do some research read the old message boards, which, there’s so much information in the message board. It was like, “Oh, it’s not about more fat alone. They need more blocks,” and all of that stuff–you have to dive into it and know that you’re going to mess up, and you know what? As long as you care, at the end of the day, as long as you say, “Hey, you know what? I don’t have the answer right now. I know you’re bonking, and I’m going to–we’re going to figure this out,” then you’ve given them an answer. Cherie: And you’ll know it for the next person, which is the key.
Nicole: And you’ll know it for the next person, which is the huge key. Cherie: You’ve gotta fail to figure out the answers to all the other questions. Nicole: But there’s also a huge other element too, that I think gets missed, and I know people probably think I’m extreme on this.
Cherie: Very. Tyson: Doesn’t matter where you’re going with this. It’s very extreme.
Correct. Nicole: Like I remember this was a number of years ago, and we had a coach, and he came into the gym with a Chick-fil-A cup before coaching, and I was like–
Cherie: Did you throw him out of the gym?
Tyson: Smacked it out of his hand. Cherie: She threw him out of the gym. I knew you would. Nicole: I was like, “That’s not the example I want for my members,” and he was like, “No, but it’s soda water,” and I opened it. I did. I’m like, “Ok, I don’t even care that it’s soda water. Fast food it not–the message that my coaches have fast food is not the message I want for my athletes,” and I’m not saying–well, I’ve actually never had fast food in a long time– but the point is, yes, maybe you’re going to have fast food, and I’m not saying that you can never have it, but you know what? When your athletes come to the gym, this is their safe haven. I don’t want to sell anything in my little pro shop or whatever that my athlete has to walk by and choose everyday not to make a bad decision, so I’m not going to carry, like, paleo brownies, or things that are just not what we’re sticking true to with zone and paleo. And yes, there’s a balance between all of that, but the message is so important, that trickle down of, so how are your coaches eating? My coaches–I love it when I see them at the desk, when they finish coaching 6:30 and they’ve got tupperware of food that they packed the night before. That is the best message. Tyson: Leading from the front.
Nicole: It is. David: That’s what I was going to say. There’s a moral obligation, but what it comes down to is leading by example.
Tyson: Sure. It’s like, that’s exactly–if I was having a conversation with Cherie and I was a new athlete, I would want to know exactly what she has done and is doing.
David: Sure. Nicole: And that’s another thing too, is that– Cherie: And what the future looks like.
Nicole: Right. People will–I’ll have conversations with people. They’ll be like, “So do you really you eat this way all the time?” And I’m like, “Yes, most of the–99 percent of the time I eat this way.” Like, “That’s really hard.” “Well, you know what? That’s the responsibility you signed up for when you’re an affiliate owner.” You know? And it’s like, that’s the care part, the obligation, that’s the job you wanted, that you signed up for. You wanted to help people, and the idea that it’s–“Oh, it’s too hard,” or, “I don’t have time for it,” it’s like, that’s the role model part of the job.


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