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Affiliate Shortcut Program I can take $10 and get into Show us a nice cool how to make millions on the internet like Zuckerberg I did a search on Google for how to make money online and all these results Papa Affiliate marketing paid surveys, no risk patch betting what on earth is that need for searching the web? 25 ways to make money online 40 easy ways 65 genius ways 51 legit ways. How many ways are there? Comfort no pension no vacation pay And then you told you could make money online. You could be an affiliate you trust it You’re told you have to set up a funnel and it ends up being so freakin complicated Imagine if someone just abandoned their car with the keys in it. You could legally buy it for $10 and start driving it So at the convention we were telling us how you Can make a $10 bill internet real estate. Yeah, man. You want to see yeah. All right These are all domain names that expired. Otherwise, they’re abandoned Internet real estate Properties right? That’s a good way to put it so for 10 dollars I could buy any of these that have expired and then here with my software It shows how much it’s worth and then the searches that they get So in other words someone else had these domain names and let them drop let them expire from one reason or another So as you can see here, I use my software and I purchased running shoes Because the SEO report looked great had a lot of activity. So I log in to my Amazon Associates account I grab my affiliate links so I can make commissions and then I forward this domain running shoes direct comm To my Amazon link and that’s it the traffic that had already been Generated by someone else for running shoes is now gonna be buying from me This is as autopilot as it gets all the programs on how to do affiliate marketing are uber complicated Aren’t they right? And so that’s what I wanted to do I wanted to come up with a program that showcased for business models pumping up your Clickbank account pumping up your jvzoo account or your Amazon Associates account with a whole bunch of commissions in doing it cost effectively without a lot of headaches and Really seeing that ten minutes of effort that you spend or that 20 minutes of effort. They spend result in something So that’s what I think is the key to people success whether they’re just starting out their intermediates or their advanced These are really really clever ways to get paid some commissions and I do it a little bit differently I’m like the Montessori school of internet marketing here. So hey guys, if you don’t know who I am I’m Jamie Lewis and Welcome to affiliate shortcut comm the affiliate marketing lab where my mission is to help you crack the code with affiliate marketing With four really clever business models that I’m going to give you access to and a cup minutes just hear me out and I’m gonna let you know what kind of inspired me to get affiliate shortcut revealed and Announce it and release it to the public So my philosophy is I’ve seen a lot of programs come out Where it looks really easy to do but there’s this huge learning curve and there’s funnels and people don’t have time for that They also don’t have faith or trust and that’s totally cool I don’t trust a lot of companies either so you know what the secret was What about business? Models that are like the expired domain affiliate marketing where all that requires is purchasing a domain name for ten dollars Logging into GoDaddy and forwarding it to your Amazon link there for the traffic. That’s already coming – that don’t mean from all the Advertising that the other owner had done is gonna end up in commissions. So what about an extensive database for that or you go Oh, wow, just go through the listings like you would with real estate But with this it doesn’t cost two hundred thousand dollars to purchase a house fix it up and then flip it for $300,000 or probably two hundred and twenty thousand dollars, but you get my drift It’s ten dollars and then the money is just flowing into your account. So that’s pretty cool stuff Another thing is I wanted to make a schedule for all of the events that come out during the year so you can take advantage of them and make Commission’s like for instance when it’s Halloween or When it’s a certain holiday or when a new video game comes out So I wanted to organize that for you and save you a lot of researching time And so I think this is a really freaking awesome opportunity for you to make some commissions I mean I have to tell you that this is one of the most effective methods for passive income and when it comes to young people like we saw today and when it comes to my veteran brothers and sisters when it comes to retirees stay-at-home moms the potential and the opportunity that you have with business models like this on the Internet is Something that needs to be talked about as you can see that model is so easy All it has to do with is purchasing a domain name and forwarding it to an affiliate link The truth is is that I have four Favorite business models that I actively make money with and that’s just one of them by now a lot of people have heard Passive income programs and hey how to make money online all these different methods right, you know 51 ways 20 easy ways and none of them work right? Well, I was a musician I’m not a genius and I’m able to make this work. I’ve been doing it a long time I didn’t haven’t just popped out out of nowhere So what I’m doing is I’m making this software available as well as a program that goes over for different business models trending marketing where you can take advantage of a trend or an Opportunity or an event that happens once or twice a year and then I have a schedule of all of those events There’s no funnel needed It’s not a heavy duty learning curve and it doesn’t require Paid ads or spending a lot of money to do it and then of course expired domain name marketing like we were just seeing that Precious valuable internet real estate that’s been abandoned. And so one person’s loss is another person’s gain I hate to put it that way but that’s actually what it is. So you’re actually jacking someone else’s traffic They might have had a website and they were advertising all over the internet and there’s traffic coming to that domain name There’s people clicking on links and going to that domain name and they’re finding GoDaddy the domain is available scoop it up before someone else does in my software It’s only going to show you domains that are available ones that you can scoop up for ten dollars and then all you need to do is Forward it to an affiliate link or an Amazon affiliate link, right? And then the cool thing with that is people might not buy what you are selling on Amazon But Amazon will remember that you sent them there and if they buy something else the next day you get credit for referring them there No matter what else they buy on Amazon So again this type of system does not exist anywhere else and on top of the software I also want to give you all the tutorials and my philosophies and the exact step-by-step Walkthroughs so you can get up and running tonight again I haven’t seen something like this out there that really hones in on how to get paid commissions Really quickly and easily without the heavy duty learning curve and without having to learn paid ads Courses that are this effective they’re usually pretty pricey, you know You’ve probably seen it a lot of courses out there running thousands and thousands of dollars And so I believe that everybody should have access All I need you to do is pick up the bandwidth costs so that when you’re doing those searches, we’re not at a loss That’s all all right so with that being said I’d like to introduce you to affiliate shortcut comm just to make sure that you are on the genuine Legit affiliate shortcut comm which is my website You can look up in the browser window and you’ll see that it says affiliate shortcut comm in the browser so I want to get you in and then you’ll have access to this software the calculators the Tutorials and the walkthroughs where there’s over 20 video walkthroughs for you. Don’t worry It’s not gonna take you a ton of time to go through this. All of the dirty work has been done by me I’ve been your guinea pig I’ve done the testing to make sure that this is really going to work for you and then in addition has a really great bonus that I think is the glue that will Tie it all together is I want to invite you also as a member once you’re in To come onto a live meeting with me and a couple of my other Students where you can sit back and you can you can watch me work and you can ask me questions through the questions box anything that you’re missing and Then I can answer that right in front of you and show you how to do it anything that you’re missing So imagine for instance, you know when you buy your favorite piece of technology and you call up for support and you can’t really get it to work well or something and you’re talking to someone on the Phone write a support agent who doesn’t really quite know what your problem is Well, imagine being able to call up and being able to talk to the owner of the company that created the technology All right, and that’s what I’m inviting you to do. So with my system I leave no stone unturned And I’d like to be able to get you in now and become a member There’s gonna be thousands of people signing up and I think this is gonna be the best investment that you’ve ever made Remember, I just need you to cover the the bandwidth costs And so therefore it’s just the same amount of money that you’d spend at McDonald’s with that being said I’d love to invite you for a membership to affiliate shortcut. And remember this comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee You have nothing to lose at all and with all sincerity. I think that it’s gonna be the best thing that you ever done So again, let’s do this. All right, we’re gonna make history together. This is Jamie Lewis Welcome to affiliate shortcut you

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