Affiliate Shortcut Review Plus My Tailored-Made Bonuses

good glorious morning what’s up it’s Ike
pause I hope you’re having a great day and before I get into this I wasn’t I
want to let you know a little story I wasn’t really going to review Affiliate Shortcut because you know I don’t like the name but my buddy mark gres who’s
another internet marketer he’s not associated with this product whatsoever
by the way anyways he was singing its praises okay he was telling me this is a
really good product and the methods in here are outstanding
I had it took a gander for myself and that’s why I’m creating this review to
let you know okay now this this is not for everybody this is only for people
who want to actually take action and earn online okay even though it is a
somewhat of a shortcut cuz you don’t have to rely on SEO you don’t have to
wait months on you know or years to get traffic to your site the in that regard
this is definitely a shortcut and that’s what I like best about this course plus
I learned some really cool techniques that I haven’t I had no idea about the
way I profit online is completely different that brings me to my next
point my custom bonuses let’s take a look at those real quick before we jump
back into the Affiliate Shortcut members area now this is not
PLR junk this is all these videos case that is how to guides the software the
resore it’s from me to you plus my support this is all me okay these are
all proven methods and case studies showing you how I profit online how I
make 5k & 9k a month okay most of it is passive profit and unlike other internet
marketers out there I don’t just make money in the internet marketing niche
I also profit in three other niches I’m in four niches in total okay so my first
bonus is my make money with p OD products p OD stands for print on the
man mugs t-shirts calendars without a website and no experience this is a
great way for newbies a profit online I’m gonna give you my how-to guide plus
case study ok really good stuff because in this bonus right
here in this bonus right here you’re gonna get exact the exact method I use
okay to get buyer traffic from these from these platforms where people are
actively looking for the products you’re gonna create okay and a key component
about the purity products I create are that they’re based on what people
already looking for I have a very very specific way to find these products and
don’t worry you don’t need you don’t need any any design skills any graphic
design skills whatsoever I’m gonna show you how to do it all for free okay bonus
number two launched profitable digital products without any affiliates okay I’m
gonna show you how to create digital products people actually want okay that
requires no affiliate you don’t have to go out and find the affiliates
whatsoever it’s very much like my p OD method but you do need your own website
for this and second it’s a digital product that’s not like content based
you don’t have to write articles you don’t have to make videos it’s a very
particular type of digital product actually I’m kind of famous for this if
you look me up I pause online you’re probably get you probably get several
resources talking about what I’m most famous for online I kind of I kind of
created this niche this niche this particular type of niche I’m gonna show
you what I do and how I profit with my with my how-to guide plus K stay again
all of these bonuses are made presented by me my next bonus bonus number three
I’m very proud of this is gonna sound weird but it’s true I made all the turn
haters into leads and buyers what do I mean by that I’m able to get people who
been to my website right they didn’t do anything they didn’t jump in my my
squeeze page they they buy anything from me I’m able to get them they leave my
site right I’m able to get them back and I’m able
to turn them into leads and buyers okay maybe they’re not actual haters but
they’re definitely people who didn’t act on my on my
different offers I get them back to my site and turned them into leads and
buyers okay I’m gonna give you my how-to guide plus case study for that okay now
again this is not peel arts all of mine all of my how-to guides and videos
number three okay these are three proven profitable digital products this goes
back to bonus number two or I show you this specific type of digital products
that that doesn’t require any affiliates to be profitable with I’m gonna give you
three of them that you can sell on your behalf okay and you get full reso rights
you get to get these templates for yourself I’m gonna show you how to use
them I’m gonna show you how to throw traffic at it the type of traffic you
need so you can profit with them as well okay my next bonus bonus that’s bonus
number four bonus number five is my micro SEO with images okay now
personally I don’t deal very much with SEO on Google because it takes forever
okay it takes a long time to get yours to get your article your post to rank on
Google and then from there you don’t know if the traffic is gonna do anything
but there are other miniature SEO search engines out there and one of them I’m
really good at getting I getting traffic from and it has to do with images and I
have a very particular way of doing it not only that I had a piece of software
created for me okay I didn’t create the software to launch I mean actually I
never launched his products okay this software it’s a software how to
create it for me cuz I needed I needed to do something very quickly and instead
of me doing it back and forth back and forth it’s a long story you’re gonna
find out once you’re inside the bonus page you’re gonna gonna see exactly what
this software does along with my case study and how-to guide okay on top of
that and this is my most important one you get Affiliate Shortcut support from
me okay I pause okay I’m a full-time internet marketer you get support from
me all you gotta do is follow the directions within the bonus page and you
can access me ask me questions any questions you like
about the program and I’ll be there to help okay by the way really important to
get my custom bonuses you’re gonna want to click the link below to get to this
page if you want to scroll down my no BS review and you want to click on this
link to secure not only Affiliate Shortcut but my bonus is my custom bonuses really important you want to get in and into this before this countdown
timer hits zero once it hits zero you’ll be locked out of my custom bonuses ok
you can also learn about me on this page and how I profit online now let’s get
back into the Affiliate Shortcut members area this has this course has a lot
going for it what I really like about this course and this method particularly
is how it came about you see Jamie Lewis has a ton of students and he teaches
several different ways of profit online with he’s recently surveyed his students
to find out if they’ve been profitable and if so what method worked best for
them and across the board he has students from all walks of life a lot of
them found success with this particular method so what he did was with Jamie
Lewis did he spent a ton of money okay and he and he created this piece of
software that automates the method for you okay so I’m gonna explain what the
method is right now basically you will be finding expired domains with a with a
proven track record and a history of traffic ok then you’ll be attaching
affiliate programs to them that are niche specific to that to that to that
type of traffic and profiting passively with it okay now before like I mentioned
if students would have to manually research all this all this type of
information the different types of criteria that each domain needed to have
okay but now with this expired domains piece of software that’s cloud-based
that’s in within the Affiliate Shortcut members area you can get all this
information by you know by by pushing a button and this is refreshed
every single day across several different api’s several different domain
networks to get the information the criteria that Jamie teaches within his
with within his method within his course I should say okay on top of that you get
different traffic methods that I liked you can find them down here this is one
big video one big long video but he sliced them up into four parts okay and
each part is a different traffic method what I don’t like about this is yeah
listen there’s nothing wrong with giving a presentation type of video but I like
to see an actual screen I like to see like right now what you’re watching
right now I like to actually use my laptop and actually screen capture what
I do online instead of using a a whiteboard but that’s what he does okay
not to say it doesn’t work but I prefer screen capture that’s just me okay so
that’s what this course is in a nutshell besides that these are all of the
different ot O’s that I’m gonna talk about right now so here we are at the
end with the OT OS just like most affiliate programs when you pick the buy
button you will be presented with OTO s some of these are cool some of these are
not I’m gonna run down through them let you know which ones I recommend and
which ones I think you should just forget okay I was about to say something
that wouldn’t be appropriate on YouTube anyways OTO number one the Affiliate Shortcut gold actual campaigns for PPC in organic with over 2000 swipes this is
definitely something that you might want to look at or you might want to get
because it gives you understanding on how to create you can just swipe them
copy and paste them and using them yourself okay now if you are a newbie I
don’t recommend this because this is for more intermediate internet marketers who
know how to run a campaign online who know who knows how to pay for
advertising okay so if you’re newbie stay away if you’re in it if you’re
intermediate definitely go for it you can use them as templates
again or you can use them copy and paste and let them run again these are all
proven Oh to number two and limited live training was Damian Lewis every
Wednesday this dude is up with his webinars giving out all kinds of great
information to help you profit online get traffic and profit online so this is
really good stuff every Wednesday if you want go for oto
number two especially for your newbie cuz if you’re a newbie you’re gonna need
all the help you can get I remember when I was starting out the
more case studies I got the more live webinars I got the better that’s that’s
why I’m I am where I am today number three ultimate download including
original high converting in viral videos with master resurrects do not get this
number one these are viral videos from someone else
okay so they’re probably all over the all over the net right now make your own
okay as for master resell rights you can get master resell rights for other
better for better products out there do not go for OTO number three Oh big tip I
almost forgot if you X out of any of these ot O’s you will be presented with
a downsell okay that’s a guaranteed way to get it cheaper I know you don’t see
the price on any of these OTO s because they’re very hush-hush about it I
couldn’t find the price for these o Tio’s anywhere I’m thinking because they
will be changing the prices during the launch to see how people behave with
those different OTO prices but that’s my that’s my guess I have no idea
Oh – number four Oh – number four launch creator with over two hundred
done-for-you offers in the site creation software plus massive video database and
a Facebook group this will teach you how to create your own products digital
products online on different affiliate platforms such as warrior plus and jvzoo
if you’re interested in that yeah definitely go for it
Jamie Lewis is a proven in season he’s been doing this for 14 years
if that’s what if that’s your calling if you want to go that way
listen there’s 101 ways to make money online creating and launching products
is one of those and it’s very lucrative if you know how to do it if you want to
go that right don’t go that route I can’t speak then go 402 a number for
okay go to number five a custom done for your YouTube channel
don’t don’t do it listen if you want quality you got to make yourself okay or
you got to spend lots and lots and lots of money to outsource to work okay
listen this guy he is again a he knows what he’s talking about but he’s not he
doesn’t have a movie studio he doesn’t have a youtube company pumping out
videos for all of his different clients I would stay away from this this is my
personal opinion I definitely think you should have a YouTube channel you should
create your own that’s my own two cents okay number six a custom website and
product on Clickbank yes now this is much more doable basically it’s a niche
site that will be selling on your behalf a popular Clickbank product now I have I
have experience doing this myself this is way more doable than OTO number five
okay OH – number six you target certain keywords low comp somewhat high-value
keywords people are searching for attach it to a product that solves problems for
that specific niche then to the after the race as you go so definitely look at
Oh – number six if you’re interested in having and having a passive income
website those are my oh do pics and the pit and the different note shows I don’t
recommend that’s my own opinion if you don’t like it let me know in the comment
section I hope you liked my Affiliate Shortcut review again no BS I do my best if you have any questions let me know below don’t forget to Like and subscribe
for more videos like this be good


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