Affiliate Secrets 2.0 Review (Spencer Mecham Course)

in this video I’m going to give an
honest review of Spencer mediums affiliate secrets 2.0 course I have used
this course to get over well around 500 foot funnels affiliates and about a
quarter million dollars in click funnels affiliate commissions one click funnels
dream car + growing my affiliate commissions with a lot of other
software’s and courses and offers using what I learned in the program so I’m
gonna screen share and kind of deep dive into the program what’s in it and what I
think is the best part of the course so let’s do that and I’m gonna give my
honest review so if something I also think isn’t that great I will let you
know in this video so when you log into the dashboard there’s two sections
there’s the main course and then the traffic course so I would start with
just watching the videos the introduction how affiliate marketing
works even if you already know how affiliate marketing works I would still
watch it because it’s great to get another perspective and get reminded the
simplicity of how affiliate marketing works so many people start and get info
overload and it honestly can be easy to even get info overload with this course
because there’s so much in it but stay patient I was just watching the whole
thing and then going in with taking action so Spencer also goes over the
difference between people searching for things or you like inbound and outbound
marketing he goes over how to pick a niche and offers also so like niche ties
into products a lot of the products are online marketing products so for some
people that are totally new to affiliate marketing or they’ve tried products
let’s say on Clickbank or like Amazon products or different products you might
come into this course and be like well I don’t even know what any of this is but
pretty much where Spencer got sick and where I’ve gotten success and where
a ton of Spencer students ever got success is sticking with these online
marketing programs such as click funnels active campaign online marketing courses
from or your Plus even in Clickbank and he gives you a list of a bunch of offers
that are recurring that pay you every single month watch the niche video first
to understand that because you don’t have to go into the online marketing
niche you can still learn a lot from this course but most of it is about the
online marketing niche which makes sense because as affiliate marketers we’re
using these online marketing software’s anyways so we might as well promote them
and recommend them to our audience at the traffic section this isn’t its own
section so I’m gonna go over that next the value section this is all about
values lead magnets why someone would want to buy from your link versus
someone else’s and adding bonuses collecting emails and growing email
lists that you can send offers to the email lists and use email automation he
talks about funnels in here and he uses click funnels as an example but you
could still succeed with affiliate marketing without using click funnels
for bringe pages and you can use other landing page software’s too so the
strategy behind it would work for any software that you’re using so that I
mentioned products email marketing this is kind of a longer section but it is
super important it goes over like sending out broadcasts
and setting up sequences and making sure that your emails are delivered not
getting shut down which could be big with affiliate marketing so there’s a
lot of important things that have to do with email so I would definitely not
skip this section he does have a training on outsourcing too I have a
training on outsourcing in here that he put as a bonus but we might switch it
into a case study instead because he has some case studies from some top students
and I’m like well I’d be a good study and then there’s more bonuses in here
and he adds to the bonuses like white label courses that you can use for click
funnels or for affiliate Marketing extra funnels so now for the
traffic section this has a ton of important things so maybe you already
get the basics of affiliate marketing like perhaps you already have offers
that you want to promote you already have the funnel setup your email is
already good or maybe it’s not you implement that kind of stuff now traffic
is the big thing like once you have some offers and some funnels and some emails
the really the ongoing part of maintaining your business and continuing
to grow it and scale it is sending traffic and in this he put this section
in just another section because there’s so much so there’s the YouTube section
this is like ultra important I mean this is what I’m doing right now my sis
YouTube video or if you’re watching this on Facebook or YouTube ad however it may
be your the video embedded onto a website either way it’s like starts with
creating videos so he goes all over all about ranking or creating videos and
ranking them in YouTube for people searching for different things and how
to optimize your video there’s the section on Adwords which I know he
updates he continuously updates this stuff too because like the technology
can change but AdWords is if you are looking to do paying traffic method and
then there’s a something about there’s a training in here about being which is
very similar to Google AdWords and then also solo eggs he goes into that which
is another paid traffic method there’s not YouTube paid training in here but
you get lifetime access to the course so I’m sure he’ll add that soon there’s
Instagram I guess expert kora by I guess expert at Facebook groups Facebook Ads
and Pinterest so next YouTube ads is the next thing but it’s fine not to get
overwhelmed like I’ve made a ton of money right learn by implementing what
I’ve learned from this course just by focusing on what’s already in here and
so have a ton of other people the good is that let’s go over the good in the
air for improvement the good is that it has
tossed up a ton of email with swipes funnels offers fluid everything that you
need for an affiliate marketing business the bad it’s really bad it’s not bad
like there is a ton of stuff that’s the thing is that it’s up to you to stay on
track I know someone who Eric who watched the whole training within two
days because he’s like I’m just gonna watch the whole training so I know a lot
of people buy courses and then they just watch the first video and then they stop
watching people who do that with this course are not gonna get results the
people who do watch it and then implement get results I’ll show you to
some of my friends who have gotten great results um James hearse dream car winner
and my affiliate buddy to expenses course
where’s Calvin’s Catlin petrich dream car winner – expenses course Jakob Karis
dream car winner – expense hearse course and I’m not sure if these guys are dream
car winners yet and it like a lot of people their goal is well I want to be a
dream car winner it’s all right like it’s cool like I got the car and the
dream car trophy it’s cool and it will make you happy for like a month but
what’s really better like honestly in my opinion is some kind of covering it this
metric of em are our monthly recurring revenues getting paid every single month
from software’s and having days where you have like big days like Jacob had is
$2,500 day I’ll have $2,000 days $1000 days having the security of knowing that
money is coming in every single month or like every single day from work that you
already did so passive income that’s super amazing and having a surge of
sales coming from doing the other traffic methods or implementing certain
automation within the business so my final thoughts I would say don’t buy the
course if you don’t have time to watch it
and implement like it’s just no way it’s gonna work no one’s gonna do it for you
if you want someone to do it with you you could get an accountability buddy
I made a overview video where I go more in-depth into what I found that was most
valuable in the course things that I’ve implemented so if you use my affiliate
link which was really cool about Spencer’s of course too is you don’t
just learn how to promote software’s you learn how to come up courses too and you
can promote his course so you use my affiliate link I give a bonus just like
how Spencer teaches and my bonus is this deep dive overview that will help hold
your hand more as you’re going through the training so just click the link link
below or above or on this video wherever that video is and that should be my
affiliate link and then if you want to claim your bonus just email me rachel at
rachel leslie calm and let me know that you bought it and then i’ll send you
over the bonus if you have any questions if there’s comments here on this video
you can leave a question in the comments or email me and i’ll get back to you and
thanks for watching this video and i’ll see you in the next video


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