Affiliate Terminology

the affiliate world comes with its own language in this tutorial we’ll cover some of the most popular terms to make sure you are set up for success CJ has created a glossary which you can access by going to WWE J comm Ford / glossary Support Centre search functionality in your account manager is another great resource that includes in-depth definitions for terms a few key acronyms that you will need to be familiar with include CID PID a ID and s ID the CID is unique number which differentiates all advertisers and publishers from other CJ accounts PID a ID an S ID are all needed for CJ to enable proper tracking the PID also known as the website ID is used to identify your website URLs the a ID or the ad ID is a number which identifies an advertiser specific link and last but not least the S ID or shopper ID enables publishers to track unique shoppers or pages SIDS are commonly used with loyalty publishers key performance metrics play a big role in our reporting conversion rate measures how successful you are at capturing the sale or lead for example if one in every 100 visitors to your site makes a purchase then your conversion rate is 1% click-through rate or CTR is the percentage of clicks registered compared to the number of advertising impressions displayed one of the most used metrics is EPC it illustrates the ability of a publisher or advertiser to convert clicks into commissions advertisers use EPC as one way to decide which publisher programs to partner with publishers also use EPC to decide which best performing links or products to pull for further information on EPC calculations please visit the support center we are now logged into the account manager on the home page to review one more important term network earnings is CJ’s rating system and you will see this rating system frequently an account manager we are now in the advertiser page this metric shows how advertisers compared with other advertisers in the CJ network based on the volume of commissions paid out to publishers during the previous month advertiser network earnings ratings are based on a scale of 0 to 5 bars new advertisers are ranked as new for their first 3 months in the network the same system is used to calculate a publishers network earnings the ranking is calculated relative to all publishers in the CJ network based on commissions earned during the previous month these metrics are just one way to determine how well you’re doing and what advertisers to partner with these are just a few of the most popular terms to use in affiliate marketing please make sure to visit the support center for more information


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